In love with an escort lady

Escort date with a focus on you: Enjoy attention and charm, but keep reality in perspective.


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

In love with an escort lady

During the date with your escort lady, you as the client become the centre of attention. Your escort will increasingly orientate herself according to your interests and will pay the utmost attention to you.

For a few hours, you will receive exactly what every man desires: the undivided interest of a charming counterpart.

Some of the ladies can adjust to their clients so excellently that the illusion of a perfect relationship feels more than real to them. This, of course, proves the escort lady to be a real natural and has more than fulfilled her performance.

However, it becomes problematic when the illusion is so perfect that the client falls in love with the escort lady and forgets that she is providing him with nothing more than a mere service.

Our escort ladies offer you an unforgettable experience!

One look, one word and it happens

We all know it: feelings are the devil's stuff and cannot always be controlled. Interpersonal relationships, no matter how matter-of-fact they may be, always imply the emergence of emotions.

During an escort date you play exactly with this effect. The lady will have a nice chat with you, you play the cavalier, it becomes cosy and often you become intimate with each other.

Here you can have a look at our ladies

The body in a hormonal frenzy

The body is completely indifferent to the fact that it is involved in a purely business relationship. It produces bonding hormones and they have to be processed. This is fine as long as you are able to enjoy the rush as such and becomes exhausting when the feelings become too strong.

Then you have to admit to yourself that your feelings are not reciprocated. Because the woman who excites you so much will probably return to a completely different one after the date.

Just an adventure - no more, no less

An escort date creates a bubble far away from everyday life and that's how it should stay, otherwise the time together will lose its shine very quickly. It's a bit like in the cinema. A film full of action and emotion offers a 120-minute holiday from reality. What remains are only impressions and empty backdrops. Impressive, but short-lived.

How do you notice that your feelings are getting the better of you?

An escort lady lives a double life

Very few women are "only" escort ladies. Often there is a man who loves her (maybe a wife too), sometimes children. Often there is a job that she takes during the weekdays. In this world, the lady is a completely different person, because the woman you meet is her only for you. She takes herself back so that you can have a good time.

That is why falling in love is so easy. If you know you're leaving after a few hours, you don't start arguments about annoying habits. Those who don't live together don't try to educate each other.

An escort lady who checks her dates on her phone

How do you notice that your feelings are getting the better of you?

Of course, it is not always easy to draw the line here. You are allowed to see one and the same escort lady several times and nothing speaks against a little admiration. After all, it is still a woman of flesh and blood who is facing you and to whom a compliment and genuine goodwill may mean a lot.

It's just that it won't be so much that it's enough for a real relationship. If you lose sight of this, it is time to take a step back.

Observe yourself and question your thoughts

  • Do you sometimes think about moving in with your favourite lady?
  • Do you feel there is something very special between the two of you?
  • Do you have pictures of her on your smartphone or desktop that you keep looking at?
  • Do you sometimes wonder what your family would think of her?

Be honest with yourself

At this point at the latest, you should take a step back for your own sake.

For although there may be exceptions, it is more likely that your feelings will not be reciprocated.

The longer you deny the situation, the harder you will eventually hit reality.

How can the situation be resolved amicably?

If it helps you, address the situation briefly and factually and then by all means change the escort lady. This is the best solution for both sides. Keep in mind that such conflicts are not pleasant for the women either and that you are relieving her of many complications. So you are not alienating her, but acting in her best interest.

If the escort lady notices your feelings, she will confront you directly with your observations and make it clear that the arrangement is purely of a business nature for her. She is then free to decide whether she likes to continue meeting you or not and you yourself should also do some soul-searching accordingly.

An escort client who confesses love to an escort

Appropriate behaviour is expected from both sides

  •  Do not get carried away with pressuring your beloved.

  •  Threats, guilt and violence are out of place.

  •  Try to accept that the feelings the escort lady creates in you are not real and will pass.

    Especially young escort ladies quickly become panicky towards a confession of love. They don't know how to deal with the situation right away and sometimes get carried away and give out their private number just to avoid trouble. After all, they fear for their job at that moment. What if their clients or the agency think they are incompetent? We don't do that, by the way.

How the agency reacts

As an agency, we will then advise the lady to block the alleged lover in her call list and make an effort to offer her another lady.

The original lady will be blocked for you in such a case.

After all, infatuation is often like other addictive substances: radical withdrawal is the best solution.

Finding solutions openly and honestly

The bottom line is that feelings in interpersonal relationships cannot be avoided and, accordingly, cannot be blamed on anyone.

It is important to deal with such situations competently and to look for realistic solutions. An open conversation can already help a lot here, as long as a "no" from the mouth of the escort lady is fully respected.

And - before objections arise now - of course it can happen in exceptional cases that an escort lady returns your feelings. A direct hit, if you will. However, experience shows that such coincidences do not occur more regularly than winning the lottery, so do not count on it.

Und – bevor es jetzt zu Einwänden kommt – natürlich kann es in Ausnahmefällen passieren, dass eine Escort-Dame Ihre Gefühle erwidert. Ein Volltreffer, wenn man so will. Solche Zufälle ergeben sich erfahrungsgemäß jedoch nicht regelmäßiger als ein Lottogewinn, rechnen Sie also nicht damit.


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