Essential Must-Haves for escorts: The Ultimate Guide for Success

Discover the essential items every escort should carry to be perfectly prepared for every date


by Bell Bennett

10 minutes read

Essential Must-Haves for escorts: The Ultimate Guide for Success

You may already have dealt a little with the topic of escort, perhaps you already know others of our magazine articles or also various YouTube videos. Or you are an absolute newcomer in the field and are just getting into the topic of escort. Whether already well read, unknowing or even already working as an escort, here are a few important things you should always have in your escort bag.

The incident during the date

Something can always happen during a date. If a lady arrives with her car, she naturally has the possibility to pack much more and deposit it in the car than a lady who arrives by public transport. An escort lady should indeed only appear for a short date with a handbag and not with a large suitcase.


Should the lady not wear lingerie under her dress for various reasons, then she should definitely have some in her bag so that she can show herself hot in erotic lingerie to her client. A lady should also have at least a second pair of stockings with her. How quickly you get caught somewhere and have a ladder. That doesn't look great and it doesn't make a good impression when you go out with your date. So remember to always have at least 2 pairs in your handbag.

This is what you should get as an escort

Sexy lingerie for escort dates

Hygiene items

A lady should have several hygiene items in her handbag. Most of them are in every woman's bag, but we would like to list some important things here. A tip from our experienced escort ladies, pack as small as possible. That means for many items there are small travel packs. Of course, these will be expensive eventually, but they are easy to refill at home.

Personal care products for use by escorts

The deodorant

Let's start with the simple things. An escort should always have a deodorant with her. If the journey to the date was stressful and you already started sweating before the date, it is always good to put on some deodorant before meeting the client. Even if the escort client and the escort lady have spent a day together in the spa or at an exciting football match, you want to avoid getting sweaty or smelly afterwards. A little tip from us: Use a neutral deodorant, so if the client smells something himself, you can tell him you want to apply some more deodorant and then offer him to use yours if he likes. Some "smell" the roast and accept with thanks, or perhaps they like to take a shower together with the escort lady.


Mouthwash should also not be underestimated. Especially for escort ladies who smoke a cigarette before the date, it should be a constant companion. Before the date, rinse your mouth with mouthwash and you will have fresh breath again. Even if you have had dinner with the escort client, a short mouthwash afterwards can help to remove certain odours, e.g. garlic or onions. Especially if your counterpart has not eaten this, the smell is very noticeable. Many people tend to use the simpler option, chewing gum, but you don't want to sit there on a date chewing like a cow, so chewing gum should not be your first choice. Meanwhile, there are also small balls or thin plates that dissolve quickly in the mouth. Another emergency solution would be a mint-flavoured sweet. But please, don't chew on gum during your date and move it from side to side while kissing!

Mouthwash to use for escorts on dates

Wet wipes needed when going on an escort date

Wet wipes

Who doesn't know it? You dripped some sauce on your dress at dinner, the ribbon on the escalator was dirty or you want to quickly wipe something off your face. The number one remedy is damp cloths. You can get them with oil, or smell, but also completely neutral. No matter what you choose, you should have them in your bag. Also, if you want to freshen up quickly before intercourse, these little flannels are especially good. We recommend choosing an odourless one, as the smell of baby wipes is not to everyone's taste.

You want to know the procedure of an escort date?


If the "worst thing in the world for a woman" happens during a date, it's good to always have a spare. Of course it is no reason to break off the escort date because an escort lady has got her period. The soft tampon is best suited here. It has a larger volume, no annoying ribbon and is not noticeable to an escort client during sex. Here you can find more information about the soft tampon, how you can use it and what other advantages it has. No matter which tampon you use, please always wrap it in toilet paper and take it with you. It could be very embarrassing for your client and put them in an awkward situation if you throw your used tampon in the bin with them. To avoid unpleasant odours in your bag, it is advisable not to have a small bag to put your tampon rolled in toilet paper in.

Tampons for escorts to use during their period

Everything about sex

But now to the important part of our must-have article. All the things that women and men need to have good and, above all, safe sex!

Cosmetic products escorts should use

Massage oil

Before we get straight to the intimate part, we recommend a massage oil. An erotic massage can be very sensual and a good introduction to the rest of the date. You can buy a simple baby oil or a natural massage oil. The tip of our escort ladies: Not, with too much or strong smell. Especially if clients have a later appointment, this is not an option for them. There are also different lubricating gels that can be used not only for intercourse but also as a massage gel. Attention! Not every lubricant is a massage gel; conventional lubricants can stick or become lumpy when massaged. Solid massage oils that melt slowly on contact with the skin are also good. Some of them even have nubs to make the massage perfect. Be careful in summer, when it is particularly hot, they will melt in your handbag!


Yes, first of all, before you think about sex, you should think about condoms. Of course, protection is protection, but some condoms are more suitable for escorting than others. For example, condoms from well-known manufacturers with black packaging often do not fit properly and are too tight for many men. Condoms with a fruit flavour cause nausea on the 10th date at the latest, and the private labels of drug stores are often still expensive compared to professional condoms. It is often worth ordering a 100-pack of condoms on the internet for €20 - €25 instead of buying 10 for €6. However, the main thing is to have a rubber instead of nothing! It is recommended to have different sizes because not always the best piece of the man is the same. So please, dear ladies, on a date you should have at least 10 condoms - rather too many than too few - and the sizes should also vary. There are manufacturers who offer a package with 10 condoms in 5 different sizes. So you always have something for small and large “men”. And you won't end up like our escort lady. If a lady offers anal intercourse, she should also carry a few extra tear-proof condoms with her.

Condoms a must have for escorts

By the way, you can also use condoms cut open as lickcloths. If the client does not want to lick the lady without protection, this is a good solution. Alternatively, there are special dental dams that are suitable for French sex. However, these are relatively expensive and are rarely used, so a cut condom will do.

Lubricant and practice with condoms and a banana


Everything goes better when it slips well. This is also true for sex as an escort lady. No matter if vaginal, oral or anal. Lubricant is indispensable for many ladies. Here it is important to pay attention to the quality of the lubricant.  Not every lubricant is suitable for condoms. Oil-based gels in particular destroy the surface of the condom and therefore no longer offer reliable protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Again, a lubricant gel with flavour is not advisable because at some point you simply can't smell or taste it any more. Caution: Some lubricants are warming, tingling or have a slight local anaesthetic, which is also not desired by many customers. In fact, the simpler the better is the motto here. The lubricant should also be suitable for vaginal/anal intercourse as well as for the use of sex toys. Again, some destroy the surface of the toys. Don't worry, you don't have to carry 10 different gels with you, nor do you have to dig deep into your pockets. The simple lubricants from the best-known manufacturer meet all these criteria.


Yes, which toys do escort ladies have to have with them? Well, they don't have to have anything, but they want to have a re-booking with the client, so as an escort lady you should have a small repertoire of different toys with you. The most important of all is of course the vibrator. This can be a small handy one, or a fancy piece. It is important that it is not just lying around in your handbag, but is at least packed in a small case. The vibrator is one of the classic basics. Furthermore, everything from A for anal plug to r for ropes can be packed in the bag. So there are no limits for the escort lady when it comes to toys.

Sex toys as crucial accessories for escorts

So let's go!

You've got it all figured out or you're already on the relevant pages looking for everything you need? Then apply at Bells Escort. Our colleagues will prepare you for what awaits you as an escort, are available for you around the clock and will answer all your questions. If you want to know more about escorting beforehand, our magazine is a good place to start!

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