How does an escort date work?

Discover the world of escorting: Learn how escort dates work and how they can serve as an exciting side income or main job


by Bell Bennett

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How does an escort date work?

Many women wonder if working as an escort lady could be interesting for them. After all, the job would also bring in a nice extra income. But is escorting men for money even suitable as a main job? And what actually happens on such an escort date? How do escort ladies prepare, and how do they feel about these dates? We have collected a lot of information to give interested women and applicants the best possible picture. If you are also considering whether escort services could be just the right thing for you, you will find everything you need to know here!

The Escort Agency

The agency is there to support the ladies before, during and after your date. It arranges dates between the escort ladies and the guests and is responsible for advertising and the sedcard design on its homepage. The guests only contact the agency and the agency then contacts the escort ladies, there is no exchange between client and escort lady before the date. The escort agency undertakes the security check or the room check for you with every booking. That means, if you have a date in a hotel, the guest sends the room number of the hotel and the agency will check if the information is correct shortly before the date. In the case of a home visit, the agency will also check whether the guest is at home by calling the landline telephone.

In addition, a proof of address in the form of an identity card of the guest or a bill of the guest with his name is required beforehand. In this way, the agency offers the lady the greatest possible security. Furthermore, escort agencies often have regular clients who have already booked with the agency and are known. Here the agency already knows what preferences and ideas the gentleman has of his date and can pass on some information about the client to the lady. An escort agency is not an employer. The escort ladies all work on a self-employed basis, whether full-time or part-time is up to the lady. The agency clearly sees itself as a mediator between the client and the escort lady. Furthermore, it is important to a trustworthy agency that clients and escorts feel equally comfortable during the dates.

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The choice of the lady

With the escort service, everything focuses on the booking gentlemen, in other words: the customer is king. He will discreetly contact the agency of his choice and state his ideas for a date. The agency then presents the profiles of a few ladies who match the client's wishes. He thus has a choice of ladies who match his ideas, and the escort agency will then contact the lady or ladies. Of course, an escort lady can refuse a date if she does not have time herself at the requested time or if she does not match the preferences of the client. However, through an agency, this case is usually excluded because you only receive requests that match your type and your preferences. Some escorts have several regular customers and are gladly recommended by them. Of course, this makes the ladies pleased because such a recommendation not only gives their self-confidence an enormous boost, but also ensures a regular income.

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The date

How a date proceeds exactly depends, of course, on several factors. First, the gentleman's request is decisive: Does he only have two hours and is asking for a sexual adventure? Is it a business dinner where the evening can end on a sexy note? Or is the client rather looking for weekend entertainment while on business in a foreign city?

These are just a few of many possible scenarios. No matter which variant it is, it is always important that you are spontaneous and flexible. Because any kind of escort date also requires communication, style, and psychology.

Short dates: Two to three hours

For a booking of a few hours, there is usually no dinner planned. Here the client is clearly looking for relaxation and sexual activity. Nevertheless, there is usually a little chat beforehand and a toast with a glass of champagne. The surroundings are usually always very stylish because almost all escort dates take place in good to excellent hotels. Many escorts say that this makes them feel special. No wonder because let's be honest: Who can afford to stay in a 5-star hotel every few days? You should always dress appropriately for your surroundings, even if it's just for a few hours. In general, an escort lady always looks well groomed and is dressed discreetly to elegantly.

An escort lady dancing with her client

The whole evening: Four to seven hours

We would say that escorting for a full evening is probably the most common type of request. So, you should be aware that in the future you are looking forward to business dinners, theatre evenings and erotic experiences in luxurious surroundings. Bye bye television — hello new lifestyle! For a full evening booking, the gentleman usually expects the following from his escort: On the one hand, he would like to have an appealing, articulate lady by his side during a public occasion. Afterwards, he would like to move on to the private part in his room. Some businessmen are interested in not having to attend important business dinners or cocktail parties alone. For the escort lady, this means that she should display impeccable behaviour and, despite partying and having fun, not get needlessly drunk and always adhere to good etiquette.

Overnight stay included: Twelve to sixteen

With an overnight escort, it is obvious that the client is looking for physical love in addition to pleasant company and nice conversation. Such dates can look extremely diverse, but they almost always start with the entertainment part. Of course, if you already have regular clients who you know well and find very likeable, you might go straight to the room and have a good time afterwards. In the majority of cases, however, you will first dine together and chat a bit. Afterwards, you might have a drink at the hotel bar and then move on to the intimate part of the date. Some gentlemen also like to use the spa area to get closer and work up an appetite. Since you usually know such wishes in advance, you can also prepare yourself well, take a fancy bikini with you and put on waterproof make-up. Later, you will disappear to his room and make yourselves comfortable there. If the date lasts all night, you'll have plenty of time to try out whatever you feel like. This can be shared showers or baths, massages and anything in bed that you agree to. If your client is not rushing the next morning, you might treat him to a quickie. Later, you might go out for breakfast or to the gym before you say goodbye.

A luxury hotel where escort dates also take place

Sometimes things go quite differently ...

Many ladies who work as escorts like the great variety of their profession. With about 70-80% of the bookings, an agency that has been on the market for a long time can roughly estimate and predict how the date will go. But still, it can always be completely different than you think — and some requests are simply spectacular. Many business travellers want to go to the disco in the evening, to the Oktoberfest or take a cocktail tour of the city's greatest bars. Others are looking for an attractive, educated companion for a short holiday or an indulgent wellness weekend. Sometimes ladies are requested for a week on a yacht or for a short trip to the south of France. There are also occasional double dates when colleagues or friends are travelling together and would like to see the city or dine elegantly in female company. Afterwards, of course, each lady dedicates herself to both gentlemen. Occasionally, companies want to reward their most successful employees with a special evening or weekend. If you have such a client, your skills in psychology and flirting are especially in demand. Since the gentleman has usually not stated his wishes in advance, it is up to you to approach the evening with skill and finesse.

How experienced escort ladies see their work

Your clients are gentlemen through and through. They behave professionally, discreetly, politely and do not break any of the arranged rules. “Some of my regular clients I see more as 'friends with benefits` and I look forward to every single date with them,” says Valesca. Some clients are rather shy, others very worldly. We have great experiences when we interact with so many characters in a cultivated environment. “It's fun to be romanced and flirted with, and it feels good to know that as an escort, I have control over the situation,” says Denise. “I now move around social occasions as a matter of course and have learnt a lot!” she adds. “I never expected gentlemen to pay so well to spend time with me,” Sybill adds. And she has some valuable tips for newbies that she'd like to share with you and others:

“I have created a role for myself for my escort dates. As soon as I prepare for a date, slip into sexy lingerie and get ready, I transform into this role. This way I escape from my stressful everyday life and enjoy the adventure. Because I really enjoy sex, every date is a great and new experience for me and I never stop learning. I have my agency behind me, which knows my preferences and taboos exactly and only arranges dates with gentlemen whose interests match. But that's not even the decisive point, I think. The gentlemen don't just want sex, and on some dates we don't even go to the hotel room. Most want to switch off, feel embraced and validated — outside their stressful jobs. My clients treat me very courteously, are polite and charming. In return, it is my job to make them feel comfortable, to laugh with them or to have deep conversations with them and to fulfil their wishes.

I represent my clients, so when I accompany them to business events, it also enhances my reputation.

I would like to say the following about payment: Of course, the income varies depending on the region, the agency, and the service an escort offers. The price for the date is always agreed in advance with a reputable agency. If a date is extended spontaneously, you will, of course, get more money, and the clients know that. What you might have to get used to: The booking gentleman pays the escort lady, always at the beginning of a date. Usually, my clients discreetly hand me an envelope across the table after we have taken our seats in the restaurant. If one forgets because he has something to tell in a moment, I ask politely after a few minutes. "Do you mind doing the business part first?” Then they already know. Some of my colleagues excuse themselves briefly, go to the ladies' room and recount the money. I've never done that because most customers are happy to pay the agreed amount and often add a generous tip.

By the way, I recommend you to work under a synonym — some agencies even insist on it. This makes it easier for you to separate your everyday life and your escort job. It also ensures anonymity. In conclusion, I can say that I feel very comfortable in my role as a desirable escort lady. Men meet me at eye level, play by the rules and treat me like their mistress. I can afford many things through meetings with well-groomed gentlemen that I would never have dreamed of before.


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