Does the escort lady travel to the date herself or does the escort agency have a driving service?

Driving service at the escort agency has advantages and disadvantages for escort ladies. Focus on coordination, safety, costs and flexibility. Find out more!


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

Does the escort lady travel to the date herself or does the escort agency have a driving service?

Some escort agencies offer their ladies an internal driving service. At first glance, this is a very interesting offer. However, depending on the location and type of date, this may not only be advantageous for you. Before you willingly fall back on this service, you should take a close look at the associated conditions.

With the escort agency's driving service, the lady can do other things in a relaxed manner

What does the driving service include?

The driving service of an escort agency takes over the transportation of an escort lady to her dating appointments. Usually, one or more drivers are permanently employed by the agencies for this purpose. How many different people are used here depends, of course, strongly on the size of the agency. Ideally, the driver picks up the lady at her front door and drives her to the meeting point agreed with the client. In theory, the escort lady has no further planning tasks. The agency coordinates the workload of the drivers and ensures that overlapping dates can be avoided.

How does this service work?

If an agency offers a driving service, it usually becomes a fixed part of the programme. You may not be able to decide spontaneously whether to use this service or to organize your own. The driver is dependent on you getting to the agreed meeting point on time. As a permanent service provider of the agency, he may have to chauffeur several ladies in direct succession, so that he cannot allow himself any major time slips. This is the only way to guarantee that each lady can be picked up at the agreed time. If the driver is not busy with other trips during your date, he may wait in front of the meeting point so that he can drive you home directly after the date.

An extra driver for the escort agency's driving service

Advantages and disadvantages of a driving service

Plus points in coordination and safety

In general, this is of course an advantageous concept. You don't have to worry about bus schedules and bad weather. If you get stuck in a traffic jam on the way, the driver can testify to this directly. As long as you get on the bus on time, you are off the hook in connection with all other temporal indispositions. Of course, this also means that you must arrive on time for the benefit of all other passengers. If there were any unscheduled time delays, you would have to wait. Of course, it is in the interest of both escort lady and client to avoid such delays. The schedule is accordingly tightly timed, but also provides a certain degree of security - not only in terms of time. If you are accompanied by another person, it is ensured that you will not fall victim to muggings or unpleasant encounters, neither on the way there nor on the way back. Dating appointments naturally often take place in the evening hours and it can be quite risky to walk alone through the darkness in a deliberately attractive outfit. The driver outside the door also suggests that someone is waiting for you. 

Adjusted billing

In addition, escort ladies who are paid in cash can often hand over their commission directly to the driver after the date. As long as they have these transactions properly receipted, they save themselves further accounting procedures. This means that all organisational tasks have been brought under one roof. You don't have to wonder how, when and under what circumstances you will reach your date, and the finances are also handled directly. You don't need your own car and don't have to rely on public transport late at night.

Travel expenses and booking duration

Driver holds the door open for the escort lady at the escort agency's driving service

What else can go wrong now?

In reality, however, the processes do not always run as smoothly as the plan envisages. As in many other areas of life, the effectiveness of a service plays a major role in its profitability. As a result, many agencies severely limit their scope for mediation in the sense of reducing travel costs. You have to adjust to a regionally limited clientele. This may have an effect on the number of dates you have per month. If you were looking forward to long journeys or international contacts, you may be disappointed. The fact that commission payments can be made immediately makes the exchange very easy at first, but it can lead to inconsistencies. Sometimes receipts are not issued conclusively, on other days they are forgotten. This is where digital financial transactions offer clear advantages. Especially since no intermediary is necessary who, in the worst case, misappropriates means of payment.

Consider additional costs

If you negotiate directly with the agency digitally after the date, you can always keep an eye on the financial framework. This also gets an additional aspect to be considered through the driving service. Many agencies do not offer their services for free. You may have to pay a fee for the driving service, which may well exceed the cost of public transport or your own car. This is even more annoying if the meeting points cannot be organised door-to-door. If you first have to use your private car to get to a park and ride car park outside the city in question, you will incur avoidable additional costs in the worst case. This applies to the outward and return journeys, because if you are charged for the pick-up, the pick-up must also take place. 

But it can happen that your date ends early or your new acquaintance would like to extend his time spontaneously. In these situations, a fixed-schedule chauffeur service severely restricts your flexibility, not only because you feel uncomfortable standing in the street for hours in a short dress waiting for the driver, but also because your date might be offended by this. Especially if you attach great importance to discretion, you won't want to risk gossip in the neighbourhood because a dubious limousine waits for hours in front of your door. 

Escort lady waiting for the escort agency's driving service

Flexibility vs. planning security

Of course, it depends on your personal situation which of the above-mentioned arguments weighs more heavily for you. It also cannot be ruled out that one or the other agency bears the costs for the driving service of their escort ladies entirely. In fact, however, this money has to come from somewhere, which means that the difference can still be noticeable on your account. Either because the commission to be paid is correspondingly higher or because the total price has to be raised, which in turn deters new visitors. 

Travel costs always arise - how can they be dealt with cleverly?

Of course, there will always be some form of travel expenses to get to your dates. However, keep in mind that these can also be covered by flat rates for travel expenses. These can be plausibly presented to interested parties in advance and are usually covered without compromise, so that in the end you don't have to make a loss by choosing the journey if you don't necessarily have a first-class flight in mind. However, you would always have the option of booking a first-class flight spontaneously and independently if you are willing to pay the extra fare. The question of whether your own sense of freedom outweighs your need for security is a very individual question that every escort has to answer for herself.

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