Porta Potties - What do mobile toilets have to do with escort ladies in Dubai?

You often see the great life of beautiful ladies in Dubai, but many of them harbour a dark secret. They are the so-called Porta Potties of Dubai!


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

Porta Potties - What do mobile toilets have to do with escort ladies in Dubai?

We have already discussed in an earlier article that it is not that easy to make a quick buck in Dubai. Nevertheless, many young women find it difficult to assess the situation on the ground. 

Understandable, with all the luxurious Instagram pictures they get to admire every day. Dozens of women in the same situation as themselves (only apparently much more successful) post hundreds of pictures showing them on the most expensive yachts in Dubai, in St. Tropez at the luxury club or involved in the hottest parties in Ibiza. Their accounts are bursting with perfect motives and not a trace of advertising anywhere. It can't be that difficult to do the same! Beware, because caution is advised here. Little effort for a disproportionate amount of money may make the viewer sceptical. It could be the offshoots of a highly worrying trend. Have you ever heard of Porta Potties?

What does Porta Pottie mean?

If you've Googled it now, no, it doesn't mean camping toilets. Porta pottie is the name given to a woman who gets paid a lot of money to service extremely degrading fetishes. The practices may vary, but generally show an excess of boundary transgression. We are talking about violent physical abuse and faecal fetishes. In many cases, the women don't even know exactly what they're in for or are all too naive about the arrangements in exchange for great photo locations and large amounts of money. When the awakening comes, they are often already in the middle of it and can hardly hope for help. The case studies that are becoming loud are by no means limited to Dubai. This practice is also worth mentioning separately in this context because as a European woman you can hardly count on support there in case of doubt. Once you have fallen in with the wrong person, you will probably have to go through with the job. 

Where is the border?

Cases are reported of women being forced to lick faeces naked from filthy floors or men relieving themselves directly on them. Others were so violently abused that they could hardly think afterwards. Nevertheless - the cash is right. Paid was very good in most reports. The question is whether one can justify to oneself not only being severely degraded but, in extreme cases, risking permanent damage. Is it really worth it? Especially since illegal acts are often demanded. Sex with animals or minors, for example, is punishable in any case, regardless of whether you were paid for it or consented to the act on your own initiative. Of course, it is seldom clear how much reality content there is in the reports of experiences shared online. The recurring motives alone make the reports seem quite credible.

Maintain basic boundaries

What is particularly unpleasant about these stories is also their after-effect on the perception of escorts as an industry in itself. Over time, an unjustified image can take root in the minds of potential clients, making them assume that an escort must bow to all their demands without resistance, no matter how disrespectfully they behave towards her. Over time, this can create an overall situation of fear for the entire industry. A situation that should be counteracted from the beginning. An escort lady should always retain her free will and be able to say "no" at any time. In order for you to be able to pursue your work in a relaxed manner, just like all other women, always check your agreements carefully in advance and get used to not getting involved in anything that you don't really want to do. Everyone has limits and these should also be respected in the context of love for sale.

How does a date like this work?

At first, Porta Potties are recruited just like other escort ladies. There is a rough request, travel is included, the promise of a date in a luxurious and popular location draws immediately. And why not?

Isn't it the best thing that can happen to a travel-loving escort lady to be booked to an exciting holiday destination?

Then, however, enquiries about special fetishes follow. Apparently, extreme scenes can now be directly addressed very brazenly here. Paradox:

The more self-evident the request is, the less extreme the demand seems. The offered reward clearly comes to the fore in the perception.  It comes as it must: young escort ladies in particular underestimate the situation and readily agree. The client has this confirmed by video as a safeguard. In addition, a non-disclosure agreement is drawn up. The flight into disaster begins. In this scenario, it is at least clear in advance what is at stake.

Much more drastic are reports in which the escort is only given hints at first, so that she is already on the spot and in the middle of it when she realises what she is dealing with.

The Porta Potties live a life of make-believe luxury

Who does this to himself?

One can imagine that there is a misjudgement here.

But what drives people who deliberately take on such a situation? Well, primarily it's probably marketing interests.

Pictures in front of a perfect backdrop, in It-places and with enough glamour are the best personal advertising. The woman needs these pictures, because that is the marketing trick.

If the payment is right, the pain threshold is also readily corrected upwards. Unfortunately, it is only afterwards that it becomes clear that one overestimates oneself. 

That's why you should always be aware before making such a commitment: you don't have to accept damage to your own body for any money in the world, and previous convictions won't benefit you either. In the end, you are always responsible for what you get into. Even if there are criminal consequences.

What can you do if you find yourself in such a situation unexpectedly?

Women who have unknowingly agreed to such a date and have become victims of drastic preferences and gross violence without preparation often feel the consequences years later. No matter whether it is psychological fears or physical traces that won't let them go. 


If you know someone in this situation, or if something similar has happened to you, do not hesitate to seek support. No one is asking you to go public with your experiences. It is enough to be there for yourself first and get moral support from the "White Ring" or the "Help Line for Women" (08000 1160 16). If you have to give more of yourself than you are willing to give, it is always too much!

However, if you want serious clients, an agency that stands behind you and accompanies you, security and still a very good income, then you should apply to one of the most successful escort agencies.

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