What can you do if you are dissatisfied with the escort lady?

Optimize your escort date: Learn how to deal with unexpected situations and solve problems effectively to best meet your expectations


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

What can you do if you are dissatisfied with the escort lady?

An escort date is a very special arrangement in which you, as a client, naturally have high expectations. You are excited, have prepared everything perfectly, and then it turns out differently than you thought. After only a short time, you realise that the lady may be quite nice, but with the best will in the world, she does not meet your requirements. What can you do now?

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Typical problem situations

In this article, we want to give you some useful strategies for the most common problem situations. We deal with:

  • Women who do not match their profile picture
  • Desires that the escort lady refuses to fulfil
  • communication problems
  • financial aspects
  • and lateness of the escort lady

In addition, other issues can of course lead to conflicts. Please do not forget that you can clarify inconsistencies with your escort lady at eye level. She should be able to deal with constructive criticism professionally and advise you objectively on your requirements.

The agency as mediator

If an agreement cannot be reached here, it is always possible to contact the escort agency directly. However, it is not helpful if you sit out a date that is unpleasant for you and only complain to the agency staff afterwards. We can then take up your points of criticism, but discounts or refunds are no longer possible at these moments. After all, we can no longer reliably comprehend the situation from a distance.

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Case 1: The lady does not visually meet your expectations

In the age of Photoshop and smartphone retouching, it can quickly happen that one or the other photographer is a little too good with the correction.

Then not only illumination and small irregularities are compensated, but entire clothing sizes are shortened.

Some ladies also have sufficient digital skills to enhance their curves and make themselves look years younger.

Such a procedure is of course difficult within the framework of the escort service.

How do you react?

You as a customer deserve a lady to your taste for this one exceptional evening and it is absolutely understandable if you do not recognise the woman of choice in the lady who appears for your date. Special features such as height, tattoos, hair colour and striking body art (tattoo/piercing) should meet expectations. Otherwise, you keep your money and may reject the lady directly.

Please also remain relaxed if the lady does not show any understanding. Body image is one of those things. Nobody sees themselves exactly as others do and some ladies see themselves exactly as they present themselves - even if there is no realistic basis for this. It can be helpful to have the agency's telephone number directly at hand in case of such a conflict.

An escort lady does not have the body the client had imagined

Case 2: Your wishes were not passed on

Just as essential as the expectations on the appearance of the escort ladies are the demands on the intimate services. Basically, all ladies write out in their setcards what they are not prepared to do and you as a client are already required during the booking process to state specific requirements so that you can be checked by your future escort lady. This procedure is also important when it comes to bringing certain items of clothing or props to the date.

If the lady does not know about your wishes, she cannot comply with them. That is probably clear as far as it goes. But how can there still be disagreements about the willingness to perform intimate services? As a rule, there are communication problems here.

How do you react?

Situation 1: The lady was not informed of your wishes. She did not have a chance to tell you in advance that she rejects some points. Moreover, she will not be prepared as expected if she does not know your expectations. Either you talk to each other afterwards and come to an agreement. Or you break off the date. The "no" of the escort lady must never be ignored in this case.

Situation 2: You forgot to mention certain things in advance. In this case, too, the lady is of course free to decide what she wants to do and what she doesn't want to do. Incidentally, she is just as entitled to abort as you are. There should therefore be no feeling of coercion.

Situation 3: Your companion rejects certain actions based on the current situation. For example, because she does not get along with your hygiene ideas or feels strong personal dislikes.

Again, open agreement on an earlier end is possible.

Situation 4: The escort lady refuses agreed services without giving reasons and may become abusive. Such behaviour is completely unacceptable and you may cut the date short.

It can be perfect if the client finds out right at the beginning (even before the money is handed over) whether the agency has communicated all his wishes to the lady.

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Case 3: No communication possible

Many of these things can be sorted out by an open communication attitude.

But what if it is not possible for you and your date to communicate at all.

If you either can't find common topics and don't warm up to each other or don't speak the same language in the first place?

Since communication up to this point is mostly online and written, in some cases you don't know if you are actually writing to the lady who ends up standing in front of you.

How do you react?

The problem is, of course, immediately apparent at the moment of meeting. You do not have to go on the date under these conditions and can send the lady home immediately. If it is a matter of higher-ranking communication problems (i.e. rejections), you can also leave at any time, but you always pay for the minimum booking duration.

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Case 4: Misunderstandings about finances

If possible, we will clarify the financing of your date together in detail in advance and you will receive a complete list of the costs incurred. Surprising additional amounts are not to be expected. The ladies know this too, which is why it is absolutely not possible for a lady to ask you for taxi money or the like for the way home.

How do you react?

The finances are clarified in good time and if there are any discrepancies in this regard, please always ask the agency again directly to be on the safe side.

Case 5: Delay on the part of the escort lady

Since the world is governed by considerably more factors than our personal plans, the academic quarter - being up to 15 minutes late - is reasonable. Beyond that, however, a delay on the part of the escort lady can definitely be considered a reason for cancellation.

How do you react?

Make this circumstance clear immediately. Price reductions after the fact are not conceivable.

Refund options

In any case, remain objective and try to find a solution that makes sense for all parties involved. Insults and violence are out of place. The following solutions are guidelines. Always clarify the specific case directly with the agency or the escort lady.

Cancellation within the first 15 minutes: You only pay the travel costs, the escort lady pays back the remaining amount on site.

Cancellation after this period, below the minimum booking duration: You pay the price for the minimum booking duration plus the travel costs.

Cancellation after this period, above the minimum booking duration: You pay the price for the minimum booking duration plus the travel costs and the hours actually used beyond the minimum duration.

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