3 Dangerous mistakes by independent escorts

Discover the most common risks for independent escorts and learn how to effectively protect yourself and work safely as an escort lady.


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

3 Dangerous mistakes by independent escorts

As an escort agency, we are often in contact with Independent Escorts who are tired of marketing themselves. They apply to us to leave the stressful tasks like marketing, booking appointments and screening in the hands of an agency. And of course we like to work with ladies who have already gained experience as independent escort ladies.

But some stories make our hair stand on end. Many young women who start out as independent escorts are terribly naive and gullible. Fortunately, everything usually goes well. But if it goes wrong, it can cause a lot of trouble. That is why we would like to go into what mistakes independent escort ladies should not make.


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Not negotiating fees as an escort

No dating in your own four walls!

Your home is your castle. It is an absolute no-go to invite clients to your home as a fresh escort lady. This is called an incall. It is dangerous, unprofessional and a huge security risk. Your home address - or worse, your real name - should be guarded like a treasure.

If a client falls in love or other emotions are involved, stalking or acts of violence can occur. An independent escort would be completely on their own in this situation. Escort date safety comes first. And we haven't even started on the fact that you can get in really big trouble for performing sexual services in a private home.

Escort dates in a hotel or as a house call at the client's home are the standard. Clients who live in the same city and are married can hardly receive an escort lady at home. Then they should book a hotel! However, some clients are uncomfortable with this. Maybe he doesn't want to get into trouble explaining at the check-in why he is booking a hotel in his home town.

There is the possibility to book the hotel in the name of the escort lady against advance payment. The client then visits his mistress in her hotel room - this is called an outcall in escort jargon. Here, however, it is important to note that the client leaves the hotel room first after the rendezvous. Under no circumstances should you leave the hotel room to the client! Because whoever books the hotel room is liable for it. 

The biggest escort mistake: fee on negotiation basis

As an independent escort you have complete control over your prices. You can charge extras to your heart's content and freely determine your fee. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time.
Especially as a beginner, the question of the fee is difficult to answer. 150 euros per hour feels like a lot of money. In reality, the lower average is for professional escort ladies who can charge up to 800 euros per hour. The usual fee for independent escorts ranges between 180 and 250 euros per hour. But how to know when the first request flutters into the mailbox?
This uncertainty opens the door for penny-pinchers and hagglers. Many clients want to save money when they book a romantic adventure. It is a big mistake to get involved in this discussion. After all, we are not at the weekly market! If a client wants to pay less, you should point out your fee and tell them nicely that your prices are non-negotiable. Maybe a shorter date fits better into his budget?

Why you should never use Paypal as an escort

Speaking of money: Paypal is taboo as an escort! The platforms prohibit sex workers from using it to make payments. This is unfair, but unfortunately the reality.
You should never accept a payment via Paypal. If a payment is processed via PayPal for business purposes, a client can charge the money back after the date. If he tells PayPal that the payment was for erotic services, the account will be blocked.
Fortunately, there are a few ways to receive deposits for an escort date. Many independent escorts have a business account for this purpose. Be sure to check that the bank allows it to be used for sexual services! Other options are shopping vouchers or special payment service providers.
A deposit serves as security for longer dates or if you have to travel a long way. If your client doesn't show up, you won't be stuck with the costs. It is common to pay about 30% of the total fee as a deposit in advance.

Not accepting PayPal payments as an escort lady

Our safety tips for independent escorts

  • When making house calls, always check whether the client actually lives there: in the end, he has sent you to his nemesis, and that would be unpleasant for everyone involved.
  • Check the area with Google Maps: In larger cities, there are (older) maps you can use for orientation - is it really a hotel address or an office building?
  • Strict condom control: Bring your own condoms to the date and always have a selection of different sizes on hand!
  • Have fun, stay sober: All parties involved should refrain from consuming large amounts of alcohol or drugs - especially the escort herself.
  • Don't forget to check the room: If you visit a client at home, you should make sure that the client is alone before sex.

Conclusion: Better safe than sorry

Our safety tips for escorts may sound exaggerated or paranoid at first. We have heard many stories of independent escorts who unfortunately approached the job too naively. Working independently without an agency has its advantages, but also many disadvantages.

A reputable escort service charges a placement fee, but takes a lot of the burden off your shoulders. With an escort agency, there is a clear, non-negotiable price range. The fee is higher than with independent escorts, so that even after the settlement a good profit comes out. In addition, you don't have to organise the dates yourself, but can hand over the time-consuming communication.

If you know that the agency works in the background and takes care of your safety, you can devote yourself to the beautiful part of the job as an escort. If you are interested in working with a professional escort agency, we would love to talk. We look forward to getting to know you!

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