Cash, credit card, Paypal or vouchers - How can the escort client pay for an escort lady?

This is how the escort client pays the escort lady. Find out more about the right time and way to hand over money to enjoy your date in a relaxed manner


by Bell Bennett

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Cash, credit card, Paypal or vouchers - How can the escort client pay for an escort lady?

Many of you have probably already asked yourselves, when does an escort lady get paid at all? It is also of interest to many prospective escort ladies how the payment works and how they should behave when it comes to payment. Today we would like to tell you a bit more about the topic of payment, what are the do’s and what are the absolute don'ts relates to money.

The fee of an escort lady

Escort client pays the escort lady in cash, with money in an envelope

When to pay?

When booking the date, the guest will find out exactly how much he or she will have to pay for the time with his or her escort date, including all costs such as travel expenses and the honorarium. You will also be informed about the calculation of the travel costs.

The guest should always discreetly hand over the money in cash, preferably in an envelope, at the beginning of your date. Guests know this, and in most cases it works perfectly. If you meet the guest in the hotel room, there will be an envelope with the money and often a small gift for you. You can ask the guest if it is for you. Guests are aware that you want to count the money. Especially with large sums in small notes, it can actually happen that there is not enough money in the envelope. From experience, we can say: guests rarely pay too little. Most of the time, the ladies are happy to receive an extra tip.

What happens if the guest does not pay of his own initiative?

Imagine you are planning a wonderful date, you have been thinking about work all day and have been stressed out. Now you are sitting in the restaurant in the evening, excited and tense, waiting in anticipation for your date. Your head is spinning, asking yourself questions like: “What can I expect now?” “Will we get along?” “What if the date goes differently than I imagined?” Then finally you see your date! Your date smiles adorably at you, and At that moment, all your worries and questions are blown away. Your tension falls away and you start talking. And that's exactly what happens to the guests! It can happen in the heat of the moment that the gentleman forgets to pay you. Of course, after a few minutes, you can discreetly ask him about the payment. A very pleasant way, both for you and the guest, would be to tell him that you would prefer if you could do business first and then continue the conversation. Guests are only human too and can forget this in their excitement.

Escort client pays the escort lady at the beginning of the date, also in the restaurant

How do I get paid if the guest has paid a deposit?

What is a deposit, when, and why does a guest have to pay a deposit at all? This is a question that some prospective escort ladies are already asking themselves. If you have a very long journey to your date with a guest, then the guest should pay a deposit before your date. The deposit consists of your travel costs and 30% of your fee. A small example: Your travel costs are €100 and your fee for the booking is €1,200, so the guest pays a deposit of 460,- € to the agency's external bank account. Then, you receive the remaining 860,- € for your date in cash from the guest at the beginning of your date. The colleagues of BB Escort calculate the deposit of the guests and inform both the guest and you. This way, both know how much money still has to be paid by the guest at the beginning of the date. If the deposit has not been received by the time you are on your way to the date, the date will not take place. 

After the date, you have the following options:

  • 1. you get the complete deposit of the guest directly after the date credited to your account, or,
  • 2. you offset the deposit with the commission for the agency and receive the rest by bank transfer. Which of the two options you choose, is solely your decision. 

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Can the guest also pay the entire amount in advance to the agency?

Some guests want a date without any “business”. The date should simply be an informal meeting without a — usually very unerotic — handover of money. For some gentlemen, this handing over of money often stands between him and his date. Even if you meet in public, men are often uncomfortable handing you an envelope of money and feel awkward about it. Some dates also start in the middle of a role play, so handing over money beforehand would probably be inappropriate here too. Therefore, the gentlemen also have the option of paying for your entire date in advance via the agency. Here, too, you have the same options as with your deposit. Your fee, including travel costs, will be transferred to you in full, or part of it will be offset against the agency's commission and the remaining sum will be transferred to you. 

What you should never do!

If the guest doesn't have any money with him, which can happen due to the excitement and anticipation, then accompany the guest to fetch money. Use this time to get to know each other. Maybe you can combine this with a nice walk through the city, then go out for a delicious meal or treat yourselves to an ice cream in between. Going to the ATM doesn't have to be a silent, unpleasant, or even embarrassing experience. It becomes embarrassing when the guest goes off alone and doesn't show up again even hours later.

Never rely on the guest paying you afterwards. It is often the case that both you and the guest are completely overwhelmed by the past events. You had a great, usually very stimulating time together, maybe you are a little tired, these circumstances lead both you and the guest to block out the payment. A good drop of wine also often makes you forget things. So, please….please… think about your money at the beginning of your date.

Give the guest a chance to introduce him/herself and get over the initial excitement. If necessary, look around the hotel room first and ask politely for the money after 5-10 minutes. Jumping the gun and not letting the guest get a word in edgewise is very unprofessional, greedy and can cool the mood from hot to cold in seconds.

Escort client pays the escort lady and withdraws money

Last but not least...!

You have decided to work with an escort agency, then take advantage of it! The team at BB Escort is there to help you with any questions you may have about payment and will always be there to help you if anything is unclear. You have not chosen an escort agency for nothing. It is important to contact the agency by phone if you have any questions.

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