Seduce women effectively

Find out how to have more success with women. It's not just about appearances, but confidence and charm too. Explore the art of seduction!


by Bell Bennett

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Seduce women effectively

Are you also one of those men who are less successful with women? Are you usually fobbed off with a cool smile, or do you often get a rejection when you want to win a woman over? Then the first question you probably ask yourself is: “Is it because of me?” — And we're sorry to say that yes, it probably is. But not in the way you might think. You don't have to be rich or slim or extremely good-looking to seduce women. Rather, it is self-confidence, charm, wit, and honesty that have an attractive effect on women. If you want to know how sex seduction works, read on here.

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How do I conquer her?

This question already contains the answer: women want to be conquered. But not by a man who asks to be conquered by her. Instead, they want to be conquered by someone who knows what he wants and acts accordingly. It is by no means always the best-looking guys who win over almost every woman, but those who walk up to women without self-doubt. The seduction of a woman for a date or for sex therefore succeeds with a charming appearance that puts the woman in the centre of interest. Snappy comments and questions, which can also be a little cheeky, promise much more success than hackneyed pick-up lines.

Why not give it a try right now!

Success begins in the mind

Before you next approach a woman you want to seduce for sex, you should be clear about a few things. Don't think in advance that the lady probably doesn't want to know about you anyway. This negative emotion keeps you from being yourself, and that doesn't go down well with the ladies. Instead, think about what your positive sides are and how you could cleverly emphasize and use them. Make yourself interesting, but also take an interest in the woman — keeping the perfect balance is the secret.

In your mind, you should have already seduced the woman in question because then your pick-up line will work much better straight away. Furthermore, get rid of self-doubt and shyness and bring a healthy ego and stories that will make your chosen one laugh. But please don't exaggerate too much — she will hardly buy that you wrestled with an alligator in Florida. However, the fact that your heart dropped when one was lying on your porch in the morning is more likely to arouse her interest.

Positive thinking when seducing a woman

A man flirts with a woman as he intends to seduce her

Seduce women the right way

Women love men and sex, but the man whose flirting attempts she engages in should be well-groomed in any case. Therefore, it is advisable to dress casually chic and, above all, to smell good. Basically, our senses play a big role in the first contact and if you wear a good perfume, it will be noticed positively. How about adopting a slightly different image in general and always appearing fresh and sporty in public? After all, you never know when you will meet a hot woman you want to seduce for sex! As soon as you see a lady who arouses your interest, be it in a club, on the train or while shopping, the rule is: approach her immediately. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be for you, and in the end you may miss the opportunity altogether. Also realize that rejections are part of everyday life and are by no means the end of the world. Just tick them off and move on to the next woman you like. As soon as you have overcome the hurdle of the approach through frequent practice, you will become much more relaxed and natural. This will exponentially increase your chances of success in the near future.

Get strange women hot in just five steps:

1. Approach the woman without obligation and start a conversation in a relaxed way. Please don't flirt right away or convey clear intentions because that usually goes wrong. If you are in a fruit shop, for example, you could ask for her favourite kind of apple to start a conversation. At a hotel bar, a drink recommendation that you ask the lady about would be a good way to start.

2. If the woman seems interested, you now need to turn this curiosity into attraction. You should take the lead in the conversation, but not talk too much yourself. Let the woman talk — it doesn't really matter what it's about, as long as you leave out annoying topics like ex-relationships, money worries and so on. Affirm the woman, throw in amusing comments, and laugh at funny remarks. In short: show your humorous side!

3. At this point, you must manage to establish an emotional connection between the two of you. Show her that you are not just the entertaining man next door, but have hidden desires. To do this, you have to reveal something about yourself and let the woman look into your soul. Ask the lady about her secret desires and let her know that you feel and think similarly. 

Practise your seduction skills

**4. **If you don't get the opportunity to have a drink or dinner with her right away, it will probably come down to a second meeting. Tell her that you would love to continue this conversation with such an interesting person. Ask her directly for her mobile phone number and let it ring so that she knows your number. Now you can get in touch with her. But call her the next day at the earliest and then arrange to meet her. You should decide on the place and the type of activity.

**5. **If the woman's signals tell you that she is also ready to skip step four, you should now make a change of location. It is best to pick something that is not too far from a sex-worthy location. A small hotel is usually more suitable than your flat, plus it looks less planned and the attraction of the foreign place is added for both of you. Intensify the previous conversation and let the woman of your dreams know how desirable you find her. Sentences like: “I have to admit, I get incredibly hot in your presence” or “It's not like me at all, but it's hard for me to resist your attraction”, for example, will please her. Treat the lady as if she were the love of her life and make her really hot. Afterwards, seduce her by every trick in the book and take your time. Shower your chosen one's body with kisses and make her hot with compliments. She will definitely not be able to resist you now and is just as horny as you are to finally have sex.

How to make your own wife hot

Especially for couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, the desire for sex is sometimes lost. Gone are the days when you threw yourself at each other every free minute and the woman was actually always horny. Seducing a stranger is therefore often easier because there is the added attraction of the unknown. It is much more exciting and challenging to make your woman really hot. With a few little tricks, you can also seduce your wife into more sex.

1. Compliment her and let her know how sexy she is. Even if she is in front of you in a tracksuit, tell her how hot her bottom looks in it. “If you think I'm forgetting how hot the body is that's in that outfit, you're wrong!”. Already your lady of the heart will thank you for the compliment with a kiss or immediately nestle her body against you.

**2. **During sex, you should let your partner enjoy herself. If she really enjoys sex, she will automatically want to have it more often. 3.

3. Allow your wife to relax. If your wife is less stressed, she will want to have sex with you more often. Therefore, help out around the house and with raising the children: the time your wife saves by doing this, she can spend with you in bed.

Generally speaking, women also have sexual needs, they just don't express them as openly as men. Help her with this by seducing her into sex more often because sex leads to more sex. And that wouldn't be so bad, would it?

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