Escort ladies can earn between €500 per month and €20,000 per month

Discover the earning potential in the escort sector: Essential information for part-time and full-time roles – find out what you can earn as an escort lady


by Bell Bennett

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Escort ladies can earn between €500 per month and €20,000 per month

Everyone who starts a side job or even a main job wants to know "what can I earn by doing this?". Prospective escort ladies therefore are also rightly curious in this regard and would like to know the potential earning possibilities as an escort. That working as an escort belongs today for women to one of the most lucrative jobs, without the necessity of having to have studied for a long time beforehand and without being able to show a track record of professional experience for several years, is well known. However, escort beginners rarely have an actual or realistic figure in mind. Earnings starting from 5,000 euros up to 15,000 euros per month may sound in a first instance unrealistic but are often not uncommon!

5 points that play a role in the earnings of an escort lady!

1. Escort darlings

These are the three best prerequisites to be successful as an escort lady. In the escort field the demand for young educated female students is now a days very high. Nevertheless, despite many years of experience, even for professional escort agencies it is often not possible to predict the individual tastes of gentlemen. What women commonly understand as an ideal of beauty is not always what men are looking for or what corresponds to their respective ideal of beauty. Even though fact is that a lot of men are looking for, the nice student next door. Men very often do not want a professional prostitute who has already been working for several years as a full-time escort. In any case a lot of men are often looking for fun with young women with whom they can enjoy a carefree time. On the other hand, there is also a substantial demand for more mature women over the age of 35. These women usually appear to the gentleman who would like to have a good time with a woman of more or less the same age. With a woman who might only be a few years younger, with whom one does not stand out as much at events, at wellness weekends or at the company party, as one does with a 20-year-old escort lady in your arms. This can be seen as an additional evidence that it is also possible for more mature age groups to earn a considerable sum of money working as an escort lady.

The escort lady's place of residence plays a major role in her earnings

2. The place of residence of the escort lady

The place of residence of an escort lady plays a considerable role in how much money the escort model is able to earn. As an escort lady, you usually have dates with business clients who mostly have dates in big cities or cities with big and international companies. Thus, escort dates are mostly in big cities respectively the demand is highest in those cities. These cities we are referring to include for instance cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, etc. If a lady lives in one of these cities, the way to the date often is quite short. The client has the opportunity to meet the model for a comparably short time of 2 hours. The lady might also even be able to spontaneously accept a date for the same day. Thus, it is a serious advantage for a lady who live in such a big city. Therefore, subject ladies clearly have the opportunity of earning more money working as an escort lady.

I want that too!

3. Being able to speak foreign languages as escort lady

Many business clients who book an escort lady are international clients who are on a business trip in Germany Austria or Switzerland. Mostly these men speak English and cannot speak German or can only speak German very poorly. Therefore, dates are often only possible with escort ladies who are also able to speak English. A dinner with a person with whom you are not able to communicate is not what escort gentlemen are looking for. BB Escort does not only arrange dates with escort ladies in Germany, since many escort ladies are willing to travel worldwide, also men from other countries book ladies with BB Escort. The guests book the desired escort lady, who subsequentially travels to the guest in another country. Mostly these are gentlemen who have already met the lady in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and where the chemistry felt right in the past. A conclusion regarding this is: 20% of the escort gentlemen are English speaking. Thus, it is of considerable advantage if the escort lady is able to speak English. This can increases potential earnings working as an escort lady considerably.

Foreign languages are required to earn money as an escort lady

4. Having an own car

Having your own car guarantees higher earnings as an escort lady. If an escort lady has her own car or is in possession of a driver's license, it is easier for her to accept dates in more remote locations. Especially for dates that shall take place in smaller cities or for instance at the airport, it is a big advantage if the escort is mobile herself. If an escort lady does not have her own car and therefore is dependent on public transportation for example late at night, it is usually impossible for her to accept such a date after a certain time, because it will be very difficult for her to get back home afterwards. Therefore, not being mobile can reduce her earnings by a couple of hundred euros each month.

5. Flexibility and spontaneity

Business clients are usually only in town for a couple of days. Men have a tendency to plan their dates on relatively short notice. If a lady is not available during this time, it is not possible for the customer, who might only be in town for 1 or 2 nights to meet his originally selected lady at a different date. In such a case, gentlemen often switch to an alternative lady taking into consideration that it is not possible for them to adjust their schedule accordingly to have a date with the lady they originally desired. If escort girls are more flexible and might even be available 5 to 7 days a week in the evening, which does not necessarily mean that they also work 5 to 7 days a week. In any case this of course also increases for both sides the possibility of finding a suitable date.

Spontaneity to earn more as an escort
Can a lady occasionally also spontaneously accept a date with a customer, this of course also increases her chances on a date. Often men's business appointments are postponed and therefore the gentleman may spontaneously want an escort to join him for dinner or he might feel alone in his hotel in the evening. If a lady in such a case is spontaneous enough and can set up a date with a lead time of 3-4 hours, her bookings increase and therefore also the earnings of the lady.


Calculation on an example

Until now, however, we still do not have a concrete figure of how much an escort lady can earn. A basic requirement in order for a lady to earn a lot of money is that the agency of course must have enough customer requests. For an agency that has been on the market for a long time, this usually should be the case. A good evidence of this are the degree of professionalism of the pictures, the seriousness of the site and a mixed selection of ladies.

We try to calculate this with a plausible and simple example to make things more clear. BB Escort has been on the market for 10 years and is easy to find on Google. The lady Petra is 23 years old, 1.70 tall, has blonde long hair and a confection of 36. She is a student and tells the agency that she is able to be flexible 6 days a week as of 6 pm. Petra has a fee for 2 hours of 600 euros. She has a lot of good feedbacks and after 3 months of working as an escort lady she has already built up a customer basis and is often booked by her regular customers when they are in town.

  • Petra has on Monday at 8pm a 2-hour date for 600 euros
  • On Wednesday at 7pm a 5-hour date for 1.100 euros
  • On Friday Petra is booked at 6pm for a duration of 16 hours for 2.100 euros.

Taking the above into consideration Petra has made a turnover of 3.800 euros during these 7 days and has factually only worked for 3 days or 23 hours. If you multiply this amount by 4 weeks, Petra has earned 15.200 euros during this period. Petra of course still has to pay the commission to the agency, which is about 30%. Once you have deducted this, Petra still has earned a net amount of about 10,000 euros per month.

Of course, there are also escort ladies that earn a lot less money. Mostly these are ladies that are available a lot less than 3 day a week or might not be mobile.

Earning money with BB Escort

If you belong to the ladies who want to earn a lot of money independently with flexible working hours, then you can apply without obligation at BB Escort as an escort lady and it will be our pleasure if you wish to go through the above points mentioned points again.

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