The Duo-Date - an opportunity for a threesome

Discover the world of the duo date - an opportunity for an exciting threesome experience. What is the difference between a duo date and a couple date?


by Bell Bennett

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The Duo-Date - an opportunity for a threesome

If you are already familiar with our site, then you have certainly stumbled across the word Duo-Date. You will find duo dates under the heading “Ladies”, for some ladies you will also find the expression on the sedcards, or you have already been pointed to a duo date special in the promotions. But what exactly is a duo date? That's exactly what we would like to explain to you here, as well as what the differences are and what the difference is between a duo date and a couple visit.

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Duo-Date - What is that?

For a duo date, the escort customer books two escort ladies with an escort agency. If you find "Duo Date hetero" or "Duo Date bisexual" on our homepage in the sedcards of the escort ladies under the intimate options, then you know that you can book this lady together with another escort lady for a romantic date. Especially in advertising portals you also see the terms "threesome", "MFF" or "FFM". Whereby this does not explicitly refer to a duo date with a second escort lady and generally refers to sex with two women and one man. (Sex with two men is called MMF - male-male-female.) So this could also be an escort lady making a couple visit. The escort ladies who offer a duo date with another escort lady usually know each other because they have already had an escort meeting with each other, because they have known each other for a long time through the agency, or because they are actually private friends.

If the ladies already know each other before their first duo date, this is particularly pleasant for the gentleman because the escort ladies then already know what they like and they harmonise particularly well with each other. Therefore, make sure that your two desired ladies also make a duo date together. Colloquially, many call a duo date a "threesome". There are many possibilities for sex in threesomes.

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The duo date hetero

In a duo date hetero, the man is in the foreground. This type of date is also called a straight duo date. Before you have a sexy threesome with the two escort girls, you can go out to eat together with the ladies, be pampered in a spa, or meet at the bar and have a drink together. When it gets more intimate with the ladies in the hotel room, then the attention of both escort ladies is completely focused on the customer during a duo date hetero. The ladies will pamper you from head to toe, but they will not be intimate with each other. The advantage for the escort client is obvious: he is the centre of attention for both ladies. It is important to clarify that the ladies who offer a duo date hetero will not have sex with each other, but exclusively with the customer, either simultaneously or one after the other. You have the option to book both ladies at the same time for a certain period of time, or you can book an escort lady for a longer period of time and your desired duo lady will then join your date.

The Duo-Date bisexual

The duo date bisexual is probably what many call the “perfect threesome” in their mind. Here, the two escort ladies not only pamper the client, but also each other. The customer can watch the ladies kissing each other, pampering each other orally, or even playing with sex toys. The customer can join in at any time and be pampered by the ladies. Since many ladies also offer role-playing games, why not try one of these: You come home or to your hotel room, where you find two hot and attractive ladies having fun with each other in bed just as you want them to. You watch them until your sexual excitement reaches its peak, and you join in the action according to your preferences. In many films, and certainly also among private friends, the classic 3-way is the sexual experience par excellence that a man must have had at least once in his life.

The couple visit

In a couple visit, the escort lady meets with a couple. It doesn't matter whether the couple is married or what the exact relationship status of this couple is. The date can take place in a hotel or at the couple's home. Sometimes a woman or the partner books an escort lady as a surprise so that her husband or partner can try something new. On the other hand, the partner books an escort lady for his wife or partner, so that she can live out her bisexual side. Of course, both partners can benefit from booking an escort lady. There are also two different possibilities for a couple visit. One is that both ladies focus exclusively on the man. Who wouldn't want to be pampered by another woman in addition to his wife? You will also find the possibility of a couple visit in the ladies' sedcards under "Intimates". If the lady has a heterosexual orientation, she directs her attention exclusively to the male partner here as well. If the lady is bisexual, she enjoys herself equally with both partners and both the gentleman and the lady get something out of their joint couple visit.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a duo date

The advantages of a duo date can be clearly named. There are no jealousy scenes for the ladies when the guest devotes more or less time to one lady. Since the ladies have usually known each other for a while, they harmonize well, they know what each other wants and can thus fulfil some of the customer's fantasies. You can see directly how much fun the ladies have on such dates and also for escort ladies duo dates are not an everyday occurrence.

Disadvantages of duo dates are more difficult to find. Here you could perhaps mention the financial aspect, as the client has to book two escort ladies.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a couple visit

A couple visit can be enriching for both partners. Thus, each partner can try out new practices or live out special preferences. Often an escort lady brings a breath of fresh air into the sex life of a couple. During a couple visit, both partners can learn from the escort lady.

The jealousy of the partner can become a big problem during a couple's visit. If the partner devotes himself or herself to the escort lady for a longer period of time, the other feels disadvantaged or becomes jealous. Some partners find the idea of the other having sex with an escort lady very appealing, but when it comes to that, it is no longer exciting but hurtful. Therefore, the feelings that are always present during a couple's visit can become a difficulty. Escort ladies, however, know in most cases how to deal with it professionally and manage to make both partners feel good anyway and make sex for three something special.

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Duo dates and couple visits at BB Escort

Are you interested in trying out a duo date? Then pick two ladies who are a good match. If you have special wishes, then the colleagues at the agency are there for you. They can also help you choose the right ladies for you. Are you planning a couple's visit? Then the team at BB Escort will be happy to help you, assist you in choosing the right escort lady and pass on your wishes and ideas to your favourite lady.

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