Why do house slaves have to follow certain rules?

If you are familiar with the BDSM scene, then you know what a house slave is. But what rules apply to house slaves?


by Bell Bennett

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Why do house slaves have to follow certain rules?

Have you already had the pleasure of being a house slave? Submissive men often dream of this role and wish to be trained as slaves by all the rules of the art. Possibly, this fantasy only had a place in your head until today and was never really lived out. Then it is time to change this circumstance. If you would like to become a sex slave, nothing stands in the way. However, BDSM slaves, also called sex slaves or house slaves, have to abide by certain slave rules, and you should know them. The thrill you feel during slave training is especially positive when rules for slaves, tasks for slaves and slave punishment are applied. What exactly is it all about? Here you will learn everything you need to know about it. 

Typical rules for house slaves

As briefly touched upon, rules for house slaves make the slave fetish really exciting. In slaveholding BDSM, there are the following rule examples:

What means BDSM exactly?

  • They must follow the Mistress' orders.
  • They are not allowed to have sexual intercourse with other persons, only the Mistress has this right.
  • An orgasm is reserved for the Mistress, the slave may only have an orgasm if the Mistress allows it.
  • Special attention must be paid to one's own personal hygiene, fingernails must be short, neat and clean cut.
  • The Mistress decides whether, where and how to shave.
  • Body weight must be maintained.
  • There is a fixed form of address, often also a special title for the Mistress. The slave must always be polite and may only speak when asked.
  • There is a specific dress code.
  • Only nudity is tolerated in the house or flat.
  • At home, a chastity belt or penis cage must be worn at all times.
  • Sitting or lying on furniture is not allowed, the floor or a certain stool are the alternative, this often also applies to the bed.
  • The slave is not allowed to moan under any circumstances.
  • Masturbation or touching one's own sexual organ is not allowed as long as no corresponding command has been given. 

These rules must also be observed in the absence of the Mistress´ or Mistress. The rules for house slaves are of course always individual and, as is usual in BDSM, are set out beforehand in the slave contract. You can read more about, the safeword or the slave contract and BDSM in our articles. The BDSM slave is also often monitored with a slave camera or by mobile phone. Similarly, the slave's mobile phone can be fitted with a tracking app so that there really is complete control. In a relationship, this slave play is an integral part of everyday life. Some mistresses additionally keep several slaves. In that case, the slave education only takes place in the flat or in the SM studio. However, the slave lives alone. Accordingly, there does not necessarily have to be a partnership: Some slaves simply engage in slave play as a hobby and allow themselves to be dominated in their free time. If the rules are not observed, the slave must immediately inform or confess this to his mistress. This also applies to tasks he has to do. According to the rule violation, punishments for the slave naturally follow.

Are you dominant?

Who sets the rules for house slaves

Duties of the house slave

The house slave has fixed tasks to perform, regardless of whether there is a relationship or a shared living arrangement. The slave tasks consist of BDSM tasks and everyday things. Doing the housework is just as much a part as sexual tasks. Writing a diary or a daily mail about what has been done could be a possible slave task. Online slave tasks are also not uncommon, so the mistress has full control over the slave beyond the flat or studio. Do you feel a tingle at the thought that a WhatsApp or a mail with a task could arrive at any moment? Not surprising, because online slave tasks simply make slave play even hornier. The different tasks for sex slaves, online or in person, add spice to the slave game, because after all, both want to enjoy it.

Tasks for slaves can be:

  • Housework

  • Cleaning the litter box

  • Licking the mistress clean

  • Creaming or massaging the feet

  • Writing a diary

  • At a signal, such as the ringing of a bell, immediately appear on their knees in front of the Mistress

  • Wearing certain clothes all the time

  • Being tied up or restrained while sleeping

  • Having something stuck in the anus for at least 20 minutes a day

  • Penis cage and chastity belt can be a chore or also a punishment

All about bondage

The Domina tasks are manifold and are defined and determined in the slave contract. Of course, given tasks are to be carried out immediately and without hesitation. Regular tasks, such as the daily washing of the Mistress's underwear, are carried out independently and without orders. A lot of imagination can be used when drawing up the list of tasks. Depending on what excites you, creative work can be done on the tasks. If the tasks are carried out incorrectly or not at all, punishment follows. The type of punishment is at the discretion of the Mistress or Mistress and must be accepted. Regular revisions of the slave contract and conversations outside the existing power structure are important. Only in this way can both parties find fun and fulfilment.

Punishments for the house slave

In sex slave education, there are some typical slave punishments as well as fancy and imaginative SM punishments. The slave humiliation and the slave performance, for example, are theirs and make the game interesting for the slave as well as for the mistress. However, SM punishment does not have to follow exclusively on the slave's faulty behaviour. Just like disobeying a command, pure arbitrariness is also sufficient to punish the slave. Here are some typical punishments:

If house slaves do not follow the rules, they are punished

Beatings and torture

Spanking, i.e. the spanking of the buttocks, is just as popular as blows to other parts of the body. These can always be given with the flat of the hand or with implements. Strokes on the soles of the feet cause just as much pleasure pain as spanking itself. A paddle, a riding crop or a cane are examples of aids used in slave punishment. But not only whipping and spanking are part of it, also a ban on sex or general chastity for a certain time are popular BDSM punishments.

More About Spanking

Pleasure pain without strokes

Of course, the imagination can also be given free rein when humiliating slaves. For example, the mistress makes the slave preen naked, kneel on grains of rice or act like a dog. Crawling and crawling are generally very popular for slave humiliation. Love beads, anal plugs or the like may also have to be worn in everyday life on the Mistress's orders. Electric shocks and tickle torture also produce pleasure pain and are thus wonderfully suitable as punishment for the house slave.

How to live the pleasure pain

Mouth, tongue and anal

Licking feet, shoes, the floor, or even licking the mistress clean after going to the toilet are other ways to chastise the slave. Some house slaves have to eat their own bodily excretions as punishment, such as their own sperm. Really naughty house slaves have to eat their meals from the floor. Rimming, i.e., licking the Mistress's ass or other sexual pampering practices for the Mistress are equally popular punishments. These are often demanded in between and unexpected, for example as cunnilingus. In so-called figging, a piece of ginger is cut to size so that it can function as an anal plug. The oils in the ginger make it burn, but pose no danger to the body. 

Punishment for not following the rules as a house slave

Further punishments for the house slave

In addition to the slave punishments already mentioned, the prescribed dress code can be a task or punishment for the slave. Either unclothed, in a costume, in women's clothing or wearing a chastity belt, the slave must obey here. Fixing the house slave for a certain period of time is also a common way to punish sex slaves. Sleeping tied up, standing tied up or being fixed to a bed is what the slave must accept as punishment here. The serf is also sometimes used as a piece of furniture. The mistress sits on it, puts her feet on it or simply uses it as a step. A slave is also used as an ashtray, sometimes carefully tied up. This form of slave punishment is also called forniphilia - the slave becomes an object of use for his mistress. As briefly mentioned, the wearing of an anal plug or love beads can also be incorporated as a punishment in everyday life. The slave must then, for example, go to work, to the supermarket or simply outside with objects inserted into the anus. A very popular punishment among nappy fetishists is the nappy punishment. This involves wearing a nappy in everyday life or at home. The slave can furthermore be asked to behave like a baby or toddler. You can find more exciting and stimulating details in our article on nappy fetishism.

What rules must a house slave follow

Marking house slaves

Not only are house slaves humiliated or punished, nevertheless they are usually marked. The various possibilities of marking for house slaves are very extensive. However, slave marking is always individually tailored to the mistress's preferences. One simple option is jewellery, such as a ring with engraving and an eyelet, the so-called Ring of O. Necklaces with identification tags and corresponding engraving are just as popular as dog collars with a tag. In some cases, the badge can be designed so that it can also be attached to intimate piercings or nipple piercings. A Prince Albert with a corresponding identification tag has the advantage that in a swinger club or at slave BDSM parties, everyone knows who the slave belongs to. 

In addition, marking slaves with a tattoo is also possible. The name of the mistress, a lettering, or other personalized tattoos are some possibilities to mark the slave. More common, however, is the numerical code tattoo in the form of a barcode. This also offers some advantages over other personalized slave tattoos. For example, there is even a register centre for this and the barcodes are partly machine-readable/can be scanned. In this way, the slave BSDM is not only visible, but permanently marked. An electronic chip provides an invisible marking. The only difference to a tattoo is that it cannot be seen. In addition, it cannot smudge as the skin ages. These methods are only a few of many options to mark the slave. So there are hardly any limits to slave marking itself.

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