I'm just going to set up an escort agency, but what does it actually do?

Are you wondering what an escort agency does? Arranging dates, marketing, customer communication, escort security and accounting.


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

I'm just going to set up an escort agency, but what does it actually do?

Malicious tongues might claim that the management of an escort agency only counts money all day long. This prejudice comes from the fact that most of the work of an escort management takes place in the invisible. But what does the office actually do all day? What tasks does the agency management take on so that the escort ladies can do their work in peace? We show you what happens behind the scenes of an escort agency. 

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Coordinate employees of the escort agency

What are the tasks of the escort agency?

Those who set up and manage an escort agency hardly have to work and can count banknotes all day long. At least that is the legend. There are people who fall for the prospect of quick riches as agency managers and then make big eyes. That's quite a lot of work! Of course, it makes a difference whether the agency is run by a lone woman or whether there is a team of employees who share the work. At Bells Escort there are currently eight people working in the back office, taking care of communication, booking and marketing. In smaller agencies, this is a 24/7 job for one person. 

After each date, the escort lady gives a share of her fee to her escort agency as a commission. However, the money does not go into the agency management's pocket. It serves as a budget for marketing, technology, organisation and the salaries of the employees.

Advertising & Marketing

The most important task of an escort agency is marketing for the ladies. This includes website support, advertising on different portals, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content marketing. No one looks at the second page on Google - the goal is to be as high as possible on page 1. The finished website does not fall from the sky. But even if we fade out this (huge) hurdle, there remains a lot of continuous work to make sure the escort service is found online.

However, customer acquisition is not exclusively about quantity: good advertising ensures that the right customers meet the right lady. Of course, you can outsource this work to a marketing agency. But that costs a four-digit sum per month and offers no guarantee that everything will run smoothly. So: do it yourself or let the experts do it! 

The escort agency takes care of the marketing

Care of the escort ladies

A central point is the well-being of the escort ladies. A personal contact person should be available (almost) at any time if a lady wants to pour out her heart or has questions.

If you call each of 30 ladies only once a week for half an hour, that alone takes 15 hours. But some women need an open ear more often. The aspect of safety in escort dating is close to the heart of every reputable agency.

The golden rule is that you have to be available by phone at all times during an ongoing date – even at night and on weekends.

Safety during the escort date

Communication with clients

The most essential function of an escort agency is to arrange dates for the ladies. A full schedule and good coordination by the agency management help the escorts to achieve the desired number of dates per month. Usually, an escort agency is open seven days a week and is available for clients between 10 am and 10 pm. During opening hours, the agency management must be reachable by phone and mail in order not to miss any request. On the phone, we advise guests who want more information about the dream women.

A sure instinct is required: Which enquiries are fake bookings, where could the chemistry be right? Communication with the gentlemen can also take a lot of time. This is the big disadvantage that independent escorts without an agency have: They have to answer emails, take countless calls and coordinate appointments themselves. 

Castings & Photoshoots

The escort agency organises photo shoots

In most companies there is an HR department that takes care of applications and new faces. In the escort world, it works similarly: an escort lady works freely and independently, but can apply to an agency. A casting is held to see if there is a human and professional fit. 

The acquisition of new escort ladies is a central part of the daily work of an agency manager. The application process can take a long time—besides the first interview, sedcards have to be created and photo shoots coordinated. In addition, the work as an escort involves many questions that cannot be answered in two minutes.

Once both parties have decided on each other, a professional shooting follows. In the time until then, the lady can already accept dates. Because the organization of the journey, overnight stays and the selection of the perfect outfit is time-consuming. Usually there is a shooting with several escorts at once to save time and money. Besides, it is nice when an escort service has a uniform, stylish look

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Yes, escorts have to pay taxes. And so do escort agencies! It is not done with a simple payment. Accounting in a business is complex and time-consuming. With an agency of 30 ladies who have an average of two dates a week, an escort agency has to write about 240 invoices a month. Of course there are programmes that make the work easier, but the hassle of payment requests and (possibly) reminders takes time. 

To do this, you have to prepare your own VAT return.

This includes sorting and posting invoices, possibly keeping a logbook and regularly dealing with the law. In the Corona period we noticed how quickly regulations can change - we have to stay up to date here. If you then have escort ladies in several federal states or even with a residence in another country, it becomes a real challenge.

Conclusion: irreplaceable work behind the scenes

A good escort is characterised by the fact that she is always available. This means that carefree holidays on the beach are out of the question. The mobile phone and laptop must be at hand so that business can continue. Because if the agency management disappears, it's not only them who are left out in the cold, the escort ladies also earn nothing during this time. 

But that doesn't mean that being an agency head is the worst job in the world. On the contrary: it's great to be a part of this world and to help women become financially independent. But it's not a job that you can "just do" on the side to get money for doing nothing. 

The tasks of an escort agency management ensure that you can enjoy the beautiful sides of the job. You don't have to do any tedious office work, but can concentrate fully on your guests. If you would like to learn more about the job as an escort, we would be happy to advise you!

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