Influence the taste of sperm

Discover the significance of male ejaculate! Learn about sperm composition and factors influencing its taste.


by Bell Bennett

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Influence the taste of sperm

The purpose of a man's ejaculate or semen should be clear to everyone. The mostly whitish fluid contains between 40 and 100 million sperm per discharge, which of course serve to fertilize the female egg. But we don't just have sex to reproduce. That would be too bad, since it is the often quoted "most beautiful secondary matter in the world". Not to mention the fact that sexual intercourse offers many variations - far beyond the penetration of the vagina with the penis.

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A woman with a banana in her mouth

There is oral sex, for example, a pleasure that both sexes usually enjoy very much. Many men are even very keen to be satisfied by means of a blow job. They probably rarely or never ask themselves about the smell and taste of sperm. Women, on the other hand, are particularly interested in the taste of sperm. But you, dear gentlemen, should also concern yourself with the topic of how your sperm tastes. Because you can influence the taste of sperm through your diet and thus make the outpouring into or onto your sweetheart a little tastier. In the truest sense of the word.

He will never forget this blowjob!

Semen texture, colour and consistency

“What does sperm look like?”, and or: “What does healthy sperm look like?”, are questions often asked in internet forums. However, it is not possible to make a general statement about what semen looks like, or ideally what it should look like! The colour varies from milky white to light yellow or even light grey. The consistency of the fluid can resemble that of water or be somewhat jelly-like. This depends on the individual composition of the ejaculate, a mixture of seminal vesicles, secretions from the prostate and Cowper's glands, and the sperm themselves. But the frequency of ejaculation also plays a role in the quality of the semen. Therefore, “good sperm” cannot be determined solely by its appearance. From a medical point of view, the question of whether the semen is healthy is primarily concerned with the number and strength of the sperm it contains anyway. It is therefore aimed more at the ability to fertilise than at the taste or smell of the semen. So a doctor would probably answer his patient to the question "What should sperm be like?": "Rich in active sperm." But how do we come to a reliable conclusion about the taste of semen and the smell of semen? There's probably only one thing left to do, we ask the ladies directly. So, dear ladies: "What does cum taste like?!"

A man holding his sperm in a plastic cup

Tell me how you live and I'll tell you how you taste!

Generally, it is often said that semen is warm and salty. However, according to the survey, there are quite a few unique differences in taste, such as sweet, woody, fruity, bitter, metallic, spicy, fishy, smoky, sour... Women name all these and more when asked to describe sperm taste.

Wow, that's a lot of different flavours, don't you think? Why is it that people name the taste of loins in so many different ways? For one thing, it's certainly down to individual sensibilities. There are even women who can't handle the aroma of sperm at all and would never give their partner a blowjob. This really has nothing to do with a lack of feelings, and she may even want to give you a blow job. But if the ejaculate stinks or tastes spicy to her sensibilities, she understandably can't bring herself to let you come in her mouth. 

An escort lady attempting to practice oral sex on a banana

But why is the taste of semen so different? Well, it's because of the many chemical compounds in semen. What you consume frequently, or even every day, be it certain snacks or drinks or other substances, affects the composition of the compounds. And that, in turn, affects the taste of your semen. But the good news is: you have the power to change this!

Because our lifestyle habits, and especially the foods we eat, have a not inconsiderable influence on the colour, consistency, smell and taste of semen. This means that you can do a lot to improve the aroma of your love juice and thus flatter the taste receptors of your partner. What flavour do you or your lady have in mind? Name a flavour and there's a good chance your sperm will one day taste like you want it to. Well, at least tend to, to stick with the truth. Because you can't turn bitter sperm into mead even with the world's best food plan! But first, let's take a look at what influences the odeur and flavour of seminal fluid.

Food can also influence potency

Is tobacco partly responsible for the taste?

Basically, body odours, but also liquids such as urine and semen, are rather negatively influenced by a number of foods and habits. This also includes, and not insignificantly, tobacco products of all kinds. Here is a brief overview of the strongest influencers that change the taste of semen - and not for the better:

  • Alcohol: The higher the percentage, the stronger the taste effect.
  • Cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and snuff: many toxins for all organs
  • Antibiotics and other medicines: Change the environment in the body, including that of the semen.
  • Coffee: Bitter substances in mass, so no wonder
  • Garlic and onions: Tolerable in moderation, but not in masses, please.
  • Asparagus: Many of us know this from going to the toilet after eating it.

Coffee and cigarettes alter the taste of sperm

Meat alters the taste of sperm

Other big culprits that supposedly give sperm a musky, very bitter smell and taste are:

  • All cabbages: we'll leave that one without comment!
  • Red meat and pork: High meat consumption makes the body acidic.
  • Dairy products of all kinds: Lactic acid bacteria are the main culprits here.

What…? That would mean that many men would have to turn their shopping list upside down “just” to give their sperm a taste boost. No, dear readers, this list is by no means meant that way and you should not massively change your menu. Because even a radical diet or change in diet can also be responsible for your sperm suddenly smelling sour or even stinking and of course tasting accordingly. This is most likely due to the stronger detoxification or deacidification of the body. This should return to normal after a few weeks, but the measure itself is still a bit much to ask. There must be other possibilities, aren't there? Yes, there are, and we'll tell you about them! 

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey…

At first glance, many would assume that the best way to counteract the rather bitter, sour or salty taste of semen is with plenty of sugar. Far from it! Because sugar contributes to our body becoming even more acidic, which in turn makes itself unpleasantly noticeable in terms of taste. But since, as we already know, nutrition can negatively influence sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids, another assumption is obvious: with the right food and drinks, a change in a positive direction is also possible. The old farmer's wisdom that pineapple makes sperm tasty certainly comes to mind. But is that really true? There are still not enough research results to prove a clear connection between nutrition and sperm taste, but there are still the dear women. They are happy to help us out with empirical values and give us numerous tips on which "food" is good for the taste experience of ejaculate. And yes, pineapples are good for men, supposedly because of the enzymes they contain.

Pineapple alters the taste of sperm

Using spices to change the taste of sperm

Alleged products that can make the taste of semen noticeably more pleasant include:

  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Mint
  • Wheatgrass
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Cardamom
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Pomegranate
  • Oranges and tangerines
  • Coconut oil

Which foods influence a woman's discharge?

By the way, more pleasant does not mean that your semen tastes significantly sweeter. But it is believed that these foods reduce the natural alkalinity of the semen. The pH of semen can vary from 7.2 to 8.2. This means that the foods just mentioned can reduce the distinctly tart taste. However, they do not give it a mild or even sweet taste: even consuming litres of sweet pineapple juice does not turn semen into sweet nectar, even if some internet forums are overflowing with pineapple semen tips! Please do not let yourself be fooled in this respect.

Instead, try to avoid or reduce your consumption of the foods and stimulants mentioned (some of which are rather unhealthy anyway). In exchange, simply eat (significantly) more of the delicious ingredients from the list above. That shouldn't be too difficult, after all, there are some delicious things on there. And let's face it: having more fruits and herbs on the menu certainly can't hurt. The fruits mentioned not only take away some of the natural bitterness of semen, but can also boost your physical health. So eating them is a win-win all round!

Water: The source of good sperm taste

What a surprise! The ejaculate of men who consume plenty of water every day tastes much more pleasant than that of those who don't drink. This finding is not really surprising. After all, we should all know that an adequate intake of water has an extremely positive effect on our entire system. It's actually logical, because it dilutes all the fluids in the body, including sperm. And therefore it smells and tastes much less, let's call it “harsh”. Well, who would have thought that it could be so easy to pimp the aroma of your sperm? So dear men, from now on please always have the water bottle at hand, then it will work out more often with the blowjob!

Drinking plenty of water changes the taste of sperm

How can body hygiene influence sperm aroma?

What may surprise many is that hygiene is the real key when it comes to sperm flavour. If you don't practice good hygiene, it won't taste good down there - regardless of what you eat, drink or otherwise ingest. Every man should make sure that he cleans the area around his penis and testicles properly. This is because the smell, which is caused by poor hygiene, can make the smell of the semen, as well as everything else, less noticeable. You probably know this yourself: If there is an unpleasant smell somewhere and you eat something, the perception of the taste is unfavourably affected, isn't it? The same principle applies to your best piece and love juice.

Hygiene affects how sperm tastes

However, the crotch is a sensitive zone not only for women and should therefore be treated gently for you too. So use a gently nourishing soap every day to clean your intimate area. The use of special creams or body powders after washing or showering reliably absorbs sweat. This helps you avoid the development of unpleasant odours. It also helps to keep pubic hair nice and short. Or perhaps you prefer complete depilation of your genital area? By the way, a powder also helps very well against possible inflammations of regrowing hairs. It also gives a pleasant smell, although it should not be a strongly perfumed powder. It is also important to wear briefs made of particularly breathable materials - preferably cotton. This reduces sweating immensely compared to underwear made of synthetic fibres. And if it does get hot down there, cotton absorbs the moisture perfectly. This tip is an important contribution to good intimate hygiene, as sweat is often the cause of unpleasant odours. Therefore, you should not necessarily run a marathon immediately before planned sexual activities. Even after showering, the body still perspires, even if the scent is usually significantly reduced by then.

Do it yourself or fuck - for the sake of taste

Yes, you read that right. Men who ejaculate regularly taste better - their semen, of course. So if you don't hop into bed with your sweetheart every day, feel free to jerk off occasionally or find yourself an attractive bed partner for the evening! Are you single at the moment, on a business trip for what feels like ages, or simply in desperate need of sperm renewal? Then how about requesting one of our sexy escorts? Our escorts have the most sophisticated ideas when it comes to hot orgasms. By the way, we would also include this in the topic of hygiene or, even better, self-care. Because if the testicles are always producing fresh semen, this will influence both the smell and the taste of the sperm.

Regular sex or masturbation alters the taste of sperm

Regular sex for better sperm

By the way, sperm can go downright bad. And this is actually the case after only three to four days. They are then not only unfit for fertilisation, they begin to smell and taste stronger. It doesn't have to come to that ;-) - And if the age-old myth that daily jerking off is unhealthy scares you off, we can give the all-clear: In the meantime, it has long been proven that it is in no way harmful or indicative of sex addiction to satisfy yourself or have sex every morning or evening. Quite the opposite: it reduces stress, regulates hormones and boosts your mood - but that's just by the way.

Got a taste for it?

So having sexual intercourse or jerking off about two to three times a week is good for your general well-being. And you'll be rewarded (as if you needed a reward) with a better taste of your little swimmers. So every time you come to orgasm, you're doing something to optimise the smell and taste of your sperm. And who knows, maybe a hot escort can even give you a tip or two for your loin juice. At least one thing is certain: if you wish, one of our ladies will be happy to serve you pineapple juice on your date - in the spirit of good taste, of course. You can then choose how and from which part of your body you would like to consume it. We would say: a clear win-win situation!

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