Getting wet - what to do in case of vaginal dryness?

Discover top tips for better lubrication: Understand why dryness occurs and find effective ways to enhance your intimate moments


by Bell Bennett

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Getting wet - what to do in case of vaginal dryness?

First of all, we would like to tell you that it is completely normal and in no way a reason to worry if you do not get (properly) wet! There are several reasons why women sometimes can't produce any or enough natural lubricant. If it has never happened to you that you did not get wet (enough), you are definitely one of the exceptions. We've done a little research on what can cause a dry vagina and what you can do about it. If you occasionally ask yourself the question: “How do I get wet?”, our little guide is just what you need. And let's get this straight: there are many things you can do!

The arousal of the woman - what makes the vagina wet?

The so-called Bartholinian and Schenkerian glands are responsible for the natural lubrication of the vagina. They produce a clear vaginal secretion responding to sexual arousal, which has a variety of tasks. First, it ensures a moist vagina, or more precisely, a moist clitoris and vulva. The most obvious job of this secretion is to facilitate the penetration of the erect member. Furthermore, it contains pheromones, which can increase the woman's attraction to the man. And secondly, it is an important transport aid in pregnancy desires. This is because the vaginal mucus helps the male sperm to progress on its way to the egg.

Differences in vaginal secretions

While the female cycle, the odour, consistency, taste and occasionally the colour of the body's own lubrication change. The viscosity of the vaginal secretion, for example, can be used to determine whether a woman is ready to conceive or not.

The big change during menopause

There is also a hormonal change that takes place throughout life. The closer women get to menopause, the more often they notice a dry vagina. This is completely normal as the natural reproductive cycle nears its end. From a purely physical point of view, sexual intercourse would no longer be necessary from this point on. However, this is very theoretical because fortunately the vast majority of women continue to have a desire for sexual intercourse even after the climacteric. However, even if there is no lack of desire, the change in hormones often causes problems. The lack of estrogen that occurs during the climacteric is responsible for this. In fact, the reduction in secretion production during or after menopause is the most common reason why women do not get wet. A quick remedy here is usually the intake or external application of oestrogens in the form of creams.

Older woman who no longer gets wet during sex

Causes of vaginal dryness

There are many triggers for vaginal dryness. On the one hand, a dry vagina can be the consequence of a disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure, a fungal infection or inflammation in the genital area. So if you regularly or permanently have to deal with vaginal dryness, there is no way around the gynaecologist. The same applies to other unpleasant symptoms such as burning, itching and painful sex. Here you really don't need to be shy because specialists are well aware of how widespread lack of lubrication is and what its origin might be. Stress, anxiety, and depression can also be reasons why the vagina remains dry. If a woman cannot switch off properly and/or is under a lot of pressure, the secretion glands will also not function normally. In general, if all the previous points can be excluded, a lack of sexual arousal is almost always responsible for vaginal dryness. After all, women are not machines and sex does not work at the push of a button. Also, taking various medications and birth control pills can cause women to not get properly wet. Those who have to take pills regularly should therefore check with their family doctor or gynaecologist to see if there are less impairing alternatives.

There is a wide range of solutions

Lubricants, in all sorts of colours and flavours, are probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a dry vagina. In fact, it is a good option, but with a small drawback: if you like to enjoy long sex, you will probably have to apply new lubricant more often. This is because with body heat, it dries out over time and becomes dull. Another disadvantage: If a woman has now used too much lubricant, it “slips” enormously and the actual act can become a challenge for the man.

Meanwhile, there are some over-the-counter wet creams available in pharmacies and drug stores. Remifemin, Vagisan, KadeFungin lubricant and similar products are hormone-free, care for the vagina and replace natural lubrication. Many women also like to use baby oil, which also works very well. However, both vaginal creams and baby oil are not particularly recommendable in terms of taste! Coconut oil offers a good alternative here. As a natural lubricant, it can be used for all sex variations without any problems. Stored in the refrigerator, coconut oil becomes firm enough to form a small ball and insert it into the vagina like a tampon. Properly placed, the coconut bead melts and lays on the mucous membranes like a coat. Coconut oil not only has good, long-lasting lubricating properties, it also cares for the sensitive skin in the intimate area and additionally prevents fungal infections.

Lubricant and Co... what an escort lady should always have with her

Lubricant that helps with vaginal dryness

Home remedies for the elimination of vaginal dryness

Unfortunately, vaginal dryness is still considered a taboo subject even in the 21st century. Nevertheless, women have been able to help themselves with various home remedies for many generations. In addition to the already mentioned coconut oil, olive oil or petroleum jelly are also among them. An essential tip is also the following: Stay away from intimate washing lotions. These alter the sensitive vaginal environment and upset the pH value of the skin. Ten-minute baths in lukewarm vinegar water or tampons soaked in natural yogurt usually regulate the pH value after a few applications.

7 tips for getting wet

You're probably familiar with this: at the beginning of a relationship, the sexual tension is almost unbearable. You would love to jump into bed with your partner five times a day! — Most women are literally wet all the time during this phase. But only very few couples can keep their libido at this level in the long term. After a few months, a (monotonous) everyday life often returns. Your partner and you now concentrate more on your job, the family, or the household. Love is neglected and sex also takes a back seat. However, the less often we have sex, the more often we have difficulties getting wet. If you want to change this, take a look at our seven tips now — you're sure to find a way to get rid of your vaginal dryness.

1. You are desirable!

Especially the ladies tend to constantly find something wrong with themselves. Why actually? Basically, we know that every woman is beautiful in her own way. So- free yourself from the thought that you are not sexy (enough). You have a partner who obviously loves you the way YOU are! Throw your doubts overboard, with the help of yoga, affirmations or meditation. And if nothing else helps, take a look around the supermarket: compare yourself objectively with others. Well, do you already notice how desirable you are?

2. Tell him the facts!

Admittedly, some men don't put much effort into bed. If you don't get wet because you're facing an unimaginative bog-standard number, you should communicate that quite clearly. First of all, your partner will probably even be grateful to you to finally know where and how he should touch you. After all, it's a sign of his skills as a lover when you get nice and wet. Second, you can fully concentrate on yourself and feel how good it does to you. And third, to put it casually, as soon as he pushes the right buttons, you'll get wet too.

3. Sexy Sexy

Don't you feel the same way — when you wear a new dress or seductive underwear, you move in a completely different way. At some point, it's just a matter of dressing up, and you can make the most of that to get wet. Even getting dressed is a pleasure because you see yourself with different eyes — and your partner sees and feels it too. When we feel sexy ourselves and radiate that with our heads held high, it makes us irresistible! We are not the only ones who say this in fact, this fact has been scientifically proven for a long time. It doesn't matter if it's smaller, older or chubbier women — if they radiate sex appeal, they get attention. And that increases libido immensely.

An escort lady who does not have problems with vaginal dryness

4. Togetherness

The more often we are physically close to our partner, the more togetherness and desire is created. Just snuggle up to him, take a shower together, or take turns pampering each other with a massage. Physicality not only creates trust and closeness, but also a sense of intimacy. Touching stimulates the release of hormones in such a way that you no longer have to think about not getting wet.

5. A little flirt…

And while you're in the supermarket, how about a little flirt? An attractive man is certainly nearby… A nice exchange of words, paired with hot looks do well, increase self-confidence and turn on. With this sexy feeling, you may then go home and nibble your man.

6. Head cinema on!

You know where good sex starts?

Exactly- in the head!

Do you still have so much to do? Your thighs don't look so great in wintery pale white? Forget all that and think about something really hot! Surely, you have a sex fantasy that you have never tried? Or have you ever had the ultimate good sex, and remember it like it was yesterday?

Perfect. Run those images in your mind's eye! In the tub or on a park bench in the sun, you can indulge in your exciting mind game especially well. Very many women are helped by their sex dreams to get wet.

7. A backup makes you more relaxed

Even if you don't get wet with the tips mentioned above, you shouldn't call off sex right away! After all, there are some alternatives. For example, pleasuring your partner is satisfying and a turn-on! Some women get wet during the blowjob or the massage of his best piece — and so it goes in the second round “properly” to the point. And if non- also no problem, sex is not a sport and there is no pressure to perform.

Of course, a woman can be more relaxed if she has a bottle of oil or lubricant within reach. Basically, you should try not to think about the fact that you might not be able to get wet. However, if you notice that it's not really working, you can reach for the bottle or tube as a matter of course and give it a little help. You will see that it is not an issue at all. Your partner won't mind, and you certainly won't either.

Too wet - that also exists!

Although most women tend to suffer from vaginal dryness, the opposite also exists. Some women are so easily aroused that they become extremely wet. This leads to the fact that they hardly feel the penis during penetration. The man will also have a hard time reaching orgasm due to the lack of friction. Here, intervention would only be possible by taking hormones. Since these in turn could trigger other, undesirable effects, we advise women who become ultra-wet to rather use pelvic floor training. The targeted tightening and loosening of the vaginal muscles increases the sensitivity of the vagina and also the irritation of the member. This way, you'll have a lot of fun in bed, even with very heavy secretions.

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