Check-in to the escort date: How the hotel booking works

Since most escort dates take place in hotels, it is important to know how a hotel booking with an escort lady works and how best to check in


by Bell Bennett

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Check-in to the escort date: How the hotel booking works

The hotel room provides the stage for your erotic experience in a class of its own. However, when booking an escort, questions arise that do not arise during a business trip: Do you have to check in together? Does the escort have to be registered as a guest? We answer your most frequently asked questions about the escort date in the hotel and support you with useful tips from practice. 

To our escort ladies

The booking

Usually, the guest books the hotel room. This way you can decide which ambience suits you and, if necessary, tailor the escort date to your business trip.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend hotels with at least four stars, but there are many hotel chains that offer a higher standard at 3-star level.

Most hotels have a spacious double bed in every room. So you can rent a single room with peace of mind as long as there is a king-size bed in it.

Check beforehand how the room is equipped - there are actually hotels that still have a 90-centimetre bed in some single rooms. If you want to be on the safe side, simply book a double room. If you have booked your escort for several days, this is also the better option.


Some escort clients let the escort book the hotel room. In this case, you transfer the hotel costs in advance to the agency, which books a hotel in the lady's name. However, for liability reasons, you must check out with or before the lady and cannot use the room privately afterwards.

Minimum booking period and travel costs

The check-in

If you have booked the room in your name, it is best to plan a little buffer before the agreed date at the hotel.

This way you can check in at your leisure and familiarise yourself with the room. If the reception desk has any questions, tell them that you have booked a double room for single use.

Experience shows that the staff at the reception are more relaxed than the booking hotline at the hotel. It is extremely rare that you have to answer follow-up questions to the staff.

You can mention that you are expecting another guest later - that should not be a problem. You do not have to inform anyone about the nature of your date. Once in the room, you can freshen up briefly.

If you have not already done so, you should now inform the escort agency about the room number so that your companion can also find you. 

The escort lady wishes to remain anonymous and will therefore usually not check in officially. Therefore, you cannot leave the keycard at the reception in case you need it to use the lift. The escort lady works with her stage name. If she is asked for the ID at the reception in order to be given the room card, there would be a problem. 

Using a hotel room with an escort lady

The meeting

To avoid the problem with the room card, we recommend a meeting point in the lobby or in front of the hotel. In public traffic, it is hardly noticeable if you are looking for your date. It is also not uncommon to find someone sitting at the bar waiting for a date. If you are travelling on business, an external restaurant is a good place to meet - this way you reduce the risk of bumping into a colleague in the lobby.

When booking, you can ask the escort agency to call you about 5 minutes before the lady arrives. This will save you the nervous waiting time and you won't have to stand on your feet in case of small delays. And then the time has come: the sliding doors open and your chosen beauty greets you with a little kiss. If you would like a discreet greeting, you can make a note of this when booking - then it will be just a charming smile. 

What is a home visit ?

Hotel booking is so relaxed

The hotel date is the standard scenario in the escort world. The escort ladies are used to floating elegantly through lobbies and asking for the lift with a smile. You don't have to worry about awkward situations arising: discretion is a high asset in any self-respecting hotel. Most worries are unfounded in practice. If you are unsure which hotel is suitable for your sensual adventure, we will be happy to advise you on your booking. As an escort agency with many years of experience, we know the best addresses in every city that shine with discreet staff and excellent facilities. A date can never be completely anonymous. However, we are happy to support and advise you if you have special requirements regarding discretion and privacy. 

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