So she gets her money's worth during foreplay

Discover the art of foreplay: More intensity and pleasure in your love life. Learn to increase your partner's desire with erogenous zones and dirty talk


by Bell Bennett

8 minutes read

So she gets her money's worth during foreplay

Foreplay is well known and unfortunately often underestimated. Especially when one of the partners is already really hot, some people prefer to get down to business quickly and directly. But foreplay is what makes sex really interesting and intensifies the experience: by delaying the act, women's pleasure increases immeasurably. In fact, sex with long foreplay can literally drive a woman crazy sexually. And seeing your partner very aroused and eager to meet you additionally boosts her own desire. Erotic foreplay, a little dirty talk and the right know-how will give you wonderful sex that you will never forget.

By the way: “He doesn't want foreplay” is one of the most googled statements on this topic. This shows you how important foreplay is to the ladies before sex – and as the saying goes: Happy Wife, happy (Sex-)Life. Do we have your attention? 

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Dirty talk as an introduction to foreplay

Of course, proper foreplay doesn't have to be a silent affair. A little dirty talk really heats up the mood during foreplay with women. Of course, the intensity of the talk can increase slowly, just as the desire increases. So start gently and breathe, for example, “I want you” into her ear. When you're really into it, you can moan louder or let out a “I'm going to fuck you hard”. When it comes to dirty talk, the rule is: anything goes, nothing has to. But when it gets really vulgar, the woman's desire should have already increased. In general, foreplay has been proven to be more of a head thing for her. The point here is that the woman can relax and let herself go, and until that happens, it sometimes takes a little time. 

Learn more about dirty talk here Saying the woman's name over and over again is just as good a tactic as telling her what exactly you have in mind for her. In this way, you can talk a woman into ecstasy without even having laid a hand on her. If the current position allows it, look the woman in the eye while speaking. This strengthens the bond you have at that moment. Dirty talk can do more than just create sexual tension, however. Did you know, for example, that thanks to dirty talk and foreplay many discussions in everyday life can be avoided? The partner is demonstrably more balanced and less irritable.

These body parts are particularly erogenous

Having perfect foreplay is not that easy. After all, everyone ticks differently and not every woman loves the famous nibble on the earlobe. Nevertheless, there are some buttons you can almost always press to get where you want to go. It is due to the human anatomy that nerve endings converge in certain parts of the body. This in turn favours the sensitivity of the corresponding spot and usually triggers pleasure. In case of doubt, of course, any foreplay idea can simply be tried out once. If your partner doesn't like what you are doing, she will certainly let you know. So don't be shy about foreplay for her! A couple during foreplay

  • The neck

A woman's neck is very sensitive – especially at the nape. A delicate touch, gentle kisses or the use of the tongue can work wonders in this area.

  • The ears

Not only the earlobes, but also the rest of the ears and the surrounding areas, are sensitive areas. Nibbling and whispering hot words make women hot. But beware: no one likes a wet tongue in the ear, and saliva should generally be used sparingly in this area. 

How to seduce women particularly well

  • The breasts and nipples

It is common knowledge that a woman's breasts and especially her nipples are secondary sexual characteristics. Gentle caresses and light sucking or massaging make foreplay really interesting for women.

  • The mouth

When kissing, not only the tongue can be stimulated, but also a woman's lips are happy about a little attention. The skin of the lips is very thin and reacts positively to tongue play or light sucking. Lovingly nibbling on the lips also leads quickly from foreplay to sex.

  • The inner thighs

Stroking the inner thighs can drive women crazy! In particular, slowly working your way up to the vagina is extremely arousing and puts them in an excited state of anticipation.

  • The vulva

The vulva is the outer area of the vagina, which is much more erogenous than the inside, which is incidentally called the vagina. There are a lot of nerve endings in the vulva that are just waiting to be kissed, caressed or licked. So this is where things can get really wet. The clitoris, labia and perineal area are particularly sensitive. Even during the act, the stimulation does not have to be interrupted here – so your chosen one is guaranteed to come… 

  • The insides of the arms

Furthermore, tender foreplay can begin on the insides of the arms. You can caress or kiss from the wrist upwards to the upper arms.

  • The hips and the belly

Who doesn't remember the sexy commercials for beer from the 90s? The lady asking in a French accent for “The beer that tingled so nicely in my belly button” is almost cult. While a device was used here, clearly the slurping of a drink from her belly button seems to have been responsible for the lady's arousal. Surely, your tongue can provide similar pleasure. Some women also love gentle stroking and playing around the hip region.

Tips for foreplay

How is a woman guaranteed to come? This is a topic that not only concerns you, but the entire male world. Since you have already read a lot about a woman's erogenous zones, we will improve your know-how a little with various foreplay tips. First of all, you should know that foreplay with a woman can be a little protracted. Take your time and start foreplay slowly. Although sometimes it can't go fast enough, a leisurely start will take your arousal to the next level! In fact, foreplay before sex is actually already part of the act and should be considered like a good appetizer. Sexually arousing the woman – this should not only give her pleasure, but also boost your anticipation for the main course. And as we all know, anticipation is the best joy. So enjoy the foreplay during sex and forget all haste.

A little romance is rarely wrong and makes sexual foreplay something special for the woman. The combination of touching and describing these very actions further enhances the feeling.  Of course, a certain level of hygiene is also important. Male sweat has a stimulating effect on women in moderation, but in masses body odour is not necessarily conducive to the project. However, intimate hygiene is even more important, because women perceive odours more intensively than men. Routine should also be avoided, because women's foreplay is nicer when they surprise you.

Foreplay in the shower

Practise the foreplay

Did you get really hot just reading this? No wonder because sex is primarily a matter of the mind for men too. If the correct partner is missing, or you simply want to improve your foreplay skills, an escort lady is recommended. Our escort service BB Escort has ladies who know exactly what they are doing and are also experienced in foreplay. Are you unsure or inexperienced in the subject of foreplay woman? That doesn't matter because here you can let off steam, leave the foreplay to women or, true to the motto practice makes perfect (sex), at least let yourself be guided. By the way: Some foods have an aphrodisiac effect on the female sex. If you want to really arouse a woman, why not serve her truffles, oysters or champagne? Equally effective on a woman's desire are dishes with cinnamon or ginseng. A small appetizer (in the literal sense) and a nice evening are like prolonged foreplay. By the way, you can also drink the champagne from her belly button in the style of the 90s... 


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