What is the best length for a date?

An escort can be booked for varying lengths of time. If you're booking companionship for the first time, it can be challenging to choose among the various...


by Bell Bennett

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What is the best length for a date?

An escort lady can be booked for different lengths of time. If you are booking an escort for the first time, it can be difficult to decide between the different options.

A standard date takes place over two, four or six hours.

You can already see from these time specifications that it can't be primarily about sex. And that's exactly how it is.

An escort date offers plenty of room for togetherness and human closeness, in addition to the intimacies that are not necessarily obligatory.

The planned time mainly refers to how much of it they can expect.

Ladies offer you these lengths for an escort date

A general idea about time

Generally speaking, longer dates offer plenty of time for a cosy retreat. In addition, you can ask yourself how quickly you warm up to strangers, because this is also an essential factor.

If you need some time to get involved with others, you would probably do well to plan a leisurely walk or an event together before allowing maximum intimacy.

However, those who enjoy meeting new people frequently will meet an equally open-minded counterpart and may well plan mainly for horizontal experiences.

The 2-hour date

Who is the 2-hour date suitable for?

A date over two hours is well suited for very sociable people. It is also suitable if you already know the escort lady from previous meetings. In addition, you can of course see the organizational factor: If they are on a business trip and have limited air between two business appointments, this is of course a perfect option. Especially since it is clear to both parties from the outset that they will retire to the hotel room relatively soon.

What role does sex play?

Sex is usually the main focus on these dates. The further scope for action is minimalistic. Nevertheless, two hours are enough for an additional joint action. The act can be preceded by a massage without haste. Perhaps a glass of wine should be drunk in a pleasant atmosphere, or you would like to shower together with your date afterwards.

What other actions are conceivable?

However, it will remain with an “or” if you don't want to keep looking at the clock to be able to keep to the times. Besides the actions in the room, short trips to the bar or the wellness area of the hotel are possible. A big dinner will be rather tight in terms of time, but is conceivable if Mann doesn't want more than a quickie.

Advantages of the 2-hour date

A short date still fits into the plan. The action is relatively direct without having to consider additional planning steps. The emotional side is kept within limits with such a short encounter. It is easier to maintain the necessary distance.

Disadvantages of the 2-hour date

An escort date lives on the illusion of a functioning human relationship. It is based on the full attention of the escort lady for her client. This is certainly less due to the personal connection that is less pronounced in a hurry. The focus is on physical facts, and both parties know that they do not have infinite time. So it can be that you feel a little rushed when the togetherness has developed very well, and you would actually have liked to have had a little more time together.

You want to have a 2-hour date with one ladie?

The 4-hour date

Different durations for escort dates

Who is the 4-hour date suitable for?

A four-hour date basically corresponds to a meeting between real couples in the getting-to-know-you phase. There is enough time to get to know each other, small events can be started together and extensive moments of togetherness can be enjoyed.

Four hours are probably a good time for people who are discovering the escort service for the first time. Questions can be asked and uncertainties can be cleared up.

This period is also great for people who already know their escort lady and know which actions they can tackle together with fun. For example, sex can be the hot end of a night at a concert together. What role does sex play?

In any case, the escort lady has enough time to see the client's needs and to sound out a little how she can effectively meet his wishes. Especially in bed, this often requires a second round, during which even insecure clients can open up a little more. Sex can be wonderfully framed by foreplay and after play, although it is preceded by some time in the bar and restaurant.

What other actions are conceivable?

The spectrum of joint actions outside the bed increases significantly on a four-hour date. You can relax and accept short journeys between the destination and the hotel and allow spontaneous side trips.

Advantages of the 4-hour date

The whole activity becomes much more spontaneous due to the extended time factor. If there are no big plans, you can go for a walk in the surrounding area and have a nightcap in the nearest bar, watch a film or relax in a spa bath without sacrificing time for sexual interactions.


Disadvantages of the 4-hour date

Those who prefer to feel rather than talk, and who otherwise tend to place little value on big social actions, might be embarrassed by so much time for conversation if the plan does not include any fixed action points besides sex.

The 6-hour date

Who is the 6-hour date suitable for?

The 6-hour date promises a lot of opportunities for social interaction. If you want to experience something with your date, plan to discover foreign cities or visit larger events together, this is the right choice.

What role does sex play?

Sex does not play a subordinate role here either, yet the focus is on interaction, on the feeling that someone sees one's needs and meets them.

A lot can be tried out. That's great, for example, if someone wants to indulge a previously suppressed inclination and requires some experimental space because they can't yet say what exactly they want.

In six hours you can also sleep away snuggled up together for 20 minutes. That, too, can give you a lot. On the whole, the date doesn't have to be very different from a conventional Tinder date followed by sex.

What other activities are conceivable?

In principle, all conceivable leisure activities are possible during this period. It should only be considered that travel costs time as well.

Advantages of a 6-hour date

The freedom to get completely involved with each other and to be able to experience all the pleasures of life together in a relaxed way one after the other – action and fun, good food, cosy wellness moments and repeated sex – speak very much in favour of booking a longer escort date.

Disadvantages of the 6-hour date

It usually gets late on such a date. If the meeting starts at 8 pm, the escort lady leaves at 2 am, and you are left alone without any objections.

If you still like to cuddle at night, you should seriously think about an overnight date.

Sensual date with s lovely ladie

Book the right lady

You would like to book an escort lady, but you are not quite sure how long your date should run, or even which lady you should choose? Our colleagues at BB-Escort will be happy to help you and support you in deciding the right lady for your wishes and needs. Would you like to have a cosy dinner? Then a longer date is better suited than taking the shortest option of 2 hours.

We are happy to assist

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