Does an escort have to have model measurements?

Learn how naturalness and personality count more than model dimensions in the escort business. Discover what men really look for.


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

Does an escort have to have model measurements?

A successful escort lady doesn't have to be a top model who makes it into Heidi Klum's top 10. Which optical requirements you should bring as an escort and what the men really want, you can learn from us in the blog.

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This is what the ultimate male dream looks like

If you want to work as an escort, you have to have a well-toned dream body, be 1.80 meters tall and not have one wrinkle too many in your face. This is what many women think, which is why they don't even send off the application for their dream job escort. They assume that no man would book them anyway - especially not for a lot of money. The reality is different.Most men don't want a supermodel that has sprung from the pages of a fashion magazine. A natural look is much more important to them. Appearance doesn't completely matter, but it's not the top priority. And what the male world would call a “dream woman” is sometimes quite different from what women think.

The best example: age. We often experience in our everyday life as an escort agency that men specifically ask for an experienced or older lady. These customers feel uncomfortable to stroll through the city as an older gentleman with a woman in her mid-twenties. In addition, two completely different lifestyles meet there. Many men prefer a woman with a similar wealth of experience, with whom a conversation at eye level is possible. Unfortunately, there are hardly any escorts over 35 who can meet this demand.

A woman with an attractive body suitable for working as an escort

Do small or curvy escorts have a chance in the business?

Curvy women who want to work as escorts

Many agencies write in their evaluation guidelines that an escort model must be 1.75 m tall. But of course you can work with 1.55 m as an escort. There are enough men who like short women and do not want to be smaller than their companion in high heels. The clothing size is also an issue. You don't necessarily have to wear a 36 as an escort, certainly not a 32. We know some curvy models who earn more money as escorts than in their regular modeling main job. Many men prefer women with feminine curves. Beautiful lingerie is also available in plus size sizes! We women are very self-critical about our bodies. That's a terrible shame: because men don't care about our supposed flaws like stretch marks, wrinkles or curves. We can go even further: There's always a man or two who has a preference for your individual shape. There are a few exceptions that don't go over well in escorting. Tattoos or piercings on the face are an absolute no-go for escorts. Even in this day and age, you will stand out with it in a prestigious 5-star hotel. And no escort client wants to stand out (in a negative sense)!

Beauty surgeries for escort ladies

Today there are many ways to give nature a helping hand. A well-made cosmetic surgery is generally no problem. Unfortunately, often the result is not as natural as one would like. In recent years, even young women have begun to invest in beauty treatments. The motto: Better a little more than too little. Botox and hyaluronic acid provide smoother skin and fuller lips. However, the result only looks great when you look normally into the selfie camera. As soon as the face changes and the muscles come into play, the hyaluronic acid shifts. In some cases, the wearer doesn't even notice - after all, you rarely smile at yourself in the mirror.

Our clients mainly want pretty, natural looking companions. Injected lips and frozen facial expressions are not well received.

Beauty treatments for success in escort work

Our customers mainly want pretty, natural companions. Sprayed lips and frozen facial expressions are not well received.

Also with the bust size many have a wrong idea what men like. Very rarely a man says that he does not want to meet a woman with small breasts. As long as the body looks harmonious and natural, the bust size (almost) does not matter. But no client wants to find badly made breasts, balloons or a hemisphere on the upper body of escort ladies

Checklist: Characteristics of a successful escort lady

A beautiful escort lady and her characteristics

  • between 21 and 45 years
  • speaks at least one foreign language besides your mother tongue, preferably English
  • no visible tattoos or piercings on the face
  • willingness for dates in the evening and on weekends
  • reliable, punctual and discreet well-groomed appearance with regular visits to the hairdresser, manicure or pedicure
  • enjoys communication and good conversation, empathetic and charming
  • self-confident appearance with good manners
  • openness to sexual experiences


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Become Plus Size Escort: Our experience from practice

When I look at which women are successful and frequently booked in our escort agency, I see many different body shapes, stories and characters. In our experience, escort clients don't book a Barbie or a top model, but the normal girl next door. The kind of woman who rather rarely works as an escort - also because she doesn't dare to apply to us! The same goes for plus size models who appear young, well-groomed and natural. The demand is so high that the corresponding ladies are almost always fully booked. 

Our conclusion: If you want to become an escort, then you should not be put off by the cliché of the top model. There are no optical requirements for escorts that are set in stone. If you are unsure, you can apply to us without obligation and free of charge or contact us directly. We will help you to find your individual niche as an escort lady.

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