Holiday escort: Dream holiday instead of horror trip

Would you like to discover the world, be it by the sea, hiking or on a city trip? One area to work as an escort is as a holiday companion.


by Bell Bennett

5 minutes read

Holiday escort: Dream holiday instead of horror trip

The sun shines over the glittering sea, you lie on the beach in a bikini and get your back creamed - and you even get paid for it. A holiday escort seems like a dream come true. What can go wrong? Experience shows that a lot can go wrong, because guests have high expectations when they pay several thousand euros for an escort on holiday. Our tips will help you find the perfect balance between eroticism and relaxation. 

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What is a holiday companion?

Sure, you can explore the most beautiful corners of the world alone, plan a city trip or treat yourself to a wellness weekend. But that's not really exciting. What can you do if you can't find a travel companion in your own environment? 

The escort travel companion combines the two most beautiful secondary things in the world: eroticism and wanderlust.

Instead of wandering off on his own, the guest hires a beautiful companion for his plans.

As an escort lady, this is a double jackpot: You spend a few days in New York, St. Tropez or the Alps and receive a handsome fee in the four or even five-figure range. 


How the time together is spent varies greatly from person to person. Some clients are on a business trip and leave their companion plenty of free time while they sit in online meetings. Others fill their holiday with activities and want to spend time side by side with their beloved. That's why it's important to approach it with the right expectations so that in the end both come back from the holiday satisfied and refreshed. 

Stories from the escort practice: This should not happen

Holiday companionships can go really well - or fall flat.

This can be due to one or both parties. Sometimes the escort is too much in holiday mode, sometimes the problem is with the client.

As in this story: A client had booked two escort ladies directly for his holiday in Switzerland. There he had rented a charming villa and drove his Mercedes SLK over the serpentines during the day.

However, the villa was a self-catering house and the client hardly bought any food. After five out of eight days, the ladies reported to the agency management with a growling stomach. That's not how it works!

The client is responsible for all costs incurred during the booking - whether in the restaurant or the supermarket. And he should be! Hungry escort ladies can be really unpleasant. After a friendly call to the client, all three spent the last few days together harmoniously (and full).

But not only clients can misbehave. Escorts are also sometimes unaware of what is expected of a paid travel companion.

A client spontaneously asked if a lady could accompany him to New York. Of course, that was no problem - the chance for a free trip to the USA doesn't come along every day.

After two days, the client called and asked to book a return flight immediately! His escort spent the whole day riding her bike in Central Park, shopping and walking the streets - without him. The lady was late for the agreed dinners at the restaurant every day. Hopefully the premature termination of the date was a lesson to her!

Chilling with the client at the beach with a cocktail as a holiday escort

5 tips for the most beautiful dream holiday as an escort lady

  1. Treat the gentleman with respect, but make your personal boundaries clear! Ideally, you should talk about your ideas, wishes and expectations of each other on the first day. This guarantees that the rest of the time will go smoothly. 
  2. A travel escort usually lasts for several days and is therefore much longer than the classic escort date. Take time for yourself! It's not good for you two to sit on each other for days on end. You need to find the right balance.
  3. Eroticism is an important aspect of sensual holiday companionship. It may happen that you get your period during this time - take precautions with soft tampons or do not plan any longer companionship during this time!
  4. The man is an early riser, you like to stay a little longer in the morning? On a longer date, such details can cause friction. Stay calm and accommodating. A compromise could be that you start the day slowly together in the morning. 
  5. Enjoy the time! Holiday companionship can be a wonderful experience that doesn't happen every week. Even if you are technically "on duty" 24/7 - you are allowed to have fun! 

A holiday companion is not a holiday - but still beautiful

It sounds heavenly: go on holiday and get paid for it. But a travel companion over several days can be a challenge that comes with its own difficulties. It's easier to overlook some things on a two-hour dinner date than on seven intense days in a holiday home. A certain amount of composure helps enormously to keep tensions down. As an escort it is your job to give your guest a good time. However, don't lose sight of your own limits! 

**99% of all holiday companionships are absolutely harmonious. Would you like to breathe the sweet sea air and spend a luxury holiday for free? We will be happy to advise you on how to enter the world of erotic escorts. **

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