Role play - 5 ideas for erotic games for couples

Role play in the bedroom brings a breath of fresh air into your sex life and you slip into completely new roles! Here are our 5 ideas.


by Bell Bennett

10 minutes read

Role play - 5 ideas for erotic games for couples

You want to try something new, different, exciting and thrilling to give your sex life new kick?
Then why not try role play? Sexy role-playing in a relationship has a clichéd reputation. When you think of sex role-play in bed, you think of the typical schoolgirl in the white blouse and short skirt, the sweaty handyman "laying a pipe" or the boss doing a quick number with his secretary, but they don't have to be an imitation of the above roles and can be as individual and unique as each person is.

Role-playing doesn't only start in bed, it begins hours or even days before in your mind. It is important that you first think about what you want and what you are into. Is role reversal in bed enough for you, so that you simply take the lead for a change, or do you hand over the lead to your partner, or would you prefer to wear costumes during role play? Consider whether the game should only take place in your bed, or whether it might start in public. This could be in a bar, in a restaurant or at the lake. A place you are already familiar with or even an unfamiliar one. Think of new roles, get to know yourself anew. Are you the business manager sitting at the bar after a long day at work, or are you the pretty lady who has just been stood up? You see, there are no limits to your creativity in how you can role-play your fantasies.

Role play and sex fantasy: How do I mention it to my partner?

Once you have found out what your desires and needs are, you will certainly have to ask yourself how you can explain them to your partner and talk to him about your desires and fantasies.

You can speak clearly and directly to your partner, explain to him that you would like to try something new and you both slip into new roles for this purpose. These roles do not necessarily have to be the classic roles of a craftsman, a schoolgirl or a boss. Start small and increase when you like it. Just slip into the role of a stranger, try to put yourself in that person's shoes and feel for yourself if you feel comfortable.

Of course, you can also indirectly point out to your partner that he or she resembles a celebrity, wears the same T-shirt or simply reminds you of someone else. You can also tell your partner that you had a dream in which you experienced sex with each other, but that you were two completely different people.However, it should be clearly communicated between you how you imagine the sex game for bed together and that both partners feel comfortable in their role and with this role reversal.

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Role play: How, where and when do you start and when does it end?

Role play: How, where and when do you start and when does it end?
As described above, the erotic game for couples can begin at a bar or in a restaurant. But you can also start directly when you enter the bedroom or the bed. A sentence like "Come here, you naughty girl!", a word or a special gesture can be the introduction to the special sex game in bed. The arrival of your partner or yourself at home can also be the perfect starting point for them. Again, it is important that you have talked about it earlier.If they have more experience in this area, the sex role-plays can also arise on a whim and be absolutely improvised.

At home, you are in your usual environment, you may have accessories at hand, such as a silk scarf to blindfold your partner, or even to tie him up, a ruler or other utensils. But it can also be precisely this familiar environment that prevents you from slipping into your roles. Maybe it is enough for you to change the light, put up candles, bring new fragrances into your home in the form of scented candles or aroma lamps.

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sexy situation, woman pulls the tie of a halfe naked man to kiss each other If all this is not enough, there is the possibility of booking a hotel room. There are special offers from some hotels on the internet that have specially equipped rooms that resemble a flat, a basement room, a BDSM studio, a doctor's office or an office. The list is long, depending on the roles you want to play and where you want to spend your personal sex adventure.

It is the best to discuss upfront how and when you want to end your hot games. Also discuss whether you want to role-play sex at all, or just use role-playing as a way to get turned on. You should also agree on a code word with your sex partner, which you can use to end the role play earlier. It is important that the role play is fun. Laughing is allowed and is part of it, but you should take your role as well as the role of your sexual partner seriously and not make a joke of it. If you are still missing a common role play idea in bed, then the 5 following points might help you to find something suitable for your intimate role play.

5. Creative ideas for sex with role play

1. Groupie and star

Who hasn't dreamed of sharing a bed with a famous person? The reason for this is that stars are usually unattainable, they stand for sex appeal and embody various ideals of beauty. A study from the USA showed that 27% of respondents thought of a celebrity when having sex with their partner. This is also shown by the number of fanfictions found on the internet - with men like Ryan Gosling or women like Beyoncé. The number of men who imagined having sex with a celebrity was significantly higher than that of women. So you can use the idea you already have for role-playing in bed. To get in the mood for your role, perhaps you can already watch a film together with the actor, a concert by the musician or an interview by your celebrity.The costume: dress similarly to the star, perhaps you have a similar outfit hanging in your wardrobe and the bed games can begin.

2. The forbidden

This can include the priest and the nun. A scenario like Romeo and Juliet, that a romance results from two different, rival camps. Or even hot games with the boyfriend/girlfriend of one's own children or a relative. In all cases it must remain secret, no one should know about the affair. It is precisely this secrecy that often makes it very appealing and pleasurable for couples. Since many often long to do something forbidden, but do not want to break any laws, this is the right setting to unfold freely and create forbidden sexual role plays. The costume: Depending on whether it is the church aspect or the rival gangs, normal everyday clothes are enough, surprising here would probably be a new outfit for the partner, or even the cowl, or the habit (the clothing of the nuns).The accessories: From various religious relics, such as a cross, a rosary or "holy water" to normal everyday objects, anything can be possible here.

3. Doctor games

As the name suggests, one partner is the doctor and the other is the patient. Be it the gynaecologist who has to take a detailed look at his patient, the plastic surgeon who has to examine his work in full detail, or the patient who has sprained his back and needs a massage. There are many ways to start and also complete the sex doctor game. Different utensils can be used for both stimulation and satisfaction.The costume: For the doctor, nurse or nurse, the classic white coat or the sexy nurse costume from the last carnival or costume rental is recommended. For the patient, the typical backless nightgown. But as already mentioned, role-playing doesn't have to involve dressing up or they can get creative themselves in terms of their disguise.The accessories: a "toy doctor's case", a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, all these make the role of the doctor authentic. If they want to go further, they can also use gynaecological utensils. Here it is important that the utensils are all sterile and disinfected for their sex doctor games, just like a doctor.

4. The classics

These include the typical scenes that appear in porn films.The teacher who starts an affair with the student so that he/she gets better grades, doesn't get left behind or is saved from detention.The pilot who does a quick number with the steward/stewardess in the board toilet or gets close during the stopover in the hotel and starts their sex games. The handyman who has to fix something at the woman who is just home alone.The pool boy who not only scrubs the pool at the rich, young beauty.The costume: Depending on the occasion and depending on the character you take on, you can dress accordingly.The accessories: Depending on the role play in bed, there are the appropriate tools. The hammer for the craftsman, the ruler for the teacher or the backpack for the student.We cannot write the perfect role play for bed here, we can only give you thoughts along the way, whether you are just looking for ideas on your own, or you find ideas for role plays in bed together. The possibilities are endless, whether you're into sexy costumes or not.

5. Maid or butler (submissive and dominant)

Usually the focus here is on submissiveness and dominance. Perhaps it is the partner who is normally more passive and quiet in bed who has the desire and fantasy to show dominance and be dominant during sex role play. It may be the simple power over the sexual partner that turns one on, or possibly the punishment. Especially after the books or films "Fifty shades of Grey", the topic was addressed more and more during sex games in bed. Of course, one can differenciate between several levels here. Simple dominance and submissiveness can already be enough for your sexy games. But the sex games can be extended at any level. They range from light chastisements to real BDSM. But this would go far beyond the beginnings of role play and is suitable for experienced sex partners.

The costume: from the hot maid costume, the butler costume "backless" to clothing in lacquer, leather and latex, everything is feasible here.The accessories: a tray or a serving trolley for the butler or the maid. A whip, a rope for tying up or other utensils from the BDSM scene or even the DIY store are suitable for the chastisement. 

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