Interviews of the escort ladies

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by Bell Bennett

12 minutes read

Interviews of the escort ladies

How did you get the idea to work as an escort? This is a question some women would like to ask an escort lady. But not only this is important for some escort applicants, but also the questions about personal experiences, positive as well as negative are important for the prospective escort ladies.  We have therefore asked and interviewed some of our escort ladies on the topics of escort experiences, agency and tips for beginners in the escort field. Maybe the answers of our ladies will help you to get a better overview of our agency and also an insight into life as an escort lady.

You want to experience that too?

Isabella, 24 from Munich writes:

I only knew escort from TV so far and then a friend told me about escort. She worked as an escort herself, so I was curious and just thought I'll try this side of life once. So I started at BB Escort in March 2020. I can tell you the time flew by and I am still learning. I was briefly with an escort agency before, which was more of a "phantom agency". Nothing fit, the dates didn't and the cooperation with the agency didn't either. Bell, on the other hand, is professional and easy. The cooperation is simply great and even if you have personal problems, they listen to you. These are very positive experiences that I have had with BB-Escort. Negative experiences I had so far none, as said at the other agency for it already.

I have already had many positive experiences on my dates. These are always the dates where you have the feeling that you have known each other for ages. Something like this is always fun and usually you notice from the beginning that there is a certain chemistry. There is also then the age or the age difference does not matter!

With luck I can say, despite frequent dates only one negative experience to have made. The guest was fully on drugs and treated me like a prostitute. He also said openly and honestly that he preferred a lady from the street, but they supposedly had no time.

I work as an escort only on the side. Regularly I work part-time as a saleswoman. So I have enough time for the escort, but also time for myself. I would like to give prospective escort ladies on the way that they should always remain natural. Go as well as possible to the wishes of the customers, so you will win many regular customers and then the whole thing is much more fun!

I like it!

Sybille 25 from Frankfurt reports:

I started at BB Escort in August 2020, this is the only agency I know so far and from which I let myself be referred. And I find this agency just perfect! All the guys and girls on the phone are always nice and I feel very well taken care of. I have not had any negative experiences with the agency so far, so I do not want to get to know any other agency. I have enjoyed having affairs with men in the past, who I have wrapped around my finger with my charms and my manner. I have always enjoyed rediscovering myself and trying new things, especially when I realize how powerless they become because of their urges. Men are a very dear and useful accessory, which I love to have around me.

Unfortunately, they become very annoying in the long run, start to fall in love and thus it always ends in a drama, which I can't stand for long. That's why I then also applied to BB Escort, to be able to meet non-committal men who don't make a scene for me afterwards.

Besides the job as an escort, I study psychology and am currently doing my master's degree and work in a psychiatric clinic together with my parents who are also doctors.

I have had some positive experiences on my dates so far. But the nicest thing is still when dates happen more often. It just makes it more relaxed and a lot more familiar.

I have not had any really bad experiences yet. Once I felt really shabby, because a lady of mine wanted to be fisted so hard that I had a really bad and shabby feeling afterwards, although I have a tendency to sadomasochism. For her, however, it was perfect and just right. Further dates with her, however, I had rejected.

To the prospective escort ladies I would like to say the following: It was said that Cleopatra was so beautiful that she alone with your looks and your charisma could bring men out of their minds. You are a woman. Use this skillfully, because men are simple, but not stupid! If you do it just for the money, you won't be doing it for long and your counterpart will notice that quickly. As soon as men notice that you are only doing it for the money, they will not book you more often. They must be able to forget their everyday life with you and you are there to give them an unforgettable evening. Try yourself out. Explore yourself. Play, learn and seduce and you will enjoy it. Escort lady from Frankfurt

Lena 27 from Berlin answers the questions as follows:

Dear prospective escort ladies, always appreciate yourself as a woman. Even if the guest is the "king", still not everything is allowed what he wants.

I always wanted to live out my sexual fantasies, then after a friend worked as an escort lady, I thought, I'll try that out too. I have been working as an escort for 3 years now, besides my regular job, and I have been to 3 different agencies, but BB Escort is a good example of a great agency. I am very satisfied with our cooperation and feel very comfortable and safe with you.

The agencies I have been with before did not leave such a positive impression on me. They were very unreliable, the payment was bad and also the cooperation was not very good. They seemed very unprofessional to me, no room check was done and I felt in danger every time.

I have only had two negative experiences on my dates so far. Once a guest was very very unfriendly to me and the second time a guest who was nice and friendly the whole time wanted his money back after the date. But in such situations you have to keep a cool head, stay nice and relaxed and not lose your nerves. Otherwise, I have had only positive experiences. I met nice people and learned a lot in every respect.

Escort lady from Berlin

Leona 22 from Stuttgart writes about her job as an escort:

I worked as an independent escort for several months before I then applied to BB Escort and another agency. I also worked with both agencies for a short time, but that was no longer necessary after a short time with BB Escort and I have been with them for 5 months. The advantages of an agency in general are quite clear, you do not have to worry about recruiting gentlemen and the exchange with the guest in advance is spared. Dates are fixed, payment and what is expected of you is already fixed when you accept the date. I also find it safer to work with an agency. You let the agency know every time your date starts and when it ends, as well as when a date is extended. Also, the payment is handled in advance at the beginning of the date and the gentlemen who book through an agency know this and stick to it. . Negative experiences about an agency I have had are twofold: 1. No requests from clients come in. 2. the communication with the agency was not right. Once I got a wrong address from an agency and then rang a completely perplexed lady and then of course arrived late at the correct address. Once an agency was not staffed very early in the morning on the weekend when I had a date at the airport. Since the train had problems the gentleman could not be contacted that I would be late, because I did not reach anyone at the agency. The way to the escort was more a development, I was freshly separated, sexually "hungry" (until today by the way) and had money shortage.

Negative experiences on a date I have not had yet. Of course, there are sometimes guests with whom it is more difficult, because simply the chemistry, or the humor is not right. But then you just have to try a little harder and remain professional, friendly and interested, so that the guest does not regret the date at the end. I had many positive experiences. From gifts from the gentlemen such as flowers or other small things to champagne or sparkling wine to start, everything has been represented. In addition, it is great when the gentleman is attractive and it just fits from the beginning. In addition, it is very nice when you also get serious compliments from the guests. Since you enjoy the time with the guest but much more.

Beginners as escort I would like to give on the way that you should make an effort during the entire meeting and not simply become passive after payment. I know that the money is very tempting, but the guest should ultimately enjoy his date with you, keep you in memory and not mourn after his money. Ideally, the guest will want to meet you more often.

Escort lady from Stuttgart

Samy 29 from Munich answers our questions:

After a long-term relationship, I enjoyed my new single life to the fullest, always seeking new adventures, experiences and boundaries.

I was curious and had the desire to try out the different facets of my inclinations and fantasies (eg BDSM, swinger club visits, etc.). During a conversation with a friend on this subject, she confessed to me that she had worked as a student at BB-Escort. From then on, this idea captivated me! Blind dates with men I would never have met in normal life. Places I would not otherwise get to and of course the monetary aspect. I find the idea very uplifting and exciting that a successful, interesting, mid-life man is willing to invest in me and in our time together and is preparing for our meeting full of anticipation.

I have now been working for BB Escort since October 2019. It is my first and only agency and will remain so, because I feel in the best hands, so that no other agency comes into question for me. I can no longer imagine the often boring everyday life without the excitement and variety and am thrilled with how easily and flexibly it can be integrated into my daily routine. All around, I can describe the cooperation as very positive. The BB team is always available, no wish or request goes unanswered. The app is an optimal solution. All features such as calendar, availability and invoices are clearly bundled in one place.  Likewise, communication with the agency works excellently this way.

For me, every date is special. From the moment a request appears on my display until I meet my date, I'm excited, imagining what it might be like, thinking about what I'll wear, what I'll take with me. When wishes are expressed on the part of the guest I try to imagine his fantasy, to put myself in his place. Many scenarios play out in my head and give me personally a kick like hardly anything else.

Then, as soon as I am face to face with him, I try to understand in the first few minutes: who is this person? What does he expect from this? What does he wish for?

My desire is to be the best possible version to me of his fantasy or idea of a date. I am myself in these moments, but I am also a bit of another person, like an actor in his own movie. It is most beautiful when you harmonize well, the sympathy is there on both sides and you can let yourself fall. I enjoy my dates very much, am authentic, open and live out my sexuality passionately. For me, these are real dates, not a job, and the guest feels that.

But to give a concrete example here, an absolute highlight was a date with a charming gentleman 10 floors above Munich, champagne, beautiful underwear in a gift box, rounded off with hot, uninhibited sex at the glazed window front.

I can't report anything about negative experiences. Of course, it can also be that one is not on the same wavelength with a guest or the sympathy does not arise sufficiently, but these are rather few exceptions. Here I see then the job in the foreground. I am paid lucratively for a service and provide it as agreed. So if topics of conversation are missing, I usually go to the physical where you quickly find yourself on the same wavelength.

I would like to advise the future lady to enjoy the dates, to respond to the partner, to be interested in the things that move him, not to pretend, but to be natural - just as you are and to develop your inner beauty as well as the outer.

To have the ambition to give the man the feeling that he is something special, without acting or exaggerating. As well as doing only what you really want - so know your own limits and communicate clearly beforehand - so that you also enjoy everything that the guest imagines and expects. Being imaginative and creative to make him remember you so that he is interested in a follow-up date. Exude a combination of sexy, positive, sweet and fun.

I would like that too!

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