Should I or shouldn't I? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an escort?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an escort lady? Everyone assesses the advantages and disadvantages of working as an escort lady differen


by Bell Bennett

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Should I or shouldn't I? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an escort?

Working as an escort lady brings many advantages, but also some disadvantages. To work as an escort lady, you should first inform yourself well before you get involved in the adventure of being an escort. On the one hand, you can inform yourself on certain online platforms. But the easiest way is to apply without obligation to an escort agency. These agencies should summarize to you all the conditions and requirements. Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage in your eyes, you can decide afterwards.

Escort earn a lot of money!

This is a clear advantage and probably outweighs most! As an escort lady, you have the opportunity to have a turnover of up to 15,000 euros per month and that is by no means unrealistic. The job as an escort lady is one of the few jobs where you can earn so much money with little time.

No cost as an escort lady!

Another obvious advantage is that you can start as an escort without having any costs. This means for you, it is risk-free to start with an escort agency. You do not pay anything for the agency to add you to their file and create a sedcard for you. If you want to work independently as a successful escort lady, you will, of course, have to pay a lot of marketing costs, which is also very time-consuming.
Usually, most escort ladies work with an escort agency. Here is a clear advantage that you can concentrate completely on your main job and have nothing to do with guest search, appointment coordination, advertising, or your Internet presence.

Apply directly as an escort lady!

Visits as an escort in 5 star hotels

As an escort lady, you often visit your guests in the hip 5-star hotels of the city. These are the hotels that you know from the media, which you pass and dream of sleeping once a night in one of the comfortable suites. These are exactly these hotels that you often cannot afford as a normal earner. In addition, restaurant visits in star restaurants such as “EssZimmer” in Munich or in the “Falco” in Leipzig are not uncommon. Here, however, a certain wardrobe and etiquette is also required of the escort lady. Escort ladies get support from the escort agency for this because the escort agency must also meet the requirements of the customer.

One advantage of working as an escort is the money

Live out his sexuality in the escort

Many women over 30 years enjoy living out their sex life in escort and anonymously try out new sex practices with the guest. They love the adventure with a strange man. Many young women take positive experiences with them, in which they are introduced by the experienced men to new sexual practices, which they did not know so. Young escort ladies often tell about their first real orgasm they got with a guest. Most women are positively surprised how accommodating escort guests are to the lady.
It should be clearly mentioned that an escort date is a meeting at eye level.

Time to dress beautifully again

As already mentioned, you need an appropriate wardrobe for different occasions. Many women see the date with the guest as an opportunity to really dress up again. When visiting first class hotels and restaurants, an appropriate wardrobe is often required. Many restaurants have a dress code that is strictly adhered to. Of course, the lady occasionally get dress requests from the customer. If the young women are not yet style confident, the escort agency supports the lady, in the appropriate choice of clothes.

I would like that too!

An escort lady is independent!

Self-employment in the profession generally brings you many advantages, but of course self-employment also has its disadvantages. The same applies to the escort lady, she is not employed by the agency, but is only mediated by the agency and is therefore self-employed. The escort lady pays a commission to the agency when they have arranged a meeting for the lady.

Advantage as an escort lady

As a self-employed escort lady you determine yourself when you want to work. Thus, you have the advantage of having no fixed working hours to which you must adhere and can incorporate his job as an escort in your free time and does not have to adjust his free time after the job as an escort. Has the lady in the study just exams, must make many overtime hours in your main job, or wants to fly spontaneously on vacation, she can simply skip a few weeks.

Disadvantage as escort lady

An escort lady earns money only when she also works. If a lady has no orders she earns accordingly no money. Thus, it is important to bring a certain flexibility to enjoy the luxury of the escort and to earn a lot of money. That is, escort ladies must bring a certain discipline to earn a lot of money as an escort lady. This is usually what many young ladies underestimate.

The escort ladies who know exactly what they want and have discipline are often the successful escort ladies who earn several 1,000 euros a month.

I can do that too!

Advantages of working as an escort with an escort agency

Escort no ordinary office job!

Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage depends on the individual person. There are people who like to be on the road, don't need fixed times, love to adjust to new environments and people every day. But there are also people who like to spend their time in the office, go home after 8 hours of work and need their daily routine. As an escort lady you are on the road a lot. You visit restaurants with the gentleman, occasionally go to events or make a sightseeing tour. Thus, each lady decides for herself whether she feels this is an advantage or a disadvantage.

Escort ladies and travel

Most dates of an escort lady take place at the place of residence or the immediate vicinity of the lady. Here we speak of about 80% of the meetings in the immediate vicinity. However, there are also some gentlemen who, for example, book a lady from Munich, but would like to meet her in Frankfurt. Thus, the ladies travel by car, train or plane to your special date. Here we do not speak of advantages or disadvantages, there are women who love to travel and combine the date with a trip or visit to friends or family. But there are also ladies who prefer to have their dates in their familiar surroundings. Of course, it is important to say that the more flexible the lady is and has the willingness to get on the plane or train, the larger the clientele is, of course.

Disadvantage of working as an escort is the travelling

Work as an escort lady in the late evening!

Most gentlemen who meet an escort lady are in a city on business. They have meetings until 6 pm. Then they go to the hotel to freshen up and if they do not have dinner yet they would like to spend this with an escort lady. So 90% of the dates are from 19 or 20 o'clock in the evening and can go until 24 o'clock at night or even until the next morning. Again, you can not talk about advantage or disadvantage. Some ladies are like owls and therefore more active at night and the other ladies are larks, early in the morning top fit but in the evening quickly and early tired. If an escort lady does not like to go out in the evening, the escort is not the right sideline.

Of all the listed points, you can see many things as an advantage or disadvantage. The high earnings and flexible working hours are of course the points that make working as an escort really interesting.

I would like to become an escort lady!


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