The sedcard - business card for the success of an escort lady

The sedcard of the escort lady decides whether she is booked or not and whether she earns a lot of money or not! This is what it should look like!


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

The sedcard - business card for the success of an escort lady

How and why does an escort client decide on a certain lady? Is it only about looks, appearance or age? Or do other factors play a role - factors that you can influence? A good Sedcard brings you together with guests who suit you and ensures a full schedule. You can find out what a good escort profile should look like here. 

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Professional images make the difference

A picture says more than a thousand words. It would be a lie to claim that the appearance of an escort lady does not play a role. After all, it is what the potential guest sees and wants to see first when he clicks on an escort website. 

But it's not just about the content of the photos - the image quality plays at least as big a role. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world: a poorly lit selfie in front of the bathroom mirror will not bring you many bookings. On the other hand, a professional photo studio can hide your little flaws (for example, stretch marks if you are an escort and a mother) and bring your most beautiful sides to the fore. A photo shoot is an investment that pays off. You can play with the framing of the picture to choose more beautiful subjects.

For example, it is a bad idea to include pictures of your face in the selection if you want to remain anonymous. The more present the face is in the photo, the bigger the bar has to be to anonymise the model. In the end we have a big bar in the picture and a little bit of face. The client literally does not have the possibility to get a picture of the lady.

Opinions differ on the subject of “image editing”. Rule of thumb: The client should not be blind sided when he arrives at the meeting point. It is perfectly okay to retouch small details such as tattoos or scars, but the model should remain recognizable. By the way: The tips for good escort pictures also apply to your application as an escort lady. Of course, you don't have to come directly with professional model photos. But the agency management should be able to determine from your photos whether you have potential as an escort lady.

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The perfect text for your escort profile

A good text in the escort lady's sedcard

Whoever books an escort lady wants more than the quick satisfaction of urges. It's about charming company, beautiful hours and the fulfilment of sexual dreams. That is why it is not only the pictures that determine the success of an escort lady. All women who earn 20,000 euros and more have one thing in common: they have a really good profile text that perfectly captures their personality.

The text on the Sedcard consists of two parts: a short profile with an overview of the most important information and an introduction in text form. The profile is often given by the escort agency and includes basics such as the escort's name, age, willingness to travel and languages spoken. You do not have to give your measurements and clothing size in detail - it is more about getting an approximate picture of your body. Many clients have certain preferences that they may not be able to express in private. 

Therefore, it makes sense to mention erotic preferences and possibilities in the profile so that the readers can make a preselection. You cannot charge extra for extra services, but you are much more likely to receive enquiries than a lady who offers nothing. Are you willing to accompany handicapped men or elderly guests of senior age? Some couples want variety and book an escort lady for a ménage-à-trois. In your profile text you can kindly assure that you are happy to receive these groups. This could also be the deciding factor why a guest chooses you.

If a client decides to go on a longer date or have dinner together, he or she wants to know your preferences. Is the chemistry right, do you have topics you can talk about? This also makes it easier to plan joint activities. The more you tell the reader about your personality and preferences, the better.

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Checklist for a good sedcard as an escort

Checklist: This is what your sedcard should look like

  • a professional full-body photo as an eye-catcher
  • several pictures in other poses and outfits
  • short profile with age, homebase and languages
  • (optional) body size and confection
  • small collection of interests as an icebreaker
  • Information on sexual preferences and possibilities
  • Note on readiness to travel
  • appealing, personal profile text
  • Feedback from previous dates

Control who books you with the escort sedcard

The sedcard decides whether a lady is booked

With a good sedcard you can influence which clients book you for an escort date. Which target group suits you? Don't be afraid to clearly formulate your preferences! If you want to appeal to everyone, you will appeal to no one.

Example: A lady loves to give prostate massages and is rather dominant in a sexual context. She designs her sedcard in such a way that these characteristics come across to the reader. This appeals mainly to men with submissive tendencies who are interested in intense anal stimulation. She has many more requests because she openly addresses and fulfils the needs of the guests and, by the way, has a lot of fun on the dates.

For this to work, the basics must first be right. Beautiful, professional pictures and a meaningful text help you to become successful as an escort. The reader should be able to get a good picture of you. We are happy to look at your previous escort sedcard and give you feedback. And of course we will be happy to advise you on entering the world of erotic escorting!

Are you looking for a job where you don't have to work full time to live a fulfilled life? As an escort you have the chance!** If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email or contact us via the contact form! We will advise you on how to get started and support you on your way to becoming a successful escort lady!**

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