ASMR sex is hot - how soft sounds excite us

Escort and ASMR don't go together! Or maybe they do? How quiet sounds make us hot and arouse us.


by Bell Bennett

11 minutes read

ASMR sex is hot - how soft sounds excite us

Many of us still love our old sex toys dearly, but we are eager to make room for new ones. We feel the same way about porn and many other sex games: the old stuff is worth its weight in gold and of course still turns us on. Dirty talk, phone sex and the like are also still popular and are used by men and women alike. But how about trying something completely different? Something that at first glance is hardly connected with sex or arousal and yet can trigger such a pleasant tingling inside us? Are you curious about what that could be? Then join us on a discovery tour and learn everything you need to know about the ever more widespread and extra hot sex trend ASMR.

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What is ASMR?

ASMR is a four-letter acronym that stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response".

Simply put, ASMR is a very sensually stimulating but (so far) rather niche entertainment category.

Couples probably practise ASMR most often, but escort ladies, sex hotlines and streaming video sites have also recognised how delightful sounds can be to others. But first things first, because: Generally speaking,

ASMR has little to nothing to do with physical pleasure at first. Actually, it is about the body's reactions to certain sounds.

The sound of rain, muffled voices or the pouring of lemonade into a glass triggers pleasant feelings in many of us.

These range from pleasant and relaxing to energising and refreshing. How which sound works varies from person to person. Some fall asleep due to the reactions of the meridians, which usually begin with a tingling of the scalp, others become downright euphoric. The feelings, which are basically always described as pleasant, are triggered by our body's reaction to the vibrations of certain sounds.

ASMR has been researched especially in recent years because the positive health effect on body and mind should not be underestimated. The ever-growing interest in holistic healing methods and the search for relaxation that is good for the soul has also made ASMR better known.

Why it feels SO good

Are you familiar with these so-called head massage spiders?

An interesting looking but technically quite simple gadget that, when used slowly, sends pleasant shivers through the whole body.

ASMR feels almost like tiny electrostatic discharges that run from the top of the skull, down the spine, into the upper back and then throughout the body.

The energy pathways in us are so pleasantly relaxed in waves during ASMR that this alone leads to sexual arousal in some people.

So it's quite conceivable that this feeling can also boost eroticism.

Although this has been known for some time, it has only been used by a handful of influencers, escorts and isolated streamers. Slowly but surely, however, the delightful use of certain soundscapes is becoming better known. And it is even creeping into the erotic film industry already. We are convinced that this gently smouldering flame can turn into a raging fire and it will get pretty hot in many beds!

Escort ladies use ASMR to be sexy

Is ASMR a fetish?

Opinions are certainly divided on the question, and presumably the targeted triggering of ASMR for sexual purposes has not been researched nearly enough. But is that important at all? We don't have to be able to divide everything into categories and assign it to one extreme or the other in order to find it horny, do we? Whether we call it fetish, erotic pleasure or something else, the fact is: there are many sounds that can give us a real ear orgasm! And the real outpouring is often not far away.It is exciting in any case to try something completely new. Especially something as seemingly unspectacular as soft sounds that evoke such interesting reactions in us. Believe us when we say that ASMR can have a great effect on the crotch! If you think we're exaggerating, you should arrange an ASMR date right away to feel it for yourself!

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With ASMR sex to new heights of orgasmic pleasure

ASMR tapes and videos, as you can find them more and more on the net right now, are produced by using especially sensitive microphones.

They indulge your senses and give you a soothing, scratchy tingling sensation throughout your body.

Truly a refreshing change from the many other media outlets that clamour for attention and perform ever wilder scenes to get more viewers. And as with any new metatrend, you will either love or hate ASMR erotica.

And certainly some people will see no point at all in "getting into" rustling, murmuring or hissing.

That is also perfectly fine.

But for the more adventurous among you, a whole new world of sensual tingling is just emerging, waiting for you to discover it: ASMR porn can bring your fantasies to life, send shivers of pleasure down your spine and help you reach new heights of sexual pleasure.

Using nails and aids with ASMR as an escort lady

How popular is ASMR in adult entertainment?

ASMR is about increasing the intensity while decreasing the volume. While porn tends to be thought of as constantly escalating to greater and greater extremes, ASMR films or recordings have taken an unexpected turn: They actually get more views at the moment than visually appealing scenes that almost aggressively demand "look here".

The fact is, we are "saturated" in many areas and simply no longer feel like the constant "higher, faster, further" that is supposedly the standard.

The fact that we don't always feel like it is also evident in the sex film industry. Whereas until recently it was generally the rougher videos that received more views, ASMR presentations are currently booming.

Several Youtubers and other influencers as well as popular cam sites have generated astonishing popularity with their "new sounds" in a very short time. ASMR is apparently anything but a fleeting fad, but a growing trend that is making its way into amateur porn videos as well as commercial productions. More and more couples are also discovering the pleasure of quiet and the special appeal of listening closely. Just let go and surrender, consciously experience the body's reactions and then live out the tingling sexually to the full: Not the worst idea by far, we think!

ASMR can also be used as a couple

Can you masturbate to ASMR?

And how you can! Sounds are sexy.

For example, the sounds of fingernails gently stroking your skin and spine. Or the voice of your dream partner whispering in your ear.

The crackle of lingerie as she slowly slips it off her body... Such sounds are guaranteed to make him hard enough to shatter granite.

Listening to sexy ASMR is a unique sensual experience that stimulates both body and mind. Some sounds can actually make you feel like you're caressing your body parts. And are capable of giving you orgasms that are out of this world. If you love auditory erotic such as sex audiobooks and dirty talk, you will love ASMR!

ASMR eroticism goes far beyond the goal of mainstream relaxation audios.

While the aim of mainstream ASMR media is relaxation coupled with a pleasant tingling sensation, sex ASMR has something completely different in mind: it gets your blood pumping and makes you jump over the point of no return in no time at all.Traditional ASMR is not meant to turn you on - that would probably go down less well in the beauty salon or at the massage.

The ASMR variant we are writing about here, let's call it ASMR for adults, on the other hand, will do just that- it will get you hot!

ASMR offers a much more intimate and satisfying masturbation experience than having sex with yourself in silence or watching avarage porn. Because the body is sensitised, our energy pathways are wide awake, while the mind is relaxed and happy. ASMR proves that sex doesn't have to be all about extreme positions and special accessories. It also offers a fantastic change of pace for those who want quieter play that is more connected to the main players, i.e. you and your partner. ASMR erotic allows you to close your eyes and listen with your ears to explore inner worlds of sexual pleasure. These are at least as explosive as the visual content you can see in porn on your PC or tablet.

How to climax more often

Which sounds belong to the pleasurable sounds?

ASMR sex will calm your mind and bring you to orgasm in a way that nothing else can- if your counterpart "hits the right note"! What is a real aural turn-on for one person may only make another yawn wearily- or even turn them off. The sounds that are most frequently used in ASMR eroticism are:

  • Kissing, snapping, hissing, whistling, blowing, smacking and licking are among the particularly stimulating sounds you can make with your mouth.
  • Whispers, hums, moans and murmurs require little volume to send pleasant shivers through the body.
  • Long fingernails drumming on hard surfaces, scratching over textiles or bare skin, cause craving tingles.
  • The crackling of paper, the crackling of burning wood in the fireplace or ticking clocks quicken the pulse.
  • The consumption of drinks or crunchy food heightens the senses to the utmost. 
  • Mysterious rustling, the brushing of long hair or the application of copious amounts of lotion to the body makes many a man hold his breath.
  • A running vibrator or the crack of a whip on the palm of your hand gets the blood pumping.
  • ASMR Sex-Talk heats up twice as much thanks to erotic sounds and hot words

What kind of performance makes you hot? Mind you, this is a purely auditory experience! You can certainly enhance it by darkening the room. Closing your eyes or even letting yourself be blindfolded gives an extra sexy kick.

If you then surrender yourself with all your senses and let yourself go completely into the effect of the sounds, you can even fall into a real trance.

With a little practice, ASMR sex paired with a good imagination even leads to ecstasy more often than not.

You may be slower, but you will certainly reach incomparable climaxes.

Can ASMR sex be addictive?

We probably do, but that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

ASMR is by nature a gentle and meditative experience, and anything that takes us out of the daily grind can only be seen as a good thing.

Add a generous dash of sexual pleasure and it's a win-win situation! ASMR sex is an unadulterated pleasure for the ears and a pretty great trend that is just making its way into prominence.

It offers a very different dynamic to what you may be used to, and many people are extremely pleasantly surprised by it.

Use ASMR in eroticism

Experts of the quiet erotic

Surround yourself with waves of ASMR pleasure and let an escort lady seduce you by every trick in the book. She needs neither an arsenal of sex toys nor a special costume to really heat up your ears. Let her read something to you in a whisper or prick up your ears when she drops her clothes. Focus on the sound of her sipping champagne or ask your companion for the evening to breathe something spicy into their ear. Listen carefully when she hums to herself or whispers to you where and how to touch yourself. Listen with all your senses to an artist of erotic seduction who can satisfy your desire with sounds alone and make your body quiver. You will be helplessly at the mercy of your sexy ASMR escort date - without handcuffs and rope. She will captivate you with sounds alone until you beg for release. Very hot!

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