7 Ways to Make Money Fast Without Sex

There are many ways to earn money, especially with sex you can earn a lot of money in a short time. But there are also a few ways without sex.


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

7 Ways to Make Money Fast Without Sex

The job as an escort is certainly one of the fastest ways to earn a lot of money in a short time. But it is by far not the only option. We are often asked if you really have to have sex to earn money as an escort. The answer: yes. Because the vast majority of our guests book the escort, including sex. It is not possible to get a foothold in this job without offering erotic services.

But don't worry: there are many jobs in the erotic field where you don't have to get intimate with strange men. If you're open to the idea, there are many other ways to earn money without sex. We have collected 7 methods for you – maybe your new extra income is among them!

Well-paid side jobs

1. Work as a webcam girl

In the exhausting Corona era, many escorts have discovered the world of webcam eroticism for themselves. This has triggered a real boom. Many men have also discovered the advantages of online eroticism.

As a webcam girl, you sit at home in front of your PC and entertain your viewers. You can undress in front of the webcam, masturbate, share your erotic thoughts or simply have a good time. As a rule, you do not see your viewers. However, they can pay you for a private chat where they have you all to themselves. 

You earn your money with these private shows or by charging per guest and per minute. There are many reputable portals that offer camgirl jobs.

The job as an escort suits you better?

You can earn a lot of money quickly with OnlyFans

2. Earn money with OnlyFans

OnlyFans is currently the talk of the town. It's basically a social media platform where your followers have to pay money to see your content. Unlike Instagram, you can show everything you have here. In order to earn money with OnlyFans, you first need a community that pays for access. That means: you have to advertise hard! Most successful models on OnlyFans are very active and offer unique and individual pictures and videos. Creativity is expressly desired!

Learn more about OnlyFans

3. Shoot your own porn

In the past, an aspiring porn actress had to find a studio and negotiate a contract. Today, it's up to you: as an amateur porn actress, you can upload and sell your self-made porn clips on special platforms.

The earnings of a porn actress depend on many factors. In the professional scene, you have to share the revenue with many people: Camera crew, shooting partners, set design, direction, editing, technology, ... As a lone performer, only a share goes to the sales platform, the rest of the money you get paid.

However, the production quality plays an important role in the turnover. This is true for all three online jobs to earn money without sex. Whether you're a camgirl, OnlyFans creator or porn amateur, you need a good camera, expensive lighting equipment, editing programmes and a certain amount of know-how in how to use them. Viewers expect good picture and sound quality. Can you offer them that?

Earn money with your own porn

4. Phone sex as a side job

Good old phone sex is a wonderful side job for those who don't want to offer sex meetings. But good sex starts in the mind! Only with your voice and your fantasy you make your callers happy.

The phone sex hotline job works easily from home. You don't have to give out your private phone number. As a rule, you work for an agency that puts you in touch with callers.

The phone calls last between five and 30 minutes, in exceptional cases longer. You talk to the caller and ask about his or her erotic fantasies. You then elaborate on them and amplify their mental cinema with your sexy voice. Perfect if you are a housewife with a lot of time on your hands and want to earn money without sex.

5. Sell worn underwear

Panties, socks, stockings, bras, yoga pants: your worn lingerie is sure to find a lover quickly. Buyers love the scent and the feeling of owning something of a beautiful woman.

The sale of worn lingerie works – like almost all erotic side jobs – via an online platform. There you can auction off worn clothes or sell them for a fixed price. Some customers have special requests such as special garments, wear marks or a particularly intensive scenting.

The earnings are nowhere near as high as with an escort date. But you literally do the job on the side.

Earn a lot of money with worn underwear

6. Text anonymously in sex chat

Many flirting or dating sites pay men and women to chat with their love-struck clients. This ranges from normal conversations to dirty talk. You get paid per message and remain completely anonymous. The customer sees a completely different profile in front of him.

However, you have to know and accept that the people on the other side of the screen have hopes of really getting to know you. So, you have to play something for the men. Whether you can reconcile this with your conscience is something you have to decide for yourself.

7. Erotic dancer and stripper

Stripping is a lucrative job if you are athletic and can move well. You dance on the pole or offer private lap dances – of course in skimpy clothes and fancy make-up. There are many agencies on the internet that provide strippers. You can work traditionally in strip clubs, but you can also dance in discos or at bachelor clubs.

Why not earn money quickly as a stripper?

Earning money fast without sex: What is the right way for you?

So, you see: there are alternatives to the job as an escort. But there is no magic way to earn money quickly without any effort. You need the right technique, a lot of discipline and initiative to make these jobs work for you. And even then, a high income is not guaranteed. What you earn depends on many factors, some of which are beyond your control.

In our experience, working as an escort is one of the most lucrative and stable jobs in the adult industry. Your escort fee per hour is considerably higher than in other jobs and does not depend on luck or bad luck. In addition, you meet the gentlemen at eye level and therefore often more sophisticated than with other offers.

Do you want to turn your interest in sex into cash? Then there is hardly a better way than applying as an escort. Don't worry: you don't have to be a top model to earn good money. If you feel comfortable in your own skin and radiate a natural charm, this has a magnetic effect on many men. We'll be happy to help you take your first steps.

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