Apply online to an escort agency

Online application to an escort agency is common in today's era. Learn what to consider when applying online.


by Bell Bennett

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Apply online to an escort agency

Are you interested in the job as an escort lady? Then you have come to the right place! In our magazine under the heading Escort Girls you will find many useful articles on the subject of becoming an escort and working as an escort. Have you already informed yourself about the job as an escort and would like to apply to an escort agency? Then you will first fill out the online application form of the agency and here an escort agency wants to know a lot about you. Today, we explain to you what questions the agency asks you in the application form and why these questions are important for the escort agencies.

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The name on the online application

Your name

Your name in the application form is important because all agencies want to be able to call you by name when they contact you for the first time. In the first step for the application as an escort lady, the agencies only need your first name. Of course, we know that some ladies sometimes feel uncomfortable or apprehensive about applying to an escort agency. Therefore, it is also okay for the escort agency if you would like to remain anonymous for the time being and provide a pseudonym or stage name. This is sufficient for the application form as an escort lady. During the casting process, however, it is necessary for the escort agency to know your full name.  This is needed so that the agency can send you invoices or transfer your deposits. Don't worry! Your real name will only be used for the above-mentioned purposes. With an escort agency, you can be sure that you will work anonymously as an escort, which means that after your application you will be given a stage name and will always be addressed with this.

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Your height and weight

Yes, your height, clothing size and weight also play a role when applying for an escort job. But don't worry if you don't have 90-60-90 model measurements! We can clearly refute that men only book slim and petite women. Nevertheless, agencies can judge at first glance whether they have the right customer base for you. Be really honest here and don't make 1.60 m and 55 kilos into 1.70 m and 50 kilos. Cheating does neither you, the agency, nor the client any good. So be honest with yourself, stand by yourself and your body. In the setcards of the escort ladies, you will find the type of woman that the agencies provide. In our escort agency, not only the age of the ladies is mixed, but also the figures. We provide ladies who are petite and somewhat smaller, ladies with feminine curves and all figure types in between.

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Measurements of the woman in the online application

Your age

Every escort agency has a special clientele. Some agencies focus exclusively on younger ladies or only on older ladies. Therefore, it is important for the escort agency to know how old you are. Under no circumstances should you give false information. There is no point in cheating with your age and making yourself look older or younger. Please remember that women under the age of 18 are not allowed to work as escorts, so the escort agency also checks the age of your ladies. BB Escort has been successfully placing escort ladies between the ages of 18 and 35 with clients for over 10 years. This means that with us the age of the escort ladies is mixed and we have not focused on younger or older escort ladies.

You must be at least 18 for your online application as an escort lady

Your place of residence

Your place of residence is important for many agencies and also for your success as an escort lady. Some agencies are only represented in one province or a certain region, others all over Germany. Therefore, it is especially important that you inform them where you come from. Of course, an escort agency does not need an exact address in your application form. The next larger city in your area is completely sufficient. Here, the agency can already evaluate whether they have any clients for you as a future escort lady. Most escort dates take place in large cities. So of course the proximity to a big city is a great advantage. If you do not live in the outskirts of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt, this is usually not a problem. However, you should be mobile. This means that either your place of residence has optimal public transport connections or you are mobile with your own car.

iInfos about the application

Your contact details

Of course, the agency would like to contact you after your application. Therefore, it is important that you provide your email address and also your phone number. Before you send your application to the agency, check that your contact details are correct. It is easy for a careless mistake to creep in, you think that you will not be taken by the agency and the agency tries to contact you in vain. Thus, many ladies could not start the job as an escort because they thought they were not taken, but the agency just could not reach the lady. A reputable escort agency should respond to your application within 48-72 hours. Even if the escort agency has decided not to work with you, you should receive a response to your application. At best, the escort agency will give you a reason why they will not place you as an escort lady.

However, you should not give up your desire to work as an escort after a rejection. As already mentioned, some agencies specialize in certain ladies. Maybe your place of residence does not match the clients the agency has or your age and figure do not match the client wishes of the agency. Therefore, after you have been rejected by an escort agency, you should apply to another agency. However, if you still have not received an answer or a reaction to your application as an escort from the agency after one week, contact them and ask. It is possible that your application did not reach the agency or their email did not reach you.

Pictures for your online application

Your pictures

Last but not least! Yes, an escort agency wants to have photos taken of you when you apply. No, these photos will not be used on the homepage and no, you do not have to go to a photographer to have your photos taken. It is important for the agency to get a picture of you. Therefore, it is important that you are completely visible in the photos that you send to the agency. It is best if you wear something that emphasises your body so that the escort agency can recognise your figure. You do not have to send photos in underwear, in a bikini or even naked. You should also make sure that your face is clearly visible in your photos. Absolutely unsuitable are photos that have a filter. These filters, whether it's just a blurred face or the dog nose or stars from Snapchat, have nothing to do with your true appearance. The holiday snapshot with 3 friends in front of the Brandenburg Gate is also unsuitable. Make sure you are alone in the photos. A selfie in front of the mirror before you go to university or work is enough.

What else escort agencies want to know

In some application forms, you will find questions about your tattoos or piercings. Of course, this information is only used so that the agency can better classify you and decide whether they have enough clients for you. After all, an escort agency, just like the ladies, wants the escort lady to get many dates. Some escort agencies also ask about the foreign languages of the prospective escort lady. This is important because there are many international escort clients who do not speak German. Therefore, it is an advantage if an escort lady speaks at least one foreign language, such as English, in order to be able to converse with foreign escort clients. In addition, other foreign languages are always an advantage for an escort lady. Some agencies even ask ladies about their Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok accounts. This serves primarily so that the agency can get a better picture of the lady. We have also heard that the online application form for an escort lady asks about hobbies or preferences. Every agency sets different priorities, and you will quickly notice that every agency wants to know the points listed above.

Your application to BB Escort

To apply as an escort, simply click on the button below, which will take you directly to the online application form. We need your name, your age, your height, and weight, your place of residence, telephone number and e-mail address (you must provide at least one of these so that we can contact you) and 3 photos of you. You can fill out the application form online, upload your photos and send them to us. If you have questions or a message for the agency, you can send it to us right away in the application form. A colleague from the agency will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment for online casting.

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