Safety on an escort date: our tips from practice

How is safety guaranteed on an escort date? What is safety on an escort date anyway?


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

Safety on an escort date: our tips from practice

One hears the worst horror stories about the safety of an escorts. However, the reality does not take place in a Sunday night crime scene. Nevertheless, it is understandable that young women worry about their safety. Especially as a beginner in the escort industry, you surely have many questions. With our practical experience, we want to discuss the topic of safety on escort dates in detail. 

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How safe is it to work as an escort?

The vast majority of escort clients are polite, courteous, and completely harmless. From experience, the guest is often more nervous than the escort. But it only takes one bad apple to negatively influence the experience of an escort lady. 

How often does it happen that an escort client becomes assaultive or does something to the escort lady?

In our experience, this is very rare.

The job as an escort is no more dangerous or harmless than dating in the wild. If you date on Tinder or a dating app, an awkward or dangerous situation could also arise. But you wouldn't go on a blind date without telling a friend first, would you?

This is where the techniques for keeping safe as an escort come into play. An escort should let a trusted person or her agency know when, how long and where she is on a date. If she does not call after the time has elapsed, further steps can be taken. A clearly formulated plan (Who calls where and when? What happens if you don't get in touch?) gives you the necessary security in an emergency. There are some unpleasant situations that can arise during erotic escorting. But if a client takes off the condom during sex (stealthing) or becomes violent towards the escort lady, he commits a criminal offence. You can also report the non-payment of your fee. As an agency, we support you in taking legal action if something like this should happen. 

More security through working with an escort agency

As an independent escort, you are on your own when you make a date with a gentleman. You will have to take care of your own security measures, possibly using a good friend as a security contact. 

When working with an escort agency, you don't have to worry about this. You don't have to inform anyone from your private environment, but inform the agency before and after the date. 

Safety on an escort date through the escort agency

Little tip:

If you call or text your security after the meeting, only do so after you have said goodbye to the client. Otherwise there is still a time window in which something can happen. So: Only call when you have left the hotel room or the client's house! 

In the escort sector, security has a second meaning: security on an escort date also means whether the client actually shows up at the meeting place at the appointed time. Because it happens again and again that there are fake bookings or the person does not show up without notice. The lady has dressed up in vain and made the journey. How annoying! 

To prevent this from happening, the mobile phone number is obtained from the customer. He is called on the day of the meeting in the hotel room, and only then does the lady drive to the date. Depositing the passport or a deposit in advance are also not uncommon.

Can I see the escort client beforehand?

Our 6 best tips for your safety as an escort

  1.  If you have an uncomfortable feeling, you can always stop the Date. This will prevent anything worse from happening in the first place.
  2. Always make sure that someone knows where you are. Check in with your cover person or agency in the presence of the client before the date. That way he knows you are covered. 
  3. If you visit a guest in his hotel room or at home, you should have a quick look in the other rooms to see if he is really alone.
  4. If you are going on a longer date or are travelling a long way, a deposit should have been paid beforehand. This gives you the security that the date will really take place—or at least that the travel costs will be covered. 
  5. In order not to have to give your personal bank account number fot the deposit, there is the alternative of paying by online payment service or Amazon voucher.
  6. If the client does not pay in the end or becomes violent, you can report him. As an escort agency, we support you in all legal steps.

Conclusion: No reason to be afraid, but no reason to be reckless

We can allay everyone's fears that assaults regularly occur on escort dates. In our business as an escort service, this has never happened so far. This is also due to our security concept: If an escort lady works with an agency, the agency will ask to see the clients identity card when she visits his home. When visiting a hotel, the client is called directly in the room. Every hotel asks the guest for his or her personal details at check-in. 

The escort lady remains anonymous at all times, but the client must identify himself to many agencies.

If you work as an escort without an agency, you should also protect yourself and take these safety precautions yourself. To protect yourself against fake bookings, you should pay attention to your gut feeling and ask for a deposit. 

As a conclusion, we can tell you that the job as an escort is not dangerous if you approach the matter with prudence and common sense. A professional agency supports you in your everyday life as an escort and helps you to choose suitable clients.

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