Application as an escort lady at an escort agency!

Learn everything about the application process at an escort agency, what is required, and how to successfully apply as an escort


by Bell Bennett

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Application as an escort lady at an escort agency!

If you want to apply as an escort lady, you will look for a suitable escort agency. Every escort agency has a section for escort ladies on their website where the corresponding ladies can apply. To bring you closer to such an application, BB Escort has a form under “Casting” where you can find all the required data with all the information that you should leave here. Why is this information needed in the first place? Here you will get your answer to every single field that you should fill out in the casting form!

Straight to the casting form!

Your name in the application to become an escort lady

The agency of your choice needs your name in a first step, which is only to let them know how they can speak to you as an agency. Of course, your first name is completely sufficient at first. If you would like to remain anonymous in your application as an escort lady, all agencies usually understand this. You can also use a pseudonym. You only have to reveal your real name if you and the agency you have chosen actually cooperate with you!

Straight to the casting

An image labeled Adult Only

Your age in the casting

Your age is essential for every agency. Working as an escort lady is allowed from the age of 18. Every agency needs to know your real age to be able to judge whether they have an appropriate clientele for ladies in your age group. For example, some agencies only specialize in ladies aged 35 and over, while other agencies only work with very young ladies aged between 18 and 25. At BB Escort, you can apply with any age from 18+. We basically do not limit the ladies to their age.

You are already 18? Then let's go!

Your weight when applying as an escort lady

An agency needs your weight and your clothing size to decide whether they have a suitable clientele. There are agencies that only work with ladies with model measurements, but there are also agencies that specialize in curvy models. No matter what size you are, you can always apply to us without obligation. We have a very diverse client base, some of whom prefer ladies with curves.

Place of residence for your casting for Escort Lady

Your place of residence is also of decisive importance for the possible number of your future bookings. After the agency receives your casting, they will check your place of residence to see if dates are realistic in your place of residence. Maybe you might have to travel to the next bigger city for dates to meet clients. Because escort clients are mostly business clients, dates mainly take place in big cities.

An example of a city where the lady might work

Tattoos also play a big role in Escort

The first pictures you send to the agency are usually clothed photos, so it is not possible for the agency to judge whether you have tattoos and if so, how many.

However, as there are often clients who explicitly prefer ladies with or without tattoos, it is of course important for the agency to know this in advance.

Foreign languages in the application

Since escort clients are often business clients from Germany, it is an advantage if you can speak German in addition to English. Some agencies want to know this in advance. There are even agencies that only work with national clients, so German is a basic requirement for them. With us, you can apply even if you don't speak German, as we have about 40% non-German-speaking clients.

Contact details are very important for your application as an escort

Your contact details are an important key to your goal. If the agency doesn't have your contact details, they don't know how and where they can reach you! Therefore, you must check your contact details again before sending your casting form and that you include them in your application. If you prefer not to give your mobile phone number, enter this in your form and ask the agency to contact you exclusively by e-mail, for example. However, you should not forget to check your spam folder regularly after sending your application. This is to make sure that you do not miss any feedback from the agency.

Your employment with the escort agency

A girl taking a picture of herself for an application as an escort

Your pictures as an escort lady

Your pictures in the application should reflect as much of you as possible. This includes that the agency needs at least one picture of your face, and additionally 2-3 full-body photos. It is important so that we get a rough idea of your figure. Wearing something figure-hugging instead of the over-size baggy jumper would be advantageous here. Retouched pictures or pictures with a filter are a NO-GO. Please keep in mind that in most cases you will have a face-to-face meeting with an agency and that the agency will see the reality here at the latest. Many agencies have already had the experience that the pictures and the lady do not match. It is therefore unnecessary to go through the casting process only to get a rejection from the agency in the end. So save yourself the time and send realistic pictures right from the start. A selfie in front of the camera is possible nowadays and should not be a problem.

You should never do this in your application

  • Give the wrong age

  • Submit pictures that are no longer current

  • Not mentioning tattoos


    However, should a cooperation finally take place, every escort agency will need your identity card and will most likely want to get to know you. If you have cheated in advance, this will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Further tips for your casting as an escort lady

Apply with your personal data and be authentic and honest. If an agency does not want you for any reason, do not despair. Maybe the agency is just not addressing the right gentlemen who would book you. You should then simply try a second or even a third time with another agency. Alternatively, you can even ask the agency if they could suggest an alternative agency that is more suited to your type.

The agency does not contact you after the application

A serious escort agency should actually always give you a short feedback, even if you are not a good match for them. However, many agencies contact the ladies by e-mail and end up in the spam folder of the respective ladies. So check your spam folder regularly. Of course, you can also call the agency without obligation and ask if they have received your application. Maybe something went wrong on the part of the agency when sending out your casting.

The information that the escort applicant should check her spam folder

The application via WhatsApp

Nowadays, WhatsApp is already used in many areas, especially for professional purposes. We also process applications via WhatsApp. We usually reply within a few hours, during our office hours. Take advantage of this opportunity and apply via WhatsApp. As you will see, nothing can go wrong here, and you will receive an answer within a short time.

or use the casting form!

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