Cross-Dressing – A Pleasurable Fetish for Men

Discover the world of men who express their desire through women's lingerie and break taboos.


by Bell Bennett

6 minutes read

Cross-Dressing – A Pleasurable Fetish for Men

Have you ever seen a man in ladies underwear? Most people will answer this question in the negative, and yet they do exist: Ladies' underwear wearers. When men reach for women's briefs instead of boxer shorts or wear a bra, the bonds of the ordinary are broken. That's precisely why many wearers of women's underwear are unsure how to deal with his secret passion. We'll tell you what's behind this passion, what lingerie men are into, and why no one needs to be embarrassed about this fetish.

What is it about a man in lingerie?

A crossdresser in a red bra

Defining the cross-dresser is easy. It is simply men who put on underwear intended for women. Besides singles, many married men with children also feel the desire to put on ladies' underwear. In everyday life, for example at work or at meetings with friends, other people usually do not notice. After all, trousers, sweaters and similar clothes cover the ladies' underwear, usually acting out a secret passion.

Wearers of women's underwear, of course, know why they reach for thongs instead of men's briefs.

Often, the matter is clear: men wear women's lingerie because they derive pleasure from it and feel sexually aroused. This makes this behaviour a real fetish, which raises sex life to a new level. But there are also aesthetic reasons — “Wow, those panties look great. I bet they look good on me, too.” — and a nice wearing sensation play a role.

Within the BDSM scene, erotic role-playing is also possible, where feminization is achieved by slipping into women's underwear.

Important to know: Cross-dresser are by no means necessarily gay, and certainly not transvestites. The latter, in fact, dress quite obviously as women and clearly display their sexual identity. Women's underwear wearers, on the other hand, limit themselves to sexy lingerie and resort to male street clothes. Men in women's underwear are nevertheless counted as cross-dressers despite this small but subtle difference.

What are the options for living out their fetish?

Typically, many cross-dressers wearers are not exactly offensive about their preference. Especially married men are unsure how their wife will react and live out this desire in secret. This looks then for example in such a way that they reach for the worn underwear of their wife. Other wearers of women's underwear cover themselves with appropriate parts. Which sexy lingerie men like, is of course different. However, many live out their unusual sexual identity with these pieces:


  • Slips
  • Tights
  • Hosiery
  • Corsets
  • Suspenders
  • Bras

Thongs on the washing line of a crossdresser

Crossdresser in lingerie with tights

While until a few years ago, going to the women's department was commonplace, today men have completely different options. Manufacturers have recognized the signs of the times and now offer special women's underwear for men. Mengerie — men and lingerie come together here — is the magic word that makes the hearts of Cross-dresser beat faster. This development brings the huge advantage that lingerie for men is now finally adapted to their anatomy.

G-Strings and co. still fit tightly, but take into account the best part of the man and his two companions. Lace and silk tailored to men's needs is a step towards more normality when it comes to men wearing lingerie. But the truth is also that many Cross-dresser doesn't even want it that much. Because hand on heart: isn't it just the unexpected, daring and therefore so exciting for you that lies in this variety of cross-dressing?

Can a man in lingerie increase a woman's pleasure?

It is understandable that men who love women's underwear often conceal their fetish. Too great is the fear that the lady of the heart could take flight and flee into the arms of a “real man”. However, love is usually stronger and clear communication is still the best advisor to clarify such issues. This is even more so, since wearing women's underwear in itself is not something disreputable and, as so often in life, the head creates problems where there are actually none. And also think about it for once: Couldn't it be that your partner even finds a man in women's underwear attractive? In this case, both would benefit from your fetish and could enjoy it lustfully in bed. Because the fact is: women also carry hidden passions and fantasies in themselves, which they prefer to keep to themselves. Ladies also often doubt whether they should tell their partners about it, or the latter does not turn away when he suddenly has to put on sexy lingerie.

Crossdresser who likes bras

Sometimes both can benefit from the other's choice of lingerie. Just as it turns you on to wear your partner's lingerie, she is sure to find pleasure in your pieces as well. Mengerie — special lingerie for men — thus quickly becomes a delightful eye-catcher for the woman, which advances the love game and is only the prelude to exciting sexual intercourse. So, it can be worthwhile to put the cards openly on the table and find out to what extent this fetish can be used for both sides in an erotic way.

A man who would like to wear lingerie

Can this fetish be combined with others?

If you have admitted your passion to your partner, there is nothing to stop you from living out this fetish. Just combine it with other fetishes, for example role-playing. Thus, your wife might be angry if she catches you in her underwear and wants to punish you for it deservedly. There may also like to play a strap-on the main role and spoil both you and your partner. True to the motto: If men present themselves in women's briefs, then they should also give themselves like one. Put the dominance in the hands of your sexual partner and give yourself to your desire completely submissive.

More about role play!

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