9 most common mistakes men make in bed

Can you really make mistakes in bed? Yes, you can! And you should definitely avoid these mistakes for an erotic experience!


by Bell Bennett

8 minutes read

9 most common mistakes men make in bed

It's not only women who are insecure in bed, men also need to gain experience to become the perfect lover, which is not to say that men are bad in bed. But to become a perfect playmate in bed and to prepare you perfectly for the most beautiful activity in the world, we have compiled the top 9 most common mistakes a man can make during sex in bed. Man showering with foam on his body

1. Uncared for, scruffy and smelly

Every man wants a hot lady in sexy underwear, with painted toenails and fingernails, freshly shaved and an erotic scent. That's how men imagine the woman they'd most like to have standing in front of them when it finally gets down to business! But women also want the man freshly showered with a respectable pair of boxer shorts! Sweatpants and a baggy jumper rarely turn women on either. Many men think that a sweaty man is very erotic for women. But here it is quite clear to say: "No! Sexy boxer shorts, freshly showered also love women."

2. Two more intense kisses are enough as foreplay

Many gentlemen often wish for a long foreplay in which the woman orally satisfies the man. As an agency, we often hear phrases like "extensive French" in our emails. However, for many men it also means that kissing the lady for 5 seconds longer is enough to call it good or sufficient foreplay for the woman. Our tip: Take and give, and not according to the motto "Take me and give it to me!". Also satisfy your partner orally or ask her what she likes best, turn to her and her body completely. Give her breasts a treat or explore her whole body with your fingers and/or mouth. Couple in bed kissing

3. An unbridled tongue

Often the desire for sex is already over before it has really begun. Women don't want to hear sentences before sex like: "Sex?Now?" or "I want to have sexual intercourse with you now". It quickly gets very cold in the room when you say these or similar phrases. Just start with tender advances, kisses and caresses and then you will notice whether your partner goes for it or not, which brings us to the next topic: "Control your tongue! 
It is not only unpleasant to push your tongue down your partner's throat, but also to lick the skin wet and slobbery. 

A woman's body doesn't need to be cleaned with the tongue, that doesn't get women going. Women find stroking and light caressing of the body much more pleasant. Kiss your partner's body, lick her nipples or her intimate area. A cleverly used tongue can drive the ladies out of their minds, because every woman loves a good lick job too. However, slobbering and licking like Lessi is not meant by this.  Female sexuality works differently from men's and sometimes less is more. Don't just ram your tongue into your partner's vaginal area and don't just slobber down there for hours. Feel your vagina and pamper it extensively. Light sucking on the clitoris is also encouraged, but again, you're not an octopus who has to suck on something!


4. Breasts are neither modelling clay balls nor screw vices!

Many men twist and pull on their partner's nipples, which is very unpleasant and painful for many. Of course, this can be part of certain practices, but not every woman likes pain in bed.  Strong sucking is also an unpleasant feeling for a woman and the nipples hurt. Tip from us: Talk to your sexual partner about how you and he would like to be pampered on the nipple. Ask your partner if it is pleasant and admit openly if you feel uncomfortable! You can of course play with your partner's breasts. Women know that you love their breasts, but here too it is important not to put too much pressure on them. Gentle kneading or massaging can be something very attractive and beautiful, but squeezing and kneading too hard is unpleasant and painful. Therefore, remember: breasts are not plasticine balls. bodys of a couple in a sexy position

5. Finger she furiously

If you want to finger your partner down below, make sure your fingers are clean, your fingernails are short and you have no calluses on your fingers.  Because the skin of the vagina is very thin, it is very sensitive and you can hurt the lady in the process. You don't have to push your fingers into the lady straight away, feel your way slowly, caress the thighs, the vulva and the vagina. When penetrating, make sure that your partner is wet. Just don't use force and ram your finger into the woman. It's better to use a little lubricant, which makes penetration easier, and if you want to use several fingers, start with one and slowly stretch the vagina. But it doesn't have to be the whole fist to satisfy a lady. Again, talk to your partner about what she likes and whether it's comfortable. Also pay attention to physical signals, if your partner seems tense or even tense, try something else.

6. The vagina is not where the penis is!

If you want to penetrate your partner with your best piece, you should not use force here either, but make sure that your partner is wet. If you have followed the above-mentioned points, this should be the case and then it will usually slip by itself. If your partner is not wet enough, which can happen despite ideal foreplay, you can also use a lubricant here. However, it is also important to know where the vagina is. Do not ram your penis against your partner's mons veneris, there is no entrance here. She wouldn't be the first to have a bruise there. So penetrate gently between the thighs. woman stroking her thigh

7. Ram like a rabbit

As mentioned and compared many times before, humans are not animals, so our sex doesn't have to be like that of an animal either. Often our Ladies tell us about the so-called Rammler. Here, bad sex is pre-programmed. The man monotonously rams his best piece into the woman's vagina until he is done. The consequence of this is, as already mentioned in point 8: he comes too quickly! If the man comes too quickly, then bring variety into the movement, in the tempo and rhythm, which is exactly what makes good sex.

8. He comes too soon, before she has a chance to do so

We all know that Speedy Gonzales is always first. However, Speedy is a mouse... or rather the fastest mouse from Mexico. In bed, it' s better to be a man than a mouse! Do you really want to be done in two minutes? Give yourself time and let your partner go first. You're probably asking yourself now, "How can you have sex even longer?". It's a matter of practice and body control. To practice, we can recommend our agency ladies, because they know exactly what a man likes and are happy to guide you. In addition, there are accessories such as extra thick condoms at your disposal, they take away the intense feeling and you can last longer to give the lady her sexual climax too. erotic scenery with a couple in bed

9. Fall asleep immediately afterwards

After the long act, the lady is aware that you have exhausted yourself. However, the female body releases endorphins and adrenaline during sex, which first makes the woman active afterwards. She could pull out trees and you could disappear deep into dreamland. However, please give yourself and your partner some togetherness before you roll over and snore like a world champion.

To all ladys

Practice makes perfect with BB-Escort

We hope we have been able to give you some clarity with these tips. However, if you still need some practice, it is advisable to book an escort lady who will respond to your wishes. These can also be to become the perfect lover for you. As a renowned escort agency, we know our ladies and find the right lady for every occasion. Also when it comes to becoming the perfect gentleman and lover. Your partner will be grateful if she has a man at home who knows what he is doing in bed.

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