Working as a transgender at an escort agency

Despite advancing education in the public space, the opportunities for trans individuals within escort services are still somewhat limited.


by Bell Bennett

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Working as a transgender at an escort agency

Although education in the public space is progressing, the application possibilities of trans* persons within the escort service are still quite limited. Even though you can realistically assume that there is to every pot a lid. There should probably be enough people with according needs, but the acceptance within the society still doesn't seem to be developed enough to make a larger number of people express their need for transsexual escort ladies.

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View escort service as a business model

The escort service is an open model, but still a profit-dependent business. So the following assessments are purely of a business nature. If you are planning to work for an escort agency, you naturally want to earn money with this work, and therefore a practical picture of your own potential business should be given. You will get an assessment that you can use to question yourself and your business model before you are confronted with the sometimes hard to predict reality.

What is the significance of transsexuality for our escort service?

Bells Escort arranges escort ladies. Accordingly, the requests are formed. Our customers expect a classic offer. Quite directly said, someone who prefers a penis for his sexual satisfaction will target other agencies. But of course it is not as simple in reality as this plump classification implies. After all, being a woman is defined by more than just external sexual characteristics. However, these in turn do not have to restrict anyone from sensing bigger parts of themselves that are considered masculine. Both ideas can of course also be interesting for our clients.

What matters in escort as a trans* person

A transgender escort lady Primarily it depends on the fact that you yourself can locate and accept your body. This is important for every escort lady, after all, it takes a certain standing to be able to present yourself and your body freely on a regular basis. If you do not accept yourself as you are, you will hardly be able to present a positive image of yourself to others. This form of self-confidence is essential, if you play with the idea of satisfying men through your escort (but also in bed). This self-confidence, coupled with an immense infectious joy of life, is according to internal experience, something very typical for transgender people who are fully happy with themselves. This situation can be of great advantage for you as an escort lady.

But let's clarify the terms first, so that we don't talk passed each other:

Transman and transwoman are defined as follows according to the Federal Agency for Civic Education:

"Transman is also used in German-speaking countries as a broad term for all people who cannot, at times cannot, or can only partially identify with their gender assigned at birth as female."

"Transwoman is generally used in German-speaking countries as a broad term for all people who cannot, at times cannot, or can only partially identify with their gender assigned at birth as male."

The expectations of our clients for a transsexual escort lady

With the description of transwoman or transman is far from clarified, what a potential customer might expect from you. The terms say nothing about your sexual preferences (hetero-, homo-, bisexual), nor about your physical appearance. Both is a bit essential for a man who will pay you for a sexual adventure among many other aspects. Here is the crux, because the expectation value for a transsexual escort lady is clearly an appealing mix of both worlds. This means, according to experience, there is preferably interest in feminine people with pronounced feminine preferences for clothing and makeup and a full décolleté. All this in combination with a penis can develop a very special attraction - as long as the customer is set on it.

What ideas do clients have about dating you?

Nevertheless, in most cases you can assume that the men who book you under these conditions are not homosexually inclined. Most interested parties dare "the experiment with the second penis in bed", so to speak, under simplified conditions you meet "beginners" who would like to touch a foreign penis or passively experience anal intercourse. You basically help them to get a exciting limit experience, without them having to go too far out on a limb. Most clients are unsure of their role in these plays and sometimes expect to be held by the hand. Which is why it clearly depends on a confident feminine attitude on your part.

Where is it more likely to be difficult?

A man on a date with a transgender person Since the special attraction seems to be in this space, transwomen, transmen with operated vagina, people who are still in an uncertain transition phase and also those who have dedicated themselves to travesty (i.e. only temporarily/ live the opposite sex for entertainment purposes/ are dressed like that) have it rather difficult in the escort business. Probably you will also find the job difficult if it bothers you yourself that you are blessed as a woman with a penis. You should feel comfortable in the togetherness with your clients as far as possible, so that you can give him the exclusive experience that he hopes for. An experience of passive and active nature. If you can only imagine passive sexual contact, your requests will quickly reduce, as experience shows. So consider your ideas well in this context and match them with the realistic expectations of an escort client.

Self-reflection is key to success

The world is changing and the requests for transsexual escort ladies are increasing. If you are at peace with yourself and have learned to accept yourself as you are, you have probably been able to develop this very special charm in the course of your life, which virtually characterizes you for the work as an escort lady. You are used to approaching people from yourself in order to directly pre-empt all prejudices. Perfect! Nevertheless, consider what has been said before you take the big step of starting your work in escort service. The special generally takes time to find acceptance and rejection is generally business in the escort industry. If you find your market and an appealing way to present yourself, the advantage of being special is probably all yours.


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