What you should pay attention to when booking an escort lady

Tips for booking an escort lady: From selecting a reputable agency and the right lady to setting boundaries and mutual respect.


by Bell Bennett

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What you should pay attention to when booking an escort lady

Of course, for you as a client, the interaction factor comes first when booking an escort lady.

You are excited about the upcoming experience and don't want to slip too much into business.

Oh, on the part of the escort lady, the desire for a harmonious date always has priority.

Nevertheless, or precisely so that things can run smoothly, it is necessary to make sensible arrangements in advance and to observe a few basic conditions.

Decide on a reputable escort agency

Cooperation with escort agencies is generally recommendable for both sides. Agencies offer a platform for the exchange of information before a date takes place and are valuable contacts when it comes to legal questions and agreements. In addition, the financial exchange is securely regulated and, in case of doubt, there is always a third party who may be able to mediate. But how do you recognize a serious escort agency among the variety of providers?

Well, a trustworthy escort agency is not only discreet, but also obviously professional in its overall appearance. It will have a business address or a complete imprint and a clear internet presence. This should provide you with detailed profiles of your potential companion and transparent procedures on business procedures.

You should be able to see with just a few glances whether the lady you have chosen is visually to your taste and shares your preferences, where she lives and whether travel costs are incurred. The costs incurred and how they can be settled should be listed unambiguously. A contact form and a contact person who can be reached spontaneously are essential.

The tone of voice should be businesslike to friendly, never condescending or vulgar. By the way, the pictures should speak a similar language. Since you are dealing with an exquisite service, they will not portray the ladies in a pornographic way, but respectfully put them in the right light.

Choose the right escort lady for your needs

If an agency appeals to you, you can take a more concrete look at the ladies working there. Of course, you will initially be guided by the pictures shown, but don't stop there. Booking an escort date also means getting involved with a stranger within a very short time and, in many cases, surrendering to them with their most intimate needs. In order for this to succeed, the ladies naturally act as openly as possible. They are used to changing tempers and will make it as easy as possible for you.

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Pay attention to matching preferences

Nevertheless, like everyone else, you have different preferences, which they will tell you directly on their set cards (to make planning easier). Read this information thoroughly and allow yourself to question any ambiguities in a personal and non-binding enquiry. Here you can also specifically express preferences about which the Set-Card does not provide any information. If difficult questions are cleared up in advance, the date will be more relaxed from the start and both sides can develop an idea of what to expect. If the lady states locations she likes to visit and expresses her interests, you will also know how to create a common basis and whether a good opportunity for conversation already exists.

Apropos: In this context, languages can also be interesting. Some escorts have advanced language skills, which makes them stand out as companions for trade fairs and a business dinner.

Communicate your exact expectations to the escort lady

Concrete details are required

From your side, it is helpful for the lady not only to be asked cautious questions, but to receive concrete information in the enquiry about the location, the type of date and your erotic wishes. If she is not the right one for your ideas, she can use the information to let you know this early on. If you plan a date together, she will want to prepare according to your wishes. This may be expressed in the style of dress or in the organisation of certain accessories.

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Think through the basic conditions well

A date with an escort lady offers advantages over a private date, especially in that you as the client can anticipate a large part of the course of events according to your ideas. Unlike in a relationship, which is permanently based on give and take, the escort lady can strongly withdraw for the meetings. However, in order for you to benefit from this situation, you must first develop a clear picture of what you expect from the evening in question.

  • Which lady do you want to meet?
  • Where do you want to go? (Addresses of hotels, details of the city and the desired exit meeting point).
  • When should the date take place (date, time)?
  • Are there other people involved in the date (exceptional situation that must be questioned beforehand)?
  • How long should the date last?
  • What do you want to do on the spot?
  • Will special clothing be necessary?
  • Any other expectations?
  • Is any special behaviour required of the lady?
  • Do you plan to be intimate?
  • Do you wish to live out any special fetishes/practices?
  • How are distances to be overcome?

Based on this information, the availability of the lady can be checked. In addition, an overview of the necessary financial expenses is provided. The booking of a high-quality escort date is sometimes extremely expensive. Book early and get an exact breakdown of the costs according to your details. Leave contact details under which they can actually be reached spontaneously. It can never be ruled out that an escort lady may fall ill or have an accident.

What do you need to know about the location?

Generally, it is customary to meet in a public place first. Restaurant, wellness location, theatre, concert hall, sporting events - the possibilities are endless. Once you have got to know each other a bit, you can retire to a previously booked hotel room. It speaks for seriousness if the agency wants to know in advance where you will spend the night with the lady. After all, it shows that her safety is taken care of and that she can approach you openly with a good feeling. Accordingly, private flats are not the ideal place for a first meeting.

How quickly can an escort lady be requested?

As a rule, you should make a booking several weeks in advance. Most escort ladies are in great demand and therefore tend to be overbooked. In addition, hardly anyone works full time as an escort. Many of the ladies are students and earn extra money through the dates. This means that they mainly go on dates at the weekends or on days off and are sometimes not completely independent of time. Before you consider a somewhat overambitious booking for right away, keep in mind that you want an individual service. The lady always needs some time to adjust to your wishes. Here it also always plays a role where the lady comes from. A longer journey must first be planned and sometimes organized separately.

A man showers before his escort date

What is expected of you

You yourself make a significant contribution to a successful date, because although the customer is of course king and everything boils down to providing him with a special experience, the harmony between both participants should of course be right. An escort lady is an independent person with preferences, dislikes, and boundaries. She may express these at any time. Even if she politely holds back, a date where she is disgusted by extreme body odour, for example, will probably not go perfectly. You would thereby deprive her of the option to behave in a relaxed and natural way towards you. Accordingly, it is advisable if you yourself observe some points that support the togetherness:

  • Extensive personal hygiene is obligatory before the date.

  • Appear in appropriate clothing.

  • Stick to agreements and be punctual. The lady may have follow-up appointments. Spontaneous changes of date or even bringing a date forward is unrealistic from an organizational point of view.

  •  If you do not pay in advance, hand over the agreed sum in a discreet envelope to the lady at the beginning of the date. Pay appropriately and do not forget to enclose an appropriate tip. If the lady has to ask for this, unpleasant situations can quickly arise.

  •  If you are heavily drunk or using drugs, the lady may break off the date for safety reasons. It is best to appear sober. This way you will get more out of the evening.

  •  Remember that you have booked a date (not a prostitute from the street) and behave respectfully and according to the social norm.

  • Sexual intercourse should generally only be practised with the use of a condom. It is customary to take a shower beforehand.

  • It is never wrong to bring the lady a small gift.

These are only small things, but they may determine whether your date wants to meet you again or not, so it can be helpful to keep these points in mind.


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