Your equipment for escort dates

What do you need before you can start as an escort lady? Here are the most important utensils to be prepared for your date.


by Bell Bennett

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Your equipment for escort dates

You have probably already thought about what equipment you need as an escort lady. So that you know what you have to be prepared for, you will get a small overview of the common equipment of an escort here. Regardless of whether she works completely independently or with an escort agency: With the tips of experienced escorts, you can prepare yourself in the best possible way for your future work.

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What belongs in your wardrobe

Admittedly, functional underwear is great. We all love them because they are so comfortable - but please not for a date! But you've probably already guessed that sexy lingerie and various outfits are needed for work as an escort. The only question is: What exactly should they look like and how many variations do you have to get? 

The answer depends on your budget, of course, but also on the ideas of your clients. Many men want their companion to present herself in certain colours or styles. Some prefer bra, thong, and suspenders with stockings. Others are more into bodysuits or catsuits, and still other men love corsets etc. In general, you should make sure that your sexy lingerie is always colour-coordinated with your stockings. Combining a pink bra set with wine-red stockings is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. It's best to have a selection of underwear in the most popular colours. But never forget: you have to feel attractive and comfortable in it. Anything else will be noticed by the customer – and then neither of you will benefit. By the way, numerous gentlemen have very precise ideas about what their escort date should wear “over it”. A figure-hugging dress, an elegant dress, sporty leisure wear and a classic business outfit form the basis for your escort wardrobe. Over time, the outfit usually expands automatically. Many escorts buy several “little black dresses” and various other items of clothing, the main thing being chic! At the meeting, clients like to have the feeling that the escort has dressed up especially for them. You should dress accordingly. Please also ensure that your shoes always match your style: From ballerinas to high heels and from boots to sneakers, you should have everything at hand. Whether you present yourself casual, business-like or sexy usually depends on the agreement with the client or the respective occasion. The fact is: you'll be just as wrong with a mini tube dress and spiked heels on a city tour as you will with jeans and trainers at a company anniversary. 

Condoms for the escort date

Condoms and Co.

Safety first, that so – and especially – applies to escorts. An escort should therefore never go on a date without condoms! It is always a good idea to have several different types of condoms with you. So, it's best to buy a small selection of different sizes, colours, flavours, etc. By the way, escort clients assume that you take care of pregnancy prevention and protection against diseases. This means that they will often not have condoms with them. So, it is all the more important that you are well-prepared. In addition to condoms, a lubricant gel should not be missing from your bag for the meeting.

How an escort date works

Most escorts also bring their favourite dildo or several sex toys with them to the hotel. Many clients even specify which toy they would like to try out with their companion. This brings even more variety into the shared erotic hours. If the client hasn't said anything about this, just bring what you yourself enjoy or would like to try out. Over time, you will certainly get some regular customers and know exactly which toys make men's hearts beat faster. It's enough if you acquire them little by little. 

Our tip for you!

So that you don't end up with everything you need for your escort date in your handbag, simply buy a pretty cosmetic bag. Then you won't have to gather everything up again and again for every meeting and you'll always have everything you need at your fingertips. What else you pack in your bag depends on your personal needs. For some escorts it is a toothbrush or mouthwash, for others refreshing wipes or intimate hygiene wipes. Just pack what you need - as long as it doesn't mean you arrive at the hotel with a whole travel trolley. It is important to check regularly that you have enough condoms and other cosmetics with you. 

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