Chastity for men - tips and tricks

Male Chastity: Discover tips and tricks for more intense orgasms and increased sexual desire through conscious abstinence.


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

Chastity for men - tips and tricks

Chastity is the voluntary renunciation of sexual gratification. In this way, sexual desire is renounced for a self-chosen period of time. This sex trend is particularly well-known in BDSM circles. There can be various reasons for (married) men to abstain from sex. Either the sex partner openly asked the woman for this experience or the curiosity comes from her side. No matter why you are interested in male chastity, it can be an enriching experience for both of you and improve your sex life because it has been proven that sexual abstinence intensifies desire and orgasms. Of course, it is important that chastity, whether for men or women, is done by mutual consent and of one's own free will.

How does chastity work for the man?

Chastity belts for men who use Escort services

If a woman wants to keep a man chaste, and he agrees, she can look for a suitable penis cage together with him. Various models are, ranging from plastic to metal (stainless steel). The cage is pulled over the member and locked with a key. This prevents the man from getting an erection. There are no instructions for chastity. How long she keeps her sex partner in the penis cage is entirely up to her. However, she should first discuss with her sex partner exactly where the limits are and, if necessary, establish a safeword with which the chastity can be ended by the man. So, you set the rules for the man's chastity together. For example, the only way for the man to reach orgasm is to spoil the woman devotedly. During chastity, the key mistress can completely determine his orgasms. In addition, she can be completely sure that he will remain faithful to her because without the key he cannot remove the penis cage. Many women report that their sex life gained spice again through the man's chastity, and that his need to satisfy her increased enormously. Keeping a man chaste can have another positive side effect: In most cases, he will be more open and honest about his needs during sex.

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What should I look for when keeping chaste?

It is important that the sex partner shares the desire to try this sex practice and that you discuss beforehand how far the control and dominance for the woman should go. You can decide together on rules of chastity, for example, whether the man may touch the woman without being asked or what duties he has to fulfil. You can decide whether the penis is released from the cage after a certain period of time and the man is allowed to come in fulfilment, or whether he has to be particularly well-behaved and compliant for this. The key mistress keeps the key for the cage in a place where he cannot find it under any circumstances. However, she must know exactly where the key is at all times.

An escort sets a lock for chastity in her male clients

Here are some tips for chastity in men:

  • Be sure to determine the appropriate size before buying.

  • Before putting on the cage, he must be thoroughly shaved.

  • Put some oil or cream in the inner ring of the penis cage before putting it on.

  • Do not put the cage on too tightly.

If you have discovered chastity for yourself, you can make sex play even more exciting by creating a collection of different penis cages and, for example, briefly putting on a spiked chastity cage. Take your time and find out about the different options at your leisure.

Old chastity belt from the middle ages

How long can you keep a man chaste?

How long you subject a man/husband to chastity is flexible. There is no minimum or maximum here. Test it yourself because every man is different. The great thing about chastity is that women can decide for themselves whether the man has to wear the cage for hours, days, or even weeks. Of course, she can also open the lock only briefly to reward him if he has behaved well, that is then up to the woman. In time, you will find together the variant that suits you best.

Hygiene during chastity

Showering, bathing, going to the toilet, all this is no problem with a penis cage. Nevertheless, it should be removed at least once a week for cleaning. The cage should also be disinfected directly, the intimate area shaved thoroughly, and the penis creamed with a greasy cream. To ensure that the man remains chaste during this short period and does not satisfy himself, the woman can supervise him during this process and, if necessary, reward him if he has been able to resist. If the penis cage is cleaned regularly during chastity, there is no reason why it should not be locked for longer. This practice also poses no risk to the man's health.

Male chastity without aids

Of course, you can also achieve male chastity in another way, but this requires constant control and a high degree of honesty and trust. It can happen that the man lies to the woman in order not to disappoint her or in order not to be punished. She cannot monitor him around the clock and ensure that he really renounces desire. Especially for sex partners who do not see each other every day, keeping the man chaste without any aids is difficult. If you are interested in chastity, you should talk openly with your sex partner and look around together at the different manufacturers.

BDSM and chastity with an escort lady

A dominant escort lady is exactly the right one to show a man where to go. With chastity, she takes control of your orgasm and determines how you have to behave and when you finally get fulfilment. Many escort ladies love BDSM and the sex practices associated with it and enjoy exercising it dominance. They adjust completely to your needs and even keep you chaste for weeks and months if you wish. Provided that it is what you want!

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