9 Mistakes women make during sex

They happen not only to men, but also to women: Mistakes in bed. Even seemingly small missteps can extinguish the fire of passion.


by Bell Bennett

8 minutes read

9 Mistakes women make during sex

They don't only happen to men — but also to the female partner: mistakes in bed. Even supposedly small missteps can extinguish the fire of desire. The result: your male partner tightens up and seeks the distance. So, typical sex mistakes women make in bed often guarantee a catastrophic date disaster. So, the question remains: What do women do wrong in bed and what turns men off? We have the most important answers. What is a real no-go in bed and what men really want — read it here.

1. Rubbing mechanically and wildly - without sensitivity

The feeling of relaxing your body during foreplay and letting yourself fall 100 percent is unmistakable. Men enjoy these special moments with you. The problem: It is not uncommon for women to rely on pressureful and mechanical friction. So, the gentleman is supposed to enjoy a great hand job in bed — and reach orgasm as quickly as possible. But there is no question of pleasure here. Remember: rigid, mechanical friction that you perform without any sensitivity can be a real turn-off for your partner. So try something new and go for gentle movements instead. Slowly increase the pressure — and above all, use aids such as lubricant or saliva to make “slipping” easier. Your sex partner will thank you. Because a dry penis that is rubbed wildly and without any consideration can — if he doesn't explicitly wish for this practice — really be a painful torment.

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2. Appearing unshaven and unshowered

Most women want a well-groomed play partner in bed who smells good and appears fresh for the date. It's the same the other way round — because men also like a well-groomed lady. What quickly turns men off are unkempt ladies who are too shabby for a shower and a shave before the bed rendezvous. Sure: Some gentlemen explicitly want a woman who appears “as God created her”. However, as soon as it goes in an unhygienic direction that no longer has anything to do with naturalness, it becomes unattractive. Therefore, at the very minimum, make sure you have clean underwear, a pleasant body odour and an overall well-groomed appearance. We assure you: Nothing turns men off as much as a lady who neglects herself — and shows it on the outside.

As an escort, one should be freshly showered and shaved

3. Drinking one over the thirst

Whether wine, sparkling wine or champagne: one or two small glasses are certainly part of every hot evening. However, it becomes embarrassing as soon as you stagger, slur your words and can't speak clearly any more. It's a real turn-off in bed and takes away your partner's desire for eroticism. Too much alcohol is therefore an absolute no-go before sex. So that man and woman feel good in bed and enjoy a tingling time, it is best to confidently do without the fourth or fifth glass. By the way, this also saves you having to go to the toilet during the act because your bladder is not in danger of bursting.

4. Lie mute as a fish under him

Women who don't make any sound during sex and lie under him like a silent mouse — a mistake that is still very common and not infrequently, considerably reduces the desire for a second round. Men want to hear and feel that they are desired. However, you are not fulfilling this wish for him if you merely “let the situation wash over you”. Your silence shows him that you are not enjoying the sex, and also signals that you may not find him attractive at all. Therefore, to avoid these misunderstandings, the following applies: Have the courage to stand by your lustful sighs and moans. He will be pleased — and you will enjoy it.

Hear the passion

5. Lights out: Be ashamed of your body

What doesn't a man want? If you ask yourself this question, we can tell you quite clearly: he doesn't want a lady who is so ashamed of your body that sex only takes place in the dark. Of course, the erotic adventure without light is sometimes even quite exciting — similar to the use of a blindfold. But if you only put it on him because you want to prevent him from catching a glimpse of your femininity, this is usually not a good idea. Because: Most men don't notice supposed problem zones anyway when they are just feeling aroused and want to take the next step with you. Start seeing your body for what it is: a gift full of feminine charms that wants to be discovered by your counterpart.

6. Own initiative? No way

A gentleman often makes the first move. The ladies know this and most women want to stick with it. Here's the mistake: If you never show initiative, you signal to your partner that he may not be worth seducing. Even men sometimes want to be conquered by a lady in bed. Therefore, don't always hold back - and show some commitment. After all, both want to have fun. To prevent an imbalance during sex, you should get creative: Show that you want to have an erotic adventure. Don't forget that an untouchable lady only remains interesting as long as she doesn't overdo it with the distance.

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7. Immediately leave after sex

The sex is over, you quickly get dressed, grab your handbag — and want to go straight away? Stop: Don't just run off now. The aftermath is also part of good sex and a successful evening. Don't give your sex partner the feeling that you have merely “used” him. If you like him and can imagine another meeting, a quick getaway is rather counterproductive. Stay together, allow him to enjoy the beautiful sight of your body or let him sniff your hair. It will also be worth it for you to create an intimate moment together. Therefore, don't be afraid to live out your cuddly streak. Even if it won't be a shared shower, or you prefer the physical distance after sex, you can still exchange some nice words — and keep a positive memory of a successful evening.

8. Being afraid of losing control

That you are not necessarily sexually repressed is already shown by the fact that you are reading this post and dealing with your female charms. Nevertheless, even sexually open women often make the mistake of not allowing any loss of control. One thing is clear: every lady should know her limits during sex and also verbalize them. But those who are too afraid to relinquish control can rarely enjoy intimate play to the fullest. Therefore, give it a try — and just let yourself go. At the beginning it will certainly be a challenge for you. But when you realize that you can trust your sex partner, that's a good sign to let go. You will notice how beautiful it can be for both of you to enjoy sex uninhibitedly, authentically and without fear.

9. Disgust alert: devalue the man's sperm

You show your partner that you are disgusted by his ejaculation? Not a good idea. If he comes in your mouth, you don't have to swallow the fluid at all if you don't want to. The important thing is that you communicate it. Remember that you also secrete bodily fluids — and that is completely normal. Sperm is just part of it and also shows you that the man finds you so attractive that you were able to bring him to climax. Therefore, try to see the sperm as a beautiful conclusion. If you don't succeed so well, that's understandable. If you are now asking, yourself, “How can you have sex without scaring the man away?”, at least you are already giving it the right thought. Our tip: Don't make your sex partner feel like he's done something wrong if he ejaculates. This is an important step. Furthermore, ask him not to ejaculate on your body if you don't like the feeling.

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