What escort ladies expect from their clients on their date

Book an escort and unsure of expectations? Get tips for behavior before and during the date for a smooth experience.


by Bell Bennett

7 minutes read

What escort ladies expect from their clients on their date

You have visited our homepage, have chosen a certain lady or have been advised by our staff to find a suitable lady for you and your wishes? Now you are certainly excited, full of anticipation and expectations of what awaits you on your date with the escort Damme from BB Escort. This is exactly how our escort ladies feel, they are full of anticipation and expectations, but you have a very big and decisive advantage over our escort ladies. You have information about the lady. You know how tall she is, you know her interests and also what the lady looks like. An escort lady does not know all that. For you, it is not a perfect blind date, for the escort girl it is. But the escort ladies also have certain expectations that they have of their date. You can find out what these are here with us today!

True gentlemen right this way to the ladies

Be on time for the date!

Just as you expect the escort lady to be on time, the escort lady naturally expects the same. There are many factors why escort clients and also escort ladies are late. An unforeseen traffic jam, a broken down vehicle or once again a delayed train.  Especially for you as a client, it can also be that a meeting takes longer than you planned, and you are therefore late. These are all things that cannot be predicted in advance, but can be avoided to some extent. Taking a train earlier, planning a little more time between the meeting and the date or leaving a little earlier would probably be the simplest tips that we also give to the escort ladies. But despite all the good planning, sometimes a delay cannot be avoided. It is then important to contact the agency and inform the colleagues at BB Escort about your delay. Perhaps you can already estimate how much you will be late so that the agency can let the escort lady know. Conversely, you would also expect the escort lady to let you know in good time if you will be late.

Punctuality is a matter of course? Book a date today!

Escort client checks the time to ensure punctuality for the escort date

An escort expects clients to arrive well-groomed

Come to the date well groomed

Dear gentlemen, we know that you often have a long and stressful working day behind you. The escort ladies know this too, but nevertheless, what you expect from our ladies, they also expect from you. Please appear neat and tidy on a date. Clean clothes, brushed teeth and a fresh body odour are already sufficient. Of course, you may not have time to shower before the escort lady comes to you. Then enjoy a warm shower or an erotic bath together with the escort lady. This way, you have literally killed two birds with one stone. You are clean, freshly showered and smelling good and have already had the opportunity to get closer to the escort lady. If you don't have a bathroom presently, then a deodorant is a suitable alternative. Even if you can't brush your teeth at the moment, chewing gum or mouthwash can work wonders, and you'll be fresh all round.

The ladies would like to know more....

Don't worry! You don't have to give your age, name, or address! But if you have any special wishes, it is important to tell your colleagues at the agency about them when you book your date. It doesn't matter whether you have a special dress request, would like to use the hotel pool with the lady, or you would like special lingerie, you should tell the lady this so that she can also dress appropriately for you. Should you have corresponding wishes such as special role-playing, then please also let the lady know so that she can prepare perfectly for her role in the scenario you want. However, there is actually one private thing that at least the agency should know from you. Some ladies do not meet clients with handicap. Therefore, it is significant for us to know if you have a severe impairment. The colleagues at BB Escort would like to find you the right lady for your needs. And so that it does not come to a nasty surprise during the date and the lady breaks off the date, you should definitely kindly let us know beforehand. If you are particularly uniquely endowed, this is also important information for our escort ladies. Call girls always have condoms with them for their date. Mainly standard size. Should you now know that standardized condoms do not fit your best piece, then let the lady know this beforehand to be able to stock up her supply. If you would rather not tell her, you must be prepared and have the right size for your bestie.

How to satisfy a woman even with a small penis!

Let’s talk about the money

If you have already paid for the date in advance via the third-party money account at the agency, you can skip this point. For all other clients, the following applies: The agreed fee for the lady, which you have already been informed of in advance and by the agency, will be handed over to the escort lady at the beginning of the date without being asked.

This sounds harsh now, and of course, you are not supposed to press a wad of money into the lady's hand after the “Hello!” Not only do you want to make the handing over of money on the date as inconspicuous and discreet as possible, but so do the ladies. If you meet with the escort lady in a hotel room, then place a small gift such as chocolates or flowers next to the lady and place the envelope with the money next to it. In public, for example in a restaurant, the tip with the chocolates is also very suitable to inconspicuously hand over an envelope with money together with the chocolates or chocolate. Both the escort ladies and we as an agency know that clients are often blown away by the sight of the lady and therefore forget to hand over the money from time to time. So don't take it personally if the escort lady discreetly asks you about it after a few minutes. The agreed fee of the lady will not be renegotiated during the date with the lady.

Here you can find the fee levels of the escort girls

The man hands the escort lady the money

No means no," the escort expects clients to understand

No means no!

In our society, the same rules apply to all people. This also applies to clients and escort ladies. Should an escort lady not want something, we would like to ask you to respect this. No matter if it is an intimate preference, which despite being stated on the sedcard, she does not want to experience with you, or to pass on her personal data to you. These are big “no goes” in escorting. Accordingly, you should not renegotiate certain sexual practices with the escort lady or offer her extra money for extra services. Likewise, you should not accept if the lady wants to renegotiate extra services. The fee is fixed, including sexual possibilities. What should also be mentioned in this context is that escort ladies are happy to give themselves to you, full of passion, but only in a protected way. Please do not persuade the lady to have unprotected intercourse with you. Even secretly taking off the condom is not an alternative. After all, the condom serves not only to protect the lady, but also to protect you.

Experience your perfect adventure now

As a true gentleman, you, of course, know all this and are also aware of how to face a real lady, then book your next adventure with our agency. Let our colleagues advise you which lady suits you best and which escort lady best fulfils your wishes and needs.

To our ladies

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