The choice of agency determines your happiness and your earnings!

Would you like to know how to find the right and reputable escort agency for you? We gave you tips on how to find the right agency!


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

The choice of agency determines your happiness and your earnings!

How do I find the right escort agency? A question that many women like you often ask them at the beginning of their career as an escort. In theory, it is not witchcraft to open an escort agency. Interviewing a few nice ladies and adding them to your file as well as setting up a telephone exchange in your home office are already enough according to some people. But what about successfully arranging worthwhile meetings? And more importantly, who takes care of it when there are communication problems or even trouble with a client? Probably no one! So the escort lady loses out because she loses nerves, time, and money. You would certainly like to save yourself such experiences – but what is the best way to go about it? 

With us you are exactly right

Experience and presence

Well, an established agency that has been successful on the market for several years should definitely have a certain internet presence. After all, if you can't find them in your research on the web, how are interested clients supposed to become aware of them? In any case, your potential future contract broker should have his own website. A serious online presence with appropriate contact information also promises a large customer base and thus regular orders. And that's what you're looking for, isn't it? That's why you should start your search in front of your PC. Simply enter your place of residence or the next larger city and the term escort. You will get a list of escort agencies in your area. In large cities, there will certainly be many. You should concentrate on the first five to ten hits, as these are probably the most successful agencies. 

We arranges over 800 dates per month - apply now! Our tip: Combine several terms with the city name, e.g., escort Hamburg, erotic service Hamburg, etc. Agencies that are displayed for several search queries are also displayed most frequently to interested guests. The better your Google ranking, the more dates you are sure to get – and thus a very interesting income.

Research and compare

Let's stay with the example of Munich: You may well be shown 30, 40 or even more agencies in Munich. And of course, it is unrealistic to compare them all. After all, you want to start working at some point and not spend years doing studies. We recommend that you only look at the providers on the first page of the results display because this is where the top agencies are. Now take a close look at three to a maximum of five of them. Some very important criteria are:

How long has the agency been in existence?

Reputable escort agencies stay on the market for a long time and have good visibility

Has the agency been established in your city for a long time, or has this branch only been around for a short time? If a company has been established in a place for quite some time, it probably already has numerous escort ladies in its file. On one hand, this means that it is probably a really serious agency where the ladies feel they are in good hands. On the other hand, there is of course already a lot of competition and you as a newcomer might have a harder time. But even if you see many photos of ladies on an agency page, you are not automatically out of the running. Many ladies in the portfolio also means that this agency has many clients. And since a lady can of course only be with one (regular) client at a time, there are often requests for meetings with agencies. So, every reputable agency is interested in having several ladies in its address book who correspond to frequent requests. Even if you have special optical features or rather rare preferences, your chances with big escort agencies are good. 

The photos displayed on the page

Furthermore, look at the photo gallery of your chosen agencies and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they professional and appealing photos of the ladies in appealing surroundings? 
  • Do you see mostly selfies taken in poor lighting in the kitchen or bathroom? 
  • Is it a really serious company with pleasant clients? 

You can also deduce this from the presentation of the escorts on the website. Just test it yourself: Would you want to meet one or the other lady on the homepage or rather not? If you can answer this question with yes, there is probably nothing against the agency. 

To the ladies' photos

If the photos look unprofessional, it may be that the agency is dubious

FAQ and fee

Next, you should browse through the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Common questions that clients typically ask before the first assignment are answered here by the agency management itself. This gives you a good insight into how the agency works. 

Of course, it is also important to find out how long the dates with clients last on average. Equally relevant is the payment at the agency of your choice. As a rule of thumb, you can use the following values: The minimum duration for meetings with clients should be two hours or more, and the fee per hour should definitely not be less than 200 euros.

About the fee at BB Escort

Decide and apply

Have you found an agency that suits you and makes a perfect impression on you? Well, then go ahead and apply right away. Some companies, which often work nationwide or even internationally, even offer the possibility of applying on their homepage. Even if this is not the case, we recommend you apply online. You should remain authentic and, above all, provide honest information. Of course, the photo, or photos, are particularly important here. Of course, your face is very important, but also your stature, i.e., your physique, should be immediately visible to the agency's management. Pictures in figure-hugging clothing, for example a sexy sports outfit or a mini-dress, are recommended. You should refrain from taking nude pictures, and especially from using image editing tools and filters. Such shenanigans would be discovered at the latest at the personal casting with the agency and would significantly reduce your chances of being accepted. By the way, be careful if an agency specifically asks for nude photos: this is generally not desired in reputable companies and thus a clear indication of a rather dubious establishment. In such a case, you should definitely “Hands off!” and rather look for another provider immediately.

We hope that these tips will make it a little easier for you to find an agency, and we keep our fingers crossed that you will rock your audition!

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