Between toys and eroticism, can you become an escort as a mum?

As a mother who wants to become an escort, it is important to take care of your child's care during this time. Find out how you can balance both.


by Bell Bennett

5 minutes read

Between toys and eroticism, can you become an escort as a mum?

According to the cliché, escort ladies are young, unattached and don't have a wrinkle too many. This image leads to great women not applying to an agency - and that's a terrible shame! Of course, you can also work as a part-time escort as a mother. We'll tell you how to reconcile your children and your escort career. 

Being a mother and still an escort - that's no conflict

Being a mummy and wiping away children's tears during the day, lying in a man's arms as a sensual lover in the evening: That's not a contradiction. After all, you are still a human being with needs, desires and feelings after your pregnancy. As an escort you can continue to live your erotic side and at the same time make yourself financially independent.

No one would condemn a working mother on shift duty who works 40 hours a week to support her family, would they? As an escort you are also more flexible in terms of time than with other jobs.

You can spend more time with your children when two or three dates a month bring in as much money as a full-time job. Depending on your agency's commission, **you can take home about 70% of your fee. **It's a complete misconception that you can't do a job as an escort as a mother anymore.

In fact, there are very many women who have children and still accept dates. Who love to be seen and desired as a woman and not to sink into the role of mother. You're not a bad mother if you crave a sexual adventure and get paid for it!

Mother and escort at the same time

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How do you coordinate life as an escort with children?

With the right organisation in the background, it is not difficult at all to reconcile your work as an escort and your role as a mother. It is important to think about childcare beforehand - not just when the first request flutters into your mailbox. 

Depending on how old the children are, you may need a nanny or some other form of care. Escort dates mainly take place in the evening, when the kindergarten and all-day school are already closed. Including preparation, travel time and transport, you should allow at least five hours for even a short dinner date when you are busy. 

In addition, a date request is not a binding booking. What if the client does not book but you have already informed the nanny?

In short, it is imperative that you explain the situation to the nanny. You don't have to tell them what your job is. However, the babysitter must be able to adjust to working with you. Alternatively, it is possible to work with several nannies or to get friends and family on board. Other escort ladies share the upbringing with the child's father and take turns on a daily basis. The decisive factor is reliability.

The teenage girl from the neighbourhood may be cheap, but could drop out at any time. As an escort, you have enough money to invest in professional childcare.

There are escort ladies who work a lot and have the budget for an au pair to live with them at home. 

Escort lady as a mother

More self-confidence as a mother and escort

One big question remains: Are there any guests at all who like mothers? Quite clearly: Yes! Just one look at the MILF category on relevant porn sites should be proof enough. 

We often get requests from men who are interested in a more mature personality. A mother has a completely different self-confidence than a younger lady. She is not better or worse than a colleague without children - but different.

And many guests appreciate that. Do the guests care if you are a mother? Experience shows that this is not a big issue on an escort date. The time together is a break from everyday life and the real world. You don't have to justify your private life - and neither do the guests. If it is important to them to date a single escort lady or a woman without children, they should note this during the booking. However, we have never experienced a client sending an escort home because of this.

Maybe you feel insecure because pregnancy has left its mark on your body? With well-fitting lingerie and a confident appearance, this should not be a problem. Frankly speaking, men don't pay attention to every "weak point" and "problem zone" that a woman sees in herself. As an escort, you don't have to bring along model measurements. And with the condom at the latest, they no longer feel the seam from the episiotomy.

Conclusion: Mothers can be fantastic escorts

As an agency, we like to work with mothers who want to work as escorts as a part-time job. Often working mothers have better time management than their colleagues.

As a professional escort agency, we place a high value on reliability. So it's important that you have childcare arrangements in place and don't have to keep cancelling dates. That would be very annoying for everyone involved. If you don't want to accept spontaneous dates, but prefer to work with a short lead time, this can be arranged.

Are you looking for a job where you don't have to work full time to provide a good life for your family? Do you want to be a mother and remain a wife? As an escort you have the chance!  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email or get in touch via the contact form! We advise you on how to get started and support you on your way to becoming a successful escort lady.

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