Deposit for escort dates

Learn everything about deposits for escort dates: In which cases they are necessary, what payment options are available, and how agencies can assist


by Bell Bennett

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Deposit for escort dates

In the article “Travel costs of the escort lady to the client” we have already briefly dealt with the topic of advance payment or down payment. Today, we would like to explain in which situations exactly an escort lady can and should ask for a down payment. For the following and similar requests, we recommend that you insist on the down payment before the actual date! In addition, you can find out here which different payment methods are possible and common in the escort sector – because cash is not always the only truth.

When do clients have to make a partial payment before the meeting?

Many escorts work mainly locally, i.e. only in the immediate vicinity of their residence. Those who choose this option should of course be aware that interesting assignments that bring in a pretty penny cannot be taken. That is why more and more escorts decide to meet clients nationwide or even abroad if they wish. Let's say, for example, you live in Stuttgart and are asked for a meeting in Hamburg. - Great, you're in for a free trip and you can get to know a new city. But what about the travel costs to the date? Do you have to pay out of your own pocket? No! This should definitely not be the case and we strongly advise against it. You should always insist that your expenses are covered in advance. And that includes bus, train, and plane tickets. After all, something unforeseen can always come up and the client may have to cancel the meeting at short notice.

To avoid being stuck with the travel costs and possibly even the costs for an overnight stay in a hotel in such a situation, you should ask for advance payment to be on the safe side. This applies not only to the journey, but also to part of your agreed fee. A train journey or a short flight can be nice and entertaining, but of course you cannot make any appointments for the time of your journey. To limit your losses in case of a cancellation, clients pay on average one third to one half of the fee in advance. If you work with an agency, this partial payment usually goes to the agency and is passed on to you by them. At the very least, your agency should confirm receipt of the agreed amount before you set off on your date.

It is probably clear to everyone that a long journey requires a partial payment. But did you know that you can ask for a deposit in other situations as well? For example, let's say your date wants to go to a concert together before the romantic part of the evening and wants to meet you directly at the concert hall. Or he wants to start the evening with a visit to a spa outside the hotel and asks you to meet him there. Maybe he's interested in spending a holiday with you and just wants to meet you for dinner at the hottest restaurant in town. These are all occasions when you can ask for a deposit with a clear conscience. By the way, this also applies if a gentleman asks you for a house call. In that case, the client should also pay a deposit to you or your agency before the appointment.

What payment options are there?

The vast majority of escort ladies are very reluctant to give their real names. That is absolutely right! But how do you get your money BEFORE a date? Cash payment, bank transfer and the like are not possible in the situation mentioned here. For independent ladies who do not work with an escort agency, there are the following possibilities:


Theoretically, the money transfer service Paypal can be used for the deposit, but there are two important points to note! Firstly, the payment on the part of the customer must be made from a private account, as commercial transfers can be reclaimed. Secondly, Paypal's terms and conditions prohibit the payment of erotic services. In concrete terms, this means that a customer could complain to Paypal after meeting you. In that case, not only would you not be credited with your money, but your Paypal account would be blocked forever. This type of advance payment is therefore not necessarily recommended.

PayPal payment for the escort date


Customers can purchase vouchers in retail stores or at petrol stations. They then pass the respective voucher code on to their date (i.e. you) and you can use the code to have the corresponding amount credited to your Amazon account. The great advantage of this payment method is that both customer and date remain completely anonymous.


Theoretically, an escort could also be paid by transferring cryptos, such as Bitcoin. However, we are not really familiar with this area and advise everyone to only use this option if they have familiarised themselves with the matter. After all, exchange rate losses could ensure that the value of the transferred coins is reduced enormously - which would be very unfavourable for the recipient.

Payment via your escort agency

The possibilities of making a down payment for long journeys to an agency are much more diverse. Here the client can simply pay by credit card, make a bank transfer or send the money via Western Union or other money services. In most cases, this is not only faster, but also much more convenient for the client. A few clicks on the laptop or mobile phone and the receipt of payment is confirmed on both sides. This way, not only the escort lady but also the client is on the safe side, because the money remains with the agency until the meeting has taken place. If an escort does not show up, he will get the amount back and has no financial loss. Your agency will then pay or transfer the money to you as usual after your date.

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