Naturally Potent: How to increase your potency without medication

'Discover natural aphrodisiacs and lifestyle tips for improved potency and a fulfilling sex life – all without blue pills.


by Bell Bennett

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Naturally Potent: How to increase your potency without medication

Men occasionally have problems with potency or erectile dysfunction, and not just when they get older. First of all, this is not unusual and not at all a cause for concern. But nevertheless, this fact bothers many men a lot and they naturally think about how they can prevent erection problems. The trend is moving more and more towards natural sexual enhancers, which we particularly welcome. We have researched for you which natural sexual enhancer could help and how a natural sexual enhancer is usually to be used.


Why do men have potency disorders?

When we talk about male potency, it is the generic term for the ability to procreate and erect. In detail, however, it is usually about whether the penis becomes stiff enough to have sex and how long sexual intercourse lasts. Whether a man can still father babies is often secondary to the question of sexual enhancers. Up to 50 % of all men occasionally suffer from erectile dysfunction, and this figure naturally increases significantly with age. The problem, which doctors call erectile dysfunction, can have a number of different causes. Stress, lack of sleep, worries and fears, for example, are among the most common triggers. Let yourself go, dive into a world full of eroticism and sexual tension with an escort lady. Often a new environment, a sizzling situation already triggers a steady erection. An unhealthy diet, insufficient blood circulation in the pelvis, too much alcohol or taking medication are also among the causes of erectile dysfunction. If you frequently find that you do not get a (sufficient) erection, you should definitely see a urologist to get to the bottom of the problem.

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What are natural sexual enhancers for men and how do they work?

There is a whole range of foods and herbal substances that act like a kind of natural Viagra. Some of these homeopathic sexual enhancers trigger vasodilatation, others increase blood flow and some act more as aphrodisiacs (desire enhancers). Many of these are known worldwide and have been used for a long time to prevent erection problems or to increase potency. You can see which potency-enhancing products are currently particularly popular with men here:

Natural herbs for potency during the Escort date

1. Yohimbine

This substance is extracted from the leaves and bark of the yohimbine tree, which grows mainly in Cameroon. The product, which is usually offered as an extract or in tablet form, accelerates the heartbeat, improves blood circulation and is said to have a stimulating effect on the erectile tissue in the male member. Since it should by no means be used for some diseases, medical experts and test persons alike clearly advise against yohimbine. This is the case, for example, with very high or very low blood pressure, ulcers, glaucoma, liver and kidney problems and mental disorders. 

2. Muira Puama

Many South American indigenous tribes have been using the powder of the so-called potency wood as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries. Here, too, the bark of the muirapuama tree is ground into powder and used in the form of tinctures, tablets and teas to increase libido.

The extract is rich in healthy ingredients and can help improve blood flow to the member.

In studies, however, it only showed a particularly potency-enhancing effect in combination with ginseng.

3. Ginseng

The root of the ginseng tree really lives up to its reputation as a natural potency enhancer. What has been considered an insider tip in Asia for thousands of years, Korean study groups were also finally able to prove some time ago. As the best sexual enhancer (according to studies), it boosts the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood. This is absolutely essential for a hard erection, as NO dilates the erectile tissue and blood vessels. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure or take medication regularly, you should seek detailed medical advice before using ginseng.

4. Ginkgo

Originally native to China, the ginkgo tree provides the basis for a health-promoting extract through its leaves. The medicinal plant can demonstrably improve blood circulation and thus also create better blood flow in the penis.

Of course, there are other natural sexual enhancers, and the following always applies to all of them: Natural sexual enhancers should not only be used with caution, you should also inform yourself well about them in advance.

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These foods increase potency?

If you want to improve your erection, we suggest that you start by trying your diet. There are a number of delicious foods that can have an effect on potency. Experience shows that these foods lead to longer and harder erections and improve stamina during sex. Accordingly, it is also possible without medication - with these tasty potency-enhancing home remedies!

1. Celery and asparagus - some hate it, erection loves it

The green celery sticks are great for nibbling on the side and have a double effect on a man's strength. On the one hand, they help you relax and on the other, celery dilates the blood vessels, which, as we now know, can lead to a longer and harder erection. In the case of the noble vegetable (asparagus), it is also the high zinc content that neatly raises the testosterone level in the blood. And the good availability of the sex hormone is exactly what you need to increase potency.

2. Ginger and garlic - super bulbs for super erections

The fact that the blood-thinning effect of ginger has a positive effect on erections has already been proven several times in studies. So it's an all-round healthy tuber - just like garlic. Garlic was already loved in ancient times for its pleasure-increasing effect. The bulb has a positive effect on erections because it normalises blood circulation. However, you should leave it at a few cloves of garlic, because garlic breath is rather unsexy, at least for your sweetheart, or you eat something garlic-rich together.

3. Bananas and strawberries - The sweet fruits of erection

The healthy fruits have a high content of potassium, which ensures better blood circulation and loosens the walls of our blood vessels. Widened vessels allow a higher blood flow. And the blood then knows all by itself where to go when you are aroused. Strawberries, on the other hand, contain particularly high levels of magnesium and zinc. Both have a positive effect on erections when eaten regularly.

Foods for potency during the Escort date

4. Pumpkin seeds

This is more about the long-term effect, but it definitely has something to offer. Countless Arab men nibble on kernels every day to benefit from the high arginine content in order to last longer in bed. 

5. Dark chocolate

The high cocoa content of the tart chocolate has been shown in studies to improve the elasticity of blood vessels after just 14 days. An effective substitute for the little blue pills.

6. Walnuts

Arginine, protein and zinc are contained in large quantities in the super nut and this is top for male potency. The erectile tissue in the penis expands thanks to arginine, protein stimulates and zinc is an essential component of the male hormone testosterone.

7. Seafood

A valuable combination of omega-3 fatty acids and L-arginine improves the flow of blood. And when it passes better through the body, it also arrives well down there. By the way, iodine, which is also found in seafood, additionally increases desire.

8. Olive oil

Regular consumption of olive oil as part of a Mediterranean diet offers a real surprise. Even test subjects over 60 years of age had higher testosterone levels and significantly fewer potency problems than the control group in a study. 

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Wine for potency during the Escort date

Potency-enhancing drinks that everyone already knows about

A proven home remedy for erection problems is alcohol - but in moderation, otherwise it has exactly the opposite effect. Just one glass of red wine contains as many flavonoids as four apples and has a positive effect on the libido. A cool blonde beer is also good for erectile function. After the third beer, however, the shot could backfire and cause problems for the potency.

The best remedy for potency problems? Good health!

Männer, die öfter Schwierigkeit mit Ihrer Erektion haben sind Ärzten zufolge häufig übergewichtig, ernähren sich schlecht, rauchen und trinken gerne oder bewegen sich eher wenig. Was sagt uns das?

Ein gesunder Lifestyle mit ausgewogener Kost, regelmäßiger sportlicher Betätigung und das Aufgeben ungesunder Angewohnheit werden sich auf Ihren Körper, Geist und Sex positiv auswirken. 

Regular sex against erectile dysfunction

But it is not only food, drinks or certain plants that naturally promote male potency, but also regular sex. Those who have sex regularly not only increase their desire, but also train their stamina and the stability of the penis. Should you now feel like trying out some of our suggested foods and do not have the suitable partner, why not try it out with an escort lady from BB-Escort. Go out for seafood together, have a glass of wine, nibble some walnuts and increase your lust additionally with a hot and sensual escort lady! This way you will certainly have no more problems with your potency.

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