Find out why you don't get more money for extra services, but more intimate opportunities earn you more money!

Can an escort lady earn more money if she offers the client more service than she has on her sedcard? Find out here!


by Bell Bennett

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Find out why you don't get more money for extra services, but more intimate opportunities earn you more money!

The price is hot: as an escort you get a handsome fee for every rendezvous. But is there more to it? Can you charge for extra erotic services or offer special services? We tell you the real way to earn more money as an escort.

This is how the fee of an escort lady is calculated

An escort lady charges for the time she spends at the client's side. If the client books three hours for 650 euros, it doesn't matter what happens during this time. Whether you go for a walk together, have a nice dinner or get intimate in the hotel room: he pays 650 euros as a fee.

There are clients who book a lady for four hours and first want to chat for three hours in the café. Only afterwards do they make themselves comfortable in the hotel room—or not. Other clients want to pamper their dream woman anally and take a lot of time for tenderness. In both cases, the escort lady charges the same price.

As an independent escort without an agency, you can set your own prices and of course charge for extras. However, this is a practice that is quite uncommon in the escort business and which most men know more from pocket money meetings. 

Earn more through extra benefits

The focus on additional services such as anal intercourse, kissing, or fetish changes the expectations of the clients. You also need to make sure your fee is competitive—this can lead to stress and price discussions with clients.

We have found that a clearly communicated price per hour works better than complicated packages. This way, everyone involved knows what the meeting will cost beforehand.

Additional earnings as an escort: More money through more offers?

If you have had experience as a sex worker in a running house or a classic brothel, you are surely familiar with the extras that bring you additional income.

The client enters the sex worker's room because he agreed to 20 minutes for 50 euros. He wants a little cuddling, kissing, maybe a change of position in between. In the end, he is 200 euros poorer because the sex worker has charged him extra for these harmless wishes. Will he come back? Probably not.

This practice from the red-light world is considered dubious and is regarded by many brothel visitors as a rip-off. This answers the question of why the business in the brothel no longer works in this day and age: Only men who are drunk or want to get to their destination quickly and easily stray into these establishments.

In escorts there is no money for extra services. You can decide for yourself whether you want to kiss the gentleman—but you cannot charge for this as a hidden extra. Other preferences such as anal sex, oral sex, erotic role-playing or fetish practices do not bring you an immediate additional income. But they do make you a much sought-after person—and that, in turn, can pay off financially.

Many men love the idea of pleasuring a woman anally. They would like to try this experience and explicitly book escorts who offer this. Anal sex is a relatively rare preference, which means that there are fewer escorts who can fulfil this request. If you have this service in your repertoire, you will get more bookings than other escorts.

On the other hand, of course, you shouldn't force yourself to do something you don't feel like doing. If you don't enjoy anal sex, it doesn't do anyone any good if you offer it anyway. Then maybe another special might be worthwhile for you.

Our best tips to earn more money as an escort

Don't worry: All this doesn't mean that you have no influence on your earnings at all. There are many ways to increase your income as an escort.

  • The more dates you can accept, the more money will flutter to you. A certain flexibility is very helpful to be able to accept booking requests. On the other hand, you should not overdo it. More than three or four escort dates per week are difficult to handle in terms of time and emotion.

  • Longer dates = more turnover. As an escort, you only have more than one date a day in absolutely exceptional cases. If you specialise in longer dates or overnights, your fee is considerably higher than for short dinner dates.

  • Gentlemen usually have more time for extensive dates at the weekend. So it can be worth working weekends and enjoying a nice day out with your client before heading to the hotel. Weekday meetings tend to be short and direct.

Tips to earn more money as an escort

  •  The more extras you offer, the more potential clients you attract. This is why many escorts cater for anal sex or other preferences, although they don't necessarily get paid more for it. This works best if you follow your sexual preferences.

  •  A certain degree of erotic openness is necessary to work successfully as an escort. If you categorically exclude couple visits, French kissing or sexual contact, you will hardly earn any money. Then an erotic job without sex is better suited for you.

  • Very often couples look for an escort for a ménage-à-trois. You can actually charge more for this because you are accompanying two clients at the same time. In addition, not many escorts offer couple companionship—a lucrative unique selling point.

  • Gentlemen want encounters with personality. A meaningful escort profile with high-quality pictures ensures more booking enquiries.

Earn more money as an escort through additional services

Maybe it sounds sobering at first that you can hardly charge extras as an escort. Especially if you know the additional income from your work in a brothel or sauna club. However, your earnings as an escort are considerably higher than the average income of other sex workers. With a single date, you earn between 300 and 1000 euros—for that you would have to sell many extra services in a brothel.

Would you like to know more about the possible earnings as an escort? We will be happy to advise you on whether the job could be worthwhile for you. As an experienced escort agency, we will guide you through the first steps and help you to achieve your desired income.

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