Blind date or rather get to know the customer beforehand, you have these options!

Discover how escort dates work: answers to common questions, customer anonymity, independent escort options, and tips for safe encounters.


by Bell Bennett

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Blind date or rather get to know the customer beforehand, you have these options!

Many applicants can not imagine how a booking with an escort agency runs. Thus, the escort lady many questions about an escort date! In our article we would like to give you an answer to the most important questions!

Will I be sent a picture of the guest?

99.9% of gentlemen do not send pictures of themselves to the escort agency. The escort clients turn to an escort agency to make a booking just as anonymously as an escort lady would like to work as an escort. Usually, this is also the attraction for the lady on her dates with a gentleman. To meet someone she doesn't know about yet, hasn't seen the person and doesn't know them. Do you want the gentlemen to introduce themselves to you, send you a picture of themselves and you can choose the client? Then you should work as an independent escort. Here, the probability is somewhat greater that your customer sends you a picture of himself. But even here you should not have great expectations! When working in the erotic industry, anonymity is the be-all and end-all for both parties.

Does the agency know the escort client personally?

No, the agency does not meet in advance with the escort client. That would be organizationally not possible at all. Since the customers come from all over the world and usually do not book when they are on site, but are often still in their own country. However, the escort agency knows the name of the guest, clarifies all open questions that the customer has about the date and communicates everything worth knowing to the escort lady to ensure a smooth date.  

I would definitely like to try this out!

Can I meet the escort client beforehand?

No, but usually the escort ladies do not want that either, or it would be too costly for the customer or / and the escort lady. If you had, for example, on Monday at 7 pm a date in Frankfurt with a customer from Berlin who only arrives on Monday at 4 pm, the time span would be very short to meet beforehand. Here the temporal effort for you and the gentleman would be too great and also partly not feasible. If you as an escort lady would refuse the date now, the gentleman would be alone the evening and you as an escort lady have kept the time free and have no date. To quickly find another escort lady who has time is hardly possible for the agency.

An escort lady talks with her friend about the job

Can I get to know the gentleman if I accompany him on vacation for several days?

From a booking duration of more than 2 days, we recommend the gentlemen a get-to-know date with their escort lady. This usually takes place in a restaurant, where you can get to know each other, have joint conversations and find out if you have things in common.  This gives both people a secure feeling and the anticipation of a longer time together will be greater. However, if the customer is from abroad and you are to fly to the customer country or you only meet at the destination, we recommend a webcam date. These days anything is possible. This date is of course organized by the agency for the client and the escort lady. Both types of dates are rewarded accordingly by the customer.

Do I get the right name from the customer to find out about them on Google?

No, many customers also do not want to reveal their real name. If a customer tells us his artist name, we accept it and forward it to the lady. As a rule, we learn the real name of the guest. However, we do not disclose it to the lady. Also the escort ladies have an artist name and the gentlemen accept this and address the lady only with the chosen names of the lady.

I only want to meet clients who are known to the escort agency!

This is possible at BB-Escort, here we create a sedcard for the escort lady in the VIP area. Thus, it is only possible to meet the gentlemen who have a VIP access. These are mainly guests who are known to the agency. This means that the men have already had at least one meeting with a lady from BB Escort.

What do I learn from the guest?

Of course, you will receive information about your date. Many gentlemen tell us what they expect from their date with the escort lady. The escort agency then clarifies this with the lady. In many cases the gentleman tells us his age. All information that the agency gets from the customer, the colleagues of course share with the lady.

I would like to apply as an escort lady!

In summary: If you want to work as an escort lady, you should be aware that you are embarking on an adventure where you do not get to know the escort client beforehand, do not get photos or an application. Are you still not quite sure whether you can imagine it or do you have more questions about the lucrative side job as an escort lady, then you can get advice without obligation at BB Escort.


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