Find out how and when you receive travel expenses from the escort costumer

Learn everything about travel and transportation costs for escort dates: who pays, usual rates, and tips for safe arrivals


by Bell Bennett

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Find out how and when you receive travel expenses from the escort costumer

Meetings with clients are often spread all over the city. If you live in a village, you may have to travel to a larger city for a meeting, and the meeting place with your client may even be abroad. Several means of transportation are suitable for getting there, including your own car, train, bus and train, or even a cab or plane. The bicycle or the Vespa are usually less suitable if you have to cross the city styled in a pretty dress. However: There are usually travel costs per meeting on you as an escort lady, and they are not insignificant depending on the distance. But who pays these? We will tell you about the usual mileage rates and billing methods so that you do not have to sit on your costs.

Short to medium distances

The journey to the date in the own car or with public means of transport are taken over by the booking customer. The amount depends mainly on the distance. On average, this is about 70-80 cents per kilometer, which more than covers both a train ticket and the cost of gasoline. If you drive your car, you usually even get a surplus, but you also have ongoing maintenance costs, which are thus partially covered. This is important, because some escorts drive up to 20,000 KM per year. In large cities, you can often also use car sharing or ride-sharing services. However, you should keep one thing in mind: Cab costs are not covered by customers as a rule. Here, too, the above-mentioned flat rate per kilometer applies. If there is no other way, the escort lady pays the extra charge for a cab out of her own pocket.

An escort lady traveling by plane to the date

Longer Journeys

It happens that a client from Berlin absolutely wants to meet a Munich escort, or a Frankfurt client has booked a lady from the far north. In this case, we no longer charge by the kilometre, otherwise the travel costs could occasionally even exceed the escort's actual fee. Escorts who travel 500 kilometres or more to a date also charge expenses in addition to the ticket price for their train or plane journey. Both the time and the booking expenses are significantly higher than for a 30-minute car journey or similar. On average, the expenses are around €100 per appointment. The booking duration is also usually much longer than for meetings in the same city. Because hardly any escort lady would travel across the republic for a two-hour dinner. Such appointments are often billed to the client as overnight or 12-hour bookings. Depending on the time period for which the meeting is scheduled, escorts would otherwise have to leave home very early or possibly not arrive there until 5 o'clock the next day.

Of course, this is not reasonable. Many escorts therefore make it a condition for half-day or full-day appointments in faraway places that they get their own hotel room. This allows them either to arrive the day before or to sleep in after the date - or both. Of course, this is even more important when dating abroad. After all, with a hangover from the flight or exhausted due to the airport transfer, an informal, amusing date becomes a feat of strength for the lady. However, customers who want a very specific escort are usually aware of this and are happy to pay the extra costs.

Special features for rail and air travel

An important tip for travelling by train or plane is the following: The costs that an escort lady charges the client should always be those of a regular, flexible ticket. This means that you should not specify economy tickets. One reason for this is that tickets should generally, if possible, always be booked on the day of the meeting. After all, clients' plans can change or a meeting can be cancelled at short notice. If this only happens when the lady is already on her way, the client will of course still pay for the journey to and from the meeting. If clients insist on the cheapest ticket for cost reasons, you should insist on a deposit for it or on its payment in advance. It should always be made clear to the client that he/she must pay the travel costs in the event of cancellations at short notice.

A train bringing the escort lady to the date

Not recommended

You should refrain from having clients pick you up at your home. Even if it is convenient and the client may insist, your privacy is important and should always be respected. Therefore: If possible, always keep private and business matters separate and politely say "No, thank you" to such offers.  

An escort lady being driven to the date by a friend


If a customer wants to travel to a shared holiday destination with you, it is of course much more practical if he picks you and your luggage up at your front door. Your billing period then starts the moment you get into his car. In this situation, you can logically not charge the client a flat rate for the journey to the hotel, but clients can always drop you off at the train station or a bus stop if they offer to do so and you agree. The distance from the hotel to your means of transport is of course not billable travel expenses either. Furthermore, everything is a question of agreement with the client. Some situations are too special to be dealt with in general terms. If it has been clarified in advance exactly how high the costs are and both client and escort agree with the cost arrangement, almost anything is possible.

No extra costs for you

Whichever way of getting around is most comfortable for you, you don't have to pay the costs out of your own pocket. So before you get into your car overtired or walk in the wind and weather, use the bus or train. The most practical way for you is always the best. Of course, as long as you don't spend a lot of money on it or make unnecessary (taxi) journeys. Nevertheless, you should always arrive safely at your destination and with these tips, nothing will stand in the way of your safe journey to and from the meeting point. 

More on the subject of escort travel expenses

If you would like to know more about travel expenses, please contact us. We support all ladies who want an easy entry into the escort business. If you would like to apply as an escort lady to enjoy all the benefits of escorting, then click on our “Apply” button. 


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