How to earn 20,000 euros a month as an escort lady

Learn how to earn 20,000 euros as an escort lady. Discover 8 tips for successful money-making and what's possible!


by Bell Bennett

5 minutes read

How to earn 20,000 euros a month as an escort lady

How many jobs do you know where you can earn as much money in 14 days as others earn in the whole year? As an escort lady you have high earning potential, up to 20,000 euros a month. The money does not fall from the sky, but is the result of consistent and reliable work. With which tips successful escort ladies make it, we reveal to you here!

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High earnings as an escort lady: What is possible?

Rates of an escort lady

The fact that you can earn good money as an escort is truly no secret. As an outsider, you learn very little about the exact sums. This is because every woman is in control of how much she wants to work and where her financial goals lie. There are probably no two escorts who have exactly the same income at the end of the month. The job as an escort is a very lucrative way to earn money as a woman. It is even possible (and not at all difficult) to earn a five-figure turnover per month. However, to do so, you should be willing to accept many dates and work at least 14 days a month. This doesn't sound like much, but it is a fine art to engage with new people and experiences almost every day. It is also important to be able to respond dynamically to requests. The most important factor besides availability is the fee. Most escort ladies start their first dates with a fee of 500 euros for 2 hours. Maybe you will already be overrun with requests, maybe it will take a while until word of your good reputation gets around. If you have more requests than you can fulfil, you should raise your prices. A good agency will automatically upgrade you. Then you earn between 700 and 1000 euros for two hours.

Calculation example:

You have a fee of 1000 euros for a classic date of two hours. Longer dates are a little cheaper per hour, because preparation time and travel costs are only incurred once. This is how your monthly plan looks like:

  • 6 dates of 2 hours each (1000 euros) per month. That is 6000 Euros.
  • 3 dates of 4 hours each (1400 Euros) per month. That's 4200 Euros.
  • 3 dates à 6 hours (1700 Euro) per month. That is 5100 Euro.
  • 2 dates à 12 hours (2500 Euro) per month. That is 5000 Euro.

This results in a turnover of 20,300 Euros per month. Add to this the commission for the escort agency of about 30 percent. You are left with a profit in the clear five-digit range.

Our 8 best tips to earn big money as an escort

  • Don't sell yourself short: At pocket money meetings, that's all you earn: pocket money. A three-figure fee per hour is the absolute minimum. An agency can help you set reasonable prices for your company.

  • Have patience: Not every escort lady can save herself from requests from the very first hour. The over-request often comes with time: With recommendations from enthusiastic guests and the investment in a photo shoot, even more requests come in.

  • Be open to different types of clients: If you refuse older gentlemen or foreign-speaking clients from the outset, this will have a negative effect on your turnover. An escort lady should speak at least one foreign language and meet her guests openly and without prejudice.

  • Stay (sexually) authentic: A preference for unusual sexual practices is not a must in order to earn a lot of money as an escort. You decide what you feel comfortable with. If you are interested in fetish sex or BDSM, this is a nice bonus and an interesting unique selling point.

  • Accessibility for the agency or the client: Sometimes bookings come in at very short notice. The agency management then prefers to address the ladies who are flexible in terms of time. This leads to more frequent bookings and high earnings.

  • Build up a client base: If you work consistently and customer-oriented, you will quickly gain regular customers who won't get enough of you. Those who know and like you will book longer dates and recommend you to others – a win-win situation.

  • Having your own car can be worthwhile: You should not only be flexible in terms of time, but also in terms of location. In a single city there are often not enough requests to fill your diary. Willingness to travel is a must – this works easiest if you have your own car to drive to the dates.

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Conclusion: Hardly any other job offers more!

Not every escort becomes a millionaire with this job (or even wants to). Most women can make the lifestyle they want possible for themselves with the erotic escort. 20,000 euros a month is a possible goal, but financial freedom doesn't start at a certain amount.

Even if you can't go on a date every other day: As an escort, you have earning opportunities that hardly any other job offers. As an escort and mother, you may accept fewer bookings, but you score points with your charm and personality.

An escort lady earning 20.000 euros per month

Are you interested in a well-paid, exciting and tingling job? We will gladly help you with your first steps as an escort lady and accompany you into the world of sensual companionship.

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