Cash, direct debit, bank transfer or PayPal, how do you pay the escort agency?

How does an escort pay her agency, and what should escorts avoid? Find out more...


by Bell Bennett

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Cash, direct debit, bank transfer or PayPal, how do you pay the escort agency?

Many escort ladies who apply to an escort agency are not sure in advance how the contractual relationship with the selected agency should look like — whether they should be employed full-time by the escort agency as an escort. Whether they will be employed part-time on a 450 Euro basis as an escort by the selected agency or whether they will work independently and the agency will receive a corresponding commission for successfully arranging dates.

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Will I be paid as an escort by the escort agency?

Most escort ladies think that the agency gets the fee from the client and the respective agency only pays the escort lady a salary. This is of course not the case — because we as an escort agency do not hire the escort ladies and accordingly do not pay the model a salary. We are only intermediaries between the self-employed escort lady and the client.

As an escort lady, do I have to pay the agency?

Since we as an escort agency only act as an intermediary, we receive a commission from you for the dates that we successfully coordinate. If you do not have any dates arranged by us, you will not have earned anything through our agency. Conversely, if you don't earn anything, we as an agency don't earn anything either! You only pay a commission for the dates you arrange.

As an escort lady you pay 30 - 40% commission to the agency

How much does the escort lady have to pay to the respective escort agency?

The fee of a lady is on average between 500 and 1000 Euros for 2 hours. The agency commission is usually between 30-40% of the lady's fee. This means that if you receive €700 from your respective guest for 2 hours, you will be left with an average of between €450 to €500. The travel costs that you receive from your client always go completely to your hands. You can keep 100% of this income and do not have to give any of it to the agency. However, there are also agencies that charge higher commissions. In this case, you should always contact the agency in advance and ask them to calculate what you will receive in the end.

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How does the escort agency get its money from the lady?

Since you are not employed as an escort lady, you must always receive an invoice from the agency in advance for the amount you have to pay. Without receiving a corresponding invoice in advance, you should never pay to an agency. The best thing to do is to make a bank transfer so that you have proof of the payment you have made to the agency. An absolute NO-GO is: Do not make any payment by post. This means that you should never send money by post. If you meet with the agency regularly and give the agency the money in cash at one of these meetings, you should always insist on an invoice and, in such a case, have your cash payment receipted again.

Do I pay the escort agency as an escort lady in cash?

Will I have to pay any further costs to the escort agency?

With a reputable agency, you should not incur any further costs. Unreputable agencies, for example, take money for the creation of your setcard. You should not make any payments to an agency in advance.

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Pay the escort agency by bank transfer

The client has paid a deposit, how do I get my money?

The client has paid a deposit for a meeting (date) with you and has accordingly deposited a payment into the agency's trust account for said meeting with you. This deposit serves to ensure that in case of long journeys your meeting with the client will take place! But how do you get your money in a further step? Here it is basically possible that the agency transfers the money to you on the one hand, or if you wish, the agency can also offset this part of the money with your next invoice accordingly. The escort ladies usually like to do this because they usually have cash and always have to run to the bank to deposit money to settle their outstanding bills so that the outstanding bill to the escort agency can be settled.

How the client pays the escort lady

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