Help, my pictures from my escort days are on the internet!

Maintain your privacy as an escort: Learn how to control and remove your images from the internet to protect your anonymity


by Bell Bennett

5 minutes read

Help, my pictures from my escort days are on the internet!

What happens to your pictures once they are on the web? You might push this thought far away in everyday life - otherwise you wouldn't be able to upload anything on social media, Facebook and Instagram. But as an escort lady, this question is very important: How do you keep control over your pictures, some of which show you half-naked? In our guide you will learn how to take your escort profile pictures offline and protect your privacy.

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My pictures are on the internet - what can I do?

The job as an escort is rarely a job for eternity.

Most escort ladies enjoy the lucrative occupation for a few months or years before they hang up their lingerie.

But it can happen that they still find digital traces from this phase of life years later:

Their former profile pictures just won't disappear from the internet!

Maybe this thought worries you a lot. What happens to my pictures when I stop being an escort?

Your contract must be terminated in writing. Many escort ladies think that it is done with a phone call or a text message. But how the contract is to be terminated is regulated in the contract. Therefore, be sure to read what you agreed to in writing when you signed the contract!

If you work with an escort agency, there is a simple answer to this question. There should definitely be a section in your contract that regulates the rights of use for pictures and videos. As the person portrayed, you have the right to your own image and can decide where, when and how long your image can be online. The contract regulates the details and specifies what the agency has to do if you leave the job as an escort lady.

Instructions: Have escort pictures taken offline

However, it can happen that your pictures are uploaded on several platforms. The agency takes care of the marketing and has not only its own website, but often numerous partner sites where your escort sedcard and pictures are displayed. The agency only has full control over its own website and can remove files there (relatively) quickly. It can take longer with other sites.


In addition, there are sites that illegally copy escort pictures from the agency site or make screenshots and upload them again. This can happen with any image that ends up on the internet – including your photos on Instagram. This is especially unpleasant with escort profile pictures, because you are regularly lightly dressed.

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But there is a way to have these images removed:

  1. search the imprint of the site that uploaded your images. If you are lucky, you will be able to contact the owner of the website. 2.
  2. write a short, friendly mail in which you inform the owner of the website that he has no rights to put the pictures online.

Set the owner a deadline by which the pictures must be removed. The usual time is two weeks.

In most cases, this is enough to have the images taken offline. If it hasn't helped and the images are still online, you should contact a lawyer. This option works best if the website is based in Germany or the EU. It is more difficult with an imprint in Africa, Dubai or in America, but not impossible.

Escort lady sitting in front of the internet searching for her pictures

Search engines: The internet does not forget - does it?

Occasionally, (former) escort ladies find their pictures on Google, although they should have been offline for a long time. Most women assume that they are still online on various portals. If one clicks on the link where  the picture is supposedly online, you get a page with error 404, which means that this page no longer exists and the profile has been deactivated. But why does it appear in the search engine? If you want to speed up this process, you have to contact Google. 

This is quite complicated and can take a long time. A lawyer can help, but you still need good nerves for this process. Good news: The images will disappear on their own over time. Google looks at a page and stores the images or the content in order to assess which search terms can be used to find the page. This is called indexing. However, since the search engine does not look at every web page every day, it can happen that the state of the web page is kept for several weeks or months, in exceptions even years, during indexing. When someone clicks on the (outdated) search result, they get an error page because the images are still offline. How long these images can be found in Google search depends on how often Google goes over the page.

Conclusion: Maintaining privacy as an escort

If you want to remain anonymous as an escort, you should lay the foundation for this right at the beginning of your career. Make sure that you are not recognizable on your profile photos! Cover up tattoos, piercings, or telltale body features and have the photos taken by an experienced photographer. A good agency will put a bar over your face or otherwise make you unrecognizable anyway.

It is inevitable that your escort pictures will end up on the internet. You should be aware of the risks when you put pictures on the internet – whether as an escort or privately on Instagram. A touch of composure can pay off: There are millions of naked pictures on the net. No need to panic if your (anonymous) pictures from your escort days don't disappear immediately. You have several options to have them taken offline.

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