When escort clients book ladies with special skills

A special experience report from an escort client about his fetish experiences with an escort from BB Escort. Some things turn out differently than expected.


by Bell Bennett

8 minutes read

When escort clients book ladies with special skills

I never thought that my life would change like this - just by this one phone call.

You know, a lot of things come easily to me, even though I had to work hard and disciplined to maintain my reputation as a manager at CarIndustries, but it took me two weeks to pick up the phone and dial this number that my buddy had given me.

Now, in retrospect, I'm annoyed about the time I wasted, you don't get any younger, but I should tell you about it again.

Slowly I put the whiskey glass on the noble porcelain coaster, which my wife had given me for my birthday, and typed the phone number into my mobile phone.

"BB Escort. You've reached Kristin. How may I help you?"

"Good evening Kristin, I'd like to book a woman for next weekend."

"I'm very pleased to hear that. Have you already chosen a lady with us or can I help you with that?"

Though I hadn't really fallen on my head otherwise, I guess I hadn't really prepared for this conversation despite the long lead time. "This is my first call to you.

"Aren't you worried, Mr...?

"I'd rather not tell you my name.

"Our top priority is discretion. Everything you tell me will remain confidential. Only your wishes will be passed on to the lady of your choice. Would you like to tell me your first name?"

"With pleasure, yes. Thomas."

"Okay, Thomas, what exactly are you looking for for your dream weekend?"

"who knows what she's capable of and who I can be intimate with. Somehow, despite my successful career, I sounded like a student. But I still hadn't figured out why. Well, actually, if I was honest with myself, it did. I wanted to book not just sex this time, but more...

"We have over 70 attractive ladies to choose from, Thomas. Would you like to take a look at them yourself? Then I would ask you to visit our website at www.bb-escort.de."

Hm, he could do that.

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"But perhaps you'd like to tell me in confidence exactly what it is you're looking for, Thomas? I will then choose the lady who is perfect for your dreams. What do you mean?"

That woman on the phone was good. She knew what I needed before I knew it. If everyone at BB Escort was so smart... "Okay, Kristin." I cleared my throat. "I'd like to be tied up." I kept quiet. And you didn't. Probably waiting for more. All right. "It must be done in the proper setting, dark, brutal. I want discretion, no interruptions, and I want the lady to know her craft. Leather, black, I want, and high boots. A little whip or something like that may be included. I want it to tingle from the start, you understand? I want an all-round role play and I want to be surprised by the appearance of the Domina. Yes. But she must look racy, long hair. I like to be surprised during sex, but I like it to be rough.

I overheard Kristin writing on a keyboard. "do you want to have this meeting in your town? At a BDSM studio?"

woman sitting on a man holding a leash which is arround his neck

"Yes." That would be great.Again I heard Kristin typing.

"We have just the right dominatrix for you, Thomas."

"I'm glad." Now, at this moment, my spirits suddenly rose. My heart began to beat more vigorously in my chest with anticipation, something I must have denied myself before. I also thought it was swell that Kristin didn't tell me more about the lady, accepted my request.

"I gave Kristin the information and within a few minutes she had clarified with the dominatrix that the date was clear in a BDSM studio. Now I suddenly felt like I was going on a hot blind date, freshly in love. A pleasant shiver ran over my body, although I actually knew exactly what to expect. Didn't I? I hadn't felt such a thrill in a long time.

"May I tell you the name of your lady, Thomas?"


"Samantha is very much looking forward to meeting you and will give you a few unforgettable hours."

"I would be delighted"

"I need an advance payment of 200 euros for the studio and your mobile number, please."

"My number is the one I call from and I would like to pay by credit card everything in advance."

"Wonderful, thank you. Unfortunately, if you pay by credit card, there is a 10% handling fee. You could also pay in cash at the meeting or in advance by wire transfer."

She told me the total price and I was already opening my bank on the screen to pay.
"No, that's not necessary. The money is already on its way."

"Thank you very much, Thomas. If anything unforeseen happens, we will discreetly text you and ask for a call back. Do you have any other questions?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Good, then I wish you some wonderful hours with Samantha now and maybe see you soon, Thomas.
"Wow, I had actually done it. Now it was just a matter of waiting for two days until I would finally, finally do what I had been dreaming of for years.

I entered a small, bright hallway and told the doorman my first name. The latter nodded in a friendly manner and opened a wooden door with iron fittings for me. I walked down a pompous archway toward discreet music and a babble of voices. The black stones on the walls seemed oppressive, but the large mirrors with gold frames were inviting. Candles flickered in antique holders and my specially polished shoe soles made no noise on the clean red velvet. I had asked for discretion, parked in an out-of-sight lot, and been allowed to use this side entrance. My pulse was already racing with tension and curiosity. But no one had told me how to proceed now. In a muted hallway, I stopped and turned to the room doors.

Suddenly, an opaque leather cloth was placed in front of my eyes from behind. At the last moment, I saw a tall, slender woman in a sexy chain corsage outfit standing behind me in the mirror opposite. Her long dark hair surrounded her face hidden behind a mask. The fact that I had still been able to see her briefly was no coincidence. This near robbery made my blood boil.

Her fingers slid gently down my arms, then gripped tightly and I felt handcuffs snap shut around my joints on my back. Caught!

My pulse began to race out of control. My cock began to twitch greedily.

"I'm Samantha," she breathed hotly into my ear from behind. "From now on, you're mine!"

Here, right here, I was in the right place.

in the bed a woman in underwaer is tieing a naked mans hands

I'll fade out now, because I'm sure you want to be surprised just as much as I wanted to be.

But one thing I can say, my expectations were far exceeded. It was a first class experience that I will never forget. Samantha I will never forget and her art of pampering me the way I need it to take me away from everyday life with it.

Oh dear S... My circulation sinks away all at once and heat rises in me. The disaster par excellence. Since when does my wife look at my statements? How does she know who the recipient is? Heavens, does she want a divorce? I love her, after all. But she just can't fulfill my deepest, darkest desires. She's a vanilla. I swallow hard and look up at her.

Three weeks later, I am once again sitting at my desk in the evening, working, while my thoughts often wander to Samantha and my hot, crazy and unbelievable experiences with her, my office door opens. Julia comes in and puts a piece of paper on my keyboard.

The credit card statement.

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Her expression makes me wonder. I read a little sadness in her gaze, but also a deeply hidden fire that I have never seen before. A thousand thoughts run through my head, but no question or justification comes out of my mouth.

Julia pulls her smartphone out of her pocket. Does she want to call our lawyer to let him know about our divorce? She flips through a few pages and holds the screen out to me.

My heart drops until I realize what I see there. The statement from her credit card. This recipient ... So that's how she knows. The penny drops. She also had ...

As I look up, a magical smile slides across Julia's beautiful face. She takes her cell phone and goes to the door, but turns around again. "A dominatrix, right?"
I nod, but have no spit to speak. This can't be ... We have all these years ... My wife wants ....
"I knew it. I'm booking us one at BB next weekend, so clear your schedule."


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