Pure escort service: No sex on an escort date?

Discover how escort dates can work without sex and learn how to set boundaries for a pleasant and safe companionship experience


by Bell Bennett

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Pure escort service: No sex on an escort date?

Erotic escorts are not limited to hotel rooms. There are clients who would like to invite an attractive woman to various activities such as a visit to the spa, a football match or a walk. But how is intimacy handled with this type of escort service? Is it possible to offer the escort service without sexual acts? And how is the sensual aspect of the booking organised when you meet in public? We clarify all the important questions on this topic. How does an escort date work?

Escort service: How an escort date can be without sex

An escort lady is a modern courtesan, a temporary lover. This arrangement is not only about erotic aspects, but also about the closeness and intimacy of an intimate relationship. As an escort, you will not just visit the gentleman briefly in the hotel suite. You may spend several hours with him - both in the hotel room and outside. An escort is often booked for a public date. The classic escort service for events or functions is less in demand. Here you act more as an ‘alibi girlfriend’ who stands charmingly by his side and chats with acquaintances, colleagues or business partners. With these requests, the erotic aspect is in the background. As an escort agency, we see far more often that clients want a companion for a nice activity and then some private time in a hotel room. Perhaps he doesn't want to go to a concert alone or has two tickets for a football match. Or he is planning a wellness day at the spa and would like an erotic extra afterwards.

The central question: Do you have to get intimate with the client on an escort date in public?

Sex in public as an escort: Is that allowed?

Some men (and women!) find it extremely exciting to have sex in public. But this is forbidden! Whether in the spa, outdoors or in the guest toilet at the football stadium: sexual acts in public are an offence. And this can have serious consequences.

Many men think nothing of it when they invite an escort lady to the spa and book a VIP lounge in addition to the admission ticket, where they are supposedly undisturbed. But be careful: these suites are often only separated from the public area by a curtain. You can see and hear everything your neighbour is doing. If you are caught having sex here, it is not only embarrassing and unpleasant, but often ends in a house ban.

In some spas, such as Therme Erding, there are separate small cabins or rooms that can be booked for an extra charge of around 200 euros per day. Sex is allowed here. Our tip: check the small print beforehand to see exactly what is allowed! And if the situation seems too delicate, you can put the customer off until later.

As an escort lady, you should also refuse to have sex in the great outdoors, in the forest or in a car park. Outdoor sex and car meetings are not part of the everyday work of a reputable agency. Such services are often only offered by pocket money ladies who are short of cash. In addition to the legal aspects, safety also plays an important role. It is not a good idea to have sex alone with a stranger deep in the woods.

Everything about your security on a date

Saying no: a very important skill for escorts

Especially for younger women, it can be challenging to refuse a client's demands and ideas. However, this is a skill that an escort must master in order to avoid being persuaded to do something she doesn't want to do.

Sex in public is forbidden. However, it is even more important that nothing happens that you do not want.

It is not an option to be pressurised by the client. A clear no must be respected. In practice, it is often helpful to offer alternatives: Isn't it much more pleasant to be intimate in a relaxed manner in a clean hotel room rather than in a public toilet? When it comes to the allure of sex in public, there are suitable places for this, such as in a couples‘ club or at a swingers’ party.

If you work with an escort agency, they will provide a solution in conflict situations. You can call the agency at any time and ask for help. However, it sometimes happens that the lady does not dare to call the agency before the client. In such cases, we can be reached by text message during a date. Alternatively, the agency can call the client directly and ask if everything is OK. So you don't have to worry about your safety as an escort. To avoid misunderstandings, it is advisable to discuss and clarify everything with the client in advance. This way, everyone involved goes into the date with the same expectations.

Saying no is important as an escort

Escort at eye level: escort service with sex or without

As an escort lady, you have control over when and where sex takes place. If you don't want it, there will be no sex. Use this power, especially if you feel uncomfortable.

However, if you want to completely forgo the erotic aspect of the job, working for an escort service may not be right for you. There are rarely clients who want a pure escort service without eroticism. A touch of eroticism is often part of it.

Nobody is perfect from the start. Over time, you will develop the necessary self-confidence to master such situations charmingly and confidently. Escort dates are based on encounters at eye level. Mutual respect is the key to a successful date.

If you are now even more interested in working as an escort and earning money, please get in touch with us! We will support you on your way and help you to become a successful and confident escort lady.

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