Earn really good money with side jobs!

In today's world, everyone is looking for a well-paying side job. Discover which side jobs are truly lucrative for women.


by Bell Bennett

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Earn really good money with side jobs!

Who hasn't experienced this? One look at your wallet or bank account, and you are shocked to discover that there is still quite a lot of month  left at the end of the money! If you don't know this problem, then you are either a very thrifty person or you already work in one of the best paid jobs. For the best-paid jobs, women often need many years of study and usually also expensive training. However, many can't afford either, partly because they don't have the time and partly because they don't have the money. That's why today we want to introduce you to jobs that you can do alongside your studies, or alongside your regular job, and still earn a lot of money.

To the lucrative side job Escort!

Legal information on part-time jobs

Legal aspects of part-time jobs

In Germany, part-time jobs and weekend jobs for regular employees are clearly regulated by the Working Hours Act. The times of the regular job and the side job are added together. A weekly working time of 48 hours per week or, for a limited period, no more than 60 hours per week, may not be exceeded. The working time of 60 hours per week must be compensated for by 48 hours within six months. This means that if you work 60 hours for 2 months, you may only work 36 hours per week for compensation for 2 months within 6 months. If you work full-time with 40 hours, you may not work more than a total of 8 hours in one day at the weekend.  Statutory breaks and a rest period of at least 11 hours between workdays must also be observed. The following applies theoretically:

  • Provided that the part-time job does not affect the regular job, the employer may not prohibit a part-time job.

  • If you are sick in your main job, you are not allowed to work in your second job.

  • You can earn up to €450 per month tax-free.

  • If you receive unemployment benefit, you may not work more than 16 hours a week and earn €165 per month. Otherwise, you will have to expect a reduction in your benefits.

With these jobs you can earn a few extra euros


The classic job for students is probably waitressing. Of course, there are many possibilities. You can wait tables in a café, a bar, a restaurant or at large company parties. Depending on how much time you invest, you can earn a little extra money on the side. The most lucrative waitress jobs are at big events or in tourist restaurants, bars, and establishments. A waitress at the Oktoberfest in Munich can earn up to €15,000 in 3 weeks. In general, folk festivals, dults, Kirchweih, Dom, beer festivals or whatever you want to call them are a nice, temporary source of income that also brings in a lot of tips thanks to excessive alcohol consumption. Of course, the simple waiter's job around the corner will also do to earn a little money on the side. It's hardly enough for great wealth. Thanks to the minimum wage, the hourly wage as a waiter is no less than €9.50. Most of the time, it's actually no more than €10 per hour. Moreover, comes the tip, which could be relatively lavish depending on where the waiter is.

Part-time job as a waitress

Blogging or vlogging

No one expects you to become an influencer and become one of the top social media earners. But with a few interesting topics, you can still earn money relatively quickly and easily via various social media platforms. If you are particularly knowledgeable about a topic that interests many people, you have a good chance of earning money with a few good videos and posts. Even if your knowledge or skills cover a niche, you can earn money with them. Platforms like OnlyFans or Patreon offer an excellent basis. OnlyFans in particular are happy to undress in front of the worldwide Internet community for money, but whether you really want to be irrevocably visible on the Internet forever is questionable. Here you can't set a direct hourly wage for your work, and it really depends on the individual how much you get for a contribution or even a video. In addition, there is the possibility, if you already have a well-functioning YouTube Chanel etc., that you do advertising for various companies there. Be it in the form of testing products or openly promoting the products. Usually, you get a certain amount from the company and/or the product(s) free.


Do you enjoy taking photos and have the perfect equipment at home? Then why not try your hand at photography? Landscapes, food, meals, people in everyday situations, there are plenty of subjects. You can sell your photos on various stock or deposit platforms where others can buy your photos. Look around on the platforms, try to find a niche, and then cover it with your photos. Especially in the erotic sector, there is often a lack of suitable motifs for websites, magazines or similar. But companies and businesses in your area can also benefit from your craft. After all, good photos are the figurehead of every company. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and your talent. New, aesthetic photos are sure to make a good impression in the snack bar around the corner. Depending on the size and quality, you'll get between 50 cents and 2,-€ per picture.


You can sew, knit, crochet or do other fancy things? Then offer your services on Etsy, eBay or at flea and craft markets. You can also quickly set up your homepage and advertise your shop on social media. More and more parents want unique items for their children. Be it a special gift for birth, baptism, or even trousers with the children's (or parents') favourite motif and the matching hat and loom. However, you are always dependent on your customers, if you neglect advertising, you will not gain many new customers. It is usually very time-consuming and after deducting all the expenses, you are often left with only a small hourly wage. You have to decide for yourself whether this is enough for you, or whether you are looking for a part-time job where you can earn more.

Bike courier

If you live in a big city, or at least a bigger city, then you are lucky enough to be able to combine your sporting activity with a lucrative part-time job. Become a bicycle courier! In the sun and snow, you pedal through the city on your bike. You transport medicines or important documents from one place to another. Many companies that have several branches in one city hire such couriers, so that original documents can reach the next branch more quickly. Pharmacies often offer a delivery service, and you can work for them as a bicycle courier. Of course, your earnings depend on how fast you are and how many orders you can handle per day. You must know your way around your town very well, that you are prepared to work in all weathers, and that you have the necessary physical management to cope with this job. If you are paid by the hour, then 10,-€ is a realistic price. Sometimes you are paid per job and not per hour. Of course, it is important that your equipment works perfectly, and you usually have to use your bike for this, so you are also responsible for the repairs on your bike.

Side job as a bicycle courier

Babysitter, dog sitter or cat sitter

Seen it all, experienced it all. Depending on where your interests, skills, and talents lie, you could also take a job as a sitter. As a babysitter, you will probably earn the most in the “sitting” field. But you also have the most demanding job. You take care of one or more children of a family that is usually not your own. Ideally, you have a job in the evening and are only there for emergencies if the children wake up. This gives you time to study or simply relax when everything is quiet. If you have a babysitting job with several children in the afternoon, you have to take care of the daily tasks with the children and keep them busy. The price range is very dependent on where you live. In the big cities, you can charge between 10-15,-€ per hour. If you look after several children, you can earn up to 25,-€ per hour, depending on the number of children and tasks. Many families agree on an “evening fixed rate” for evening care.

As a dog sitter, you definitely have it easier. You take the dog for a walk in the park or in the forest. Sometimes this is limited to 1-2 hours a day. But there are also dog sitters who look after the four-legged friends all day, either in their flat or in the apartment/house of the pet owner. 

They earn about €5 per hour, which is not very well paid. However, if you have several dog-sitting jobs and can combine them, it can be as much as €25 per hour for 5 dogs. Cat sitters usually earn very little, but they often have the opportunity to live at their clients' homes. So cat sitters are often booked when the owners fly away on holiday. In most cases, the owners make their flat available to the new cat-sitter. It is usually worth taking on a cat-sitting job abroad if you are planning to go on holiday for a week, but cannot afford or do not want to stay in a hotel. You won't earn any money, but you will have a place to stay without having to defecate.

Blood donation

Saving lives by donating blood and earning a little extra. Clearly, we have to say at this point, it is not something you should do on a weekly or even daily basis. Therefore, depending on the provider, the earnings are relatively low at 20-25,-€ and it should be done less for the money and more for the help for others. Many blood donation services also pay in kind or with food. Therefore, the job is a small benefit, but not directly suitable as a side job.

Apply anyway!

Hostess or promoter

Hostesses are often booked by companies for a trade fair or a special company event. The task of a hostess is to draw the attention of customers and visitors to the company. She provides them with information, serves snacks or drinks. She also shows the guests the way to the location or if someone has a small need. At trade fairs, she advises possible interests about the company and gives information about the company's products or services.

Promoters distinguish themselves by promoting a company or a certain product, by handing out flyers or even giving out samples to customers. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the sign-turners in America, or the mascots of a company who walk through shopping malls and give you gummy bears or something similar with the company's advertising. Earnings range from €10 per hour to €150 per hour. A well-groomed appearance, an open manner and always a smile on your lips are a few of the requirements you should have as a hostess and also as a promoter.

Side job as an escort


The most lucrative side job we present to you today is escorting. Apart from the free allocation of time, the high earnings are not to be sneezed at. Up to 500,-€ for 2 hours of work are not rare. You can work as an escort both as a student and in addition to your main job. You not only have a very high hourly wage as an escort, you also benefit from the gifts that the gentlemen often give you, the overnight stays in first-class hotels and also the meals in luxurious restaurants.

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